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Strange Poltergiest Effects Related To Curse

[The following entry is taken from events in my life over the last 9 months in which it seems my roomie Tess's boyfriend Oliver got cursed by his Filipina stepmother (in her early 30s whereas his dad is in his 70s-- so ew!). She wants to inherit the small, plain little house her husband owns and resents the idea of sharing apparently! Filipino folk magick is called "Kulam" and it is similar to voodoo in many ways. Anyways, the curse was to isolate him so anyone who helps Oliver could also be cursed... I know it sound ridiculous, but there was something odd going on. A series of bad luck "coincidences" that followed a clear pattern was what led me to believe a curse was going on. I am a witch, it's not like I haven't run into one before. However--! THIS case was not like anything I'd experienced. I have been working on dealing with it for some months, and I keep upping the ante to get this bitch's crap to stop.]

I got up this morning, just smacking my lips and letting cats out and such-like, and I picked up a book on... well... dark magick retribution shall we say? Cat brought it down so we could go over some recipes/spells and I was just pondering what we had to deal with soon when I heard a strange noise...

It sounded like bizzzz-izzzz-izzzz-izzzz. I thought it was some sort of rotating, whirring thing. Confused, I stepped towards the middle of the house from the nook area I was in, trying to get closer to what I heard. I was at the stairs going up to the "Salon" or recreation room when I heard the same strange sound again! This time I bounded up the stairs to find nothing amiss and no one around and no cats at all.

What in the ever-loving FUCK!?

The sound came from the windows on the south side of the room, and so I went up to examine them. Then it hit me! The sound! Every morning I tend to go upstairs to open the blinds and they make a whizzing sound! I checked and that was the sound. Loud and clear, too.

Except... the blinds were in the same position I left them in yesterday. Wide open. I didn't need to open them because Cat didn't close them for the night like she often does, much to my annoyance sometimes. The sound I heard was clear, repeated, and obviously from this particular activity-- but no one was doing the activity.  I mean, it was crazy obvious that the sound could not have been happening in reality. Not even from blinds spontaneously falling down to close-- as they were all open. The room was wide open without places for a prankster to hide, and both my roomies were at work in any event. It was clearly an uncanny happening.

What was I doing before the impossible sounds hit...? Oh, yeah! Looking at a magick book!

Cue me eying reality sideways---> HERE.

I felt no sense of threat, but just the action of picking up a magick book caused (maybe) something odd to happen. It wasn't from a spirit or intelligent intermediary, like a demon or elemental or what-not. It seemed like a mechanism was tripped, magickally speaking that is. There was no sense of threat from these dark moon hi-jinks nearly every dark moon for nearly a year. No sense of a "mind." So these happenings aren't warnings or anything.

Rather, they seemed to be an indication of a very powerful pulling on the threads of Fate or Reality itself. Since I'm using magick on magick, the triggered time period of hexing (the dark moon day plus 2 to 3 days on either side of it) seems to bring the magickal mechanism "alive" like a computer program. It then reacts to anything under it's paradigm-- anything that could help Oliver gets the program's attention. And magick must get special attention because only magick can stop the program. It has a built in defense apparently!

I'm alarmed, but more than that...?

I'm fucking impressed! That's some seriously innovative mojo-maneuvering, you know? I don't know who this guy is who gets paid to curse people, but he's fucking TALENTED. Damn, dude! (Readings showed it was an older male Filipino.)

Tonight, as we were discussing the purchases Cat made at a magick shop (lots of herbs, mainly) and going over plans for the next 5 days or so, the electricity started buzzing-- but only in the kitchen where we were talking. The rest of the house was normal! We checked everything and no prosaic explanation could be found. So then we went back to our planning session-- and the electric buzzed, then went off and back on by itself and only in the kitchen again. We only had 2 lights on-- nothing else. The air conditioning was even on hold at this time. The cause and effect seemed clear.

Cue me looking sideways at reality once more---> HERE.

We immediately burned pinon pine incense in the area and the rooms adjacent and the weird electrical interference stopped completely and never came back the rest of the day. We were able to finish our discussion and make plans for tomorrow "magickally unmolested" as it were.

Phantom sounds and electrical anomalies aren't symbolic of anything, clearly. It was only their timing in relation to magickal planning (not even magickal WORK, note) that linked the strange events to the Kulam curse to begin with.

The abnormal tweaking of reality, since it's not from a consciousness (as from an attack using an intermediary like a spirit) means that the focus is powerful AND we're basically witnessing the side effects of that magickal focus. Hearing phantom sounds from the recent past and electrical interference are all signs of that reality being tweaked from sideways.

We're experiencing side-effects of the "computer program" magick reacting to our magickal intentions, basically. I suppose a mind-reading automatic magick spell isn't much more remarkable than the rest already, right? [Now I have an image of bugs bunny after seeing the monster coming to mind...]

Don't get me wrong, I fucking hate this shit. Broken bones (3 cases of broken bones now, including a new one last month's dark moon) and car accidents with deer (4 cases now) and car mechanical failures (4 cars as of this month) and being kicked out of or forced to flee home (Oliver 3 times and 7 other people who took Oliver in 1 time-- every person who took him in lost their own home within 2 months) lost jobs and just general bad luck -- are really terrible things to deal with!

However-- the curiosity in me is way stronger than my fear. I'm learning a LOT from this strange case. I've never had to deal with a hex so persistent and powerful and... clever before. Someone has crafted a curse requiring several levels of focus, and kept it up month after month after month. This guy does magick for a living as he has no other money-making opportunities. That's what the reading said. It's his full-time job! And he puts his all into it, I'll give him that.

So-- I respect the guy and all, but... I still have to do everything I can to smack a bitch up! He's hurting innocent people who have nothing to do with a greedy's woman's desire to inherit a small house and tiny bit of money.

Luckily, for my side-- dark magick has built-in weaknesses, mainly that they tweak reality away from it's ordained course and are unjust even beyond karma or chance. That leaves a gulf very wide for the hex-sender to fall into. You just need to give them a gentle push and down they go! I simply had to find a way around this automatic program with it's built-in self-defense mechanism, and I had to study Kulam for months (and info on it is VERY limited!) to figure out how to do it.


But it's going to be worth it.
Tags: dimensional bending, eerie meets real life, magick, personal, poltergeistic, shamanic
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