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Suspicious Neck Scratch & Foot Scar

I woke up 2 hours later than normal from a deep, thick sleep. I haven't been sleeping that "hard" in a while, so it was a little weird, but meh! *shrugs*

However, when I got up for my morning routine, I was surprised by the tiny, small point of deep tissue pain I felt when I put my weight on my left foot. It felt like I had the kind of bruise you'd get if you stepped hard on a lego on a hard surface! OUCH! I had not done so the day before or that night, so what gave?

When I looked at my foot, though, there was no bruise. It was so strange to have such a clear point of pain with no source, though, that I felt around with my finger and could feel a small nodule under the skin.


Imagine my surprise when I gave a closer look and could see a very tiny scar in the exact spot where I felt the small something under my skin!

Here it is-- hard to see against the grain of my skin, but the scar is brighter than the regular lines. It is exactly where that deep pain in my foot is! I have not injured my foot recently at all, so this is very strange! Pardon the dirty foot, as I run around in bare feet at home and had not yet had my shower. The scar is circled in green.

To top it off, I discovered a scratch on the back of my neck-- pretty deep! -- where none had been the night before. Just a single scratch-- nothing too deep-- but deeper than when my cat whacks me at night, which is rare but has happened. Also, she doesn't sleep by my head. And-- I have a LOT of hair to get through to my neck while sleeping.

Here's what that looks like!

My first guess, looking at the angle and the little curve, would be that it's self-inflicted. And I can't say for sure that it's not! But my fingernails are very short, and very weak. They rip and tear like paper, they never chip. Scratching myself leads to much milder wounds!

Taken singly, each odd thing is very mild and not too concerning. Taken together (oddly deep sleep, foot pain & scar, neck scratch) and it MAY indicate that something happened to me last night of a less prosaic nature.

Unfortunately, I have zero memory of anything being amiss at all. I didn't see any clues I could have left for myself (unless the neck scratch was one, but again-- I can't scratch myself that deeply!) All I can do is wonder about it because I have nothing to go by but some observations of some odd things.

Still-- duly noted. Maybe more will happen because this is the beginning of an abduction flap. Or- it could be the once-a-year-one-off. I just don't know.

[LATER: Oddly, by nightfall, the extremely bothersome pain at the spot of the scar was nearly gone. Fast healing!]



Thank you for posting again

This really helped me understand what has been happening to me for my whole life. I had so many things happen to me including little things you mentioned such as seeing writing on the ceiling upon waking as you mentined many posts ago. Thank you. Your work is needed and appreciated more than you ever know.

Re: Thank you for posting again

You're very welcome!

I write this mostly for people like you and me. There is next to nothing out there that mentions these details that are so odd and outside our mainstream culture!

Please feel free to share any experiences you like here, if you want to compare and discuss. I screen all comments, so you can ask me to screen it for just me if you want, or I'll make it visible.

RE: Re: Thank you for posting again

This was my comment above, I was just not logged in. If you ever have a service where you would be willing to talk with experiencers I will be your first customer :) Please know that your writing is like gold to people looking for answers, specially small details. I have so many small details that matched up, it’s unbelievable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

RE: Re: Thank you for posting again

I also sent you a direct message describing my experiences, not sure if you received it a few months ago. I just don’t want to post publicly. Again thank you for this it honestly changed my life.

Re: Thank you for posting again

I'm actually putting together a podcast with another abductee friend of mine. Would you be willing to call in (anonymously) and be recorded? I can still talk to you without recording, but having conversations with other abductees is what I'm hoping for eventually.

Re: Thank you for posting again

I would love to but I am already doing a lot of speaking online with my voice being recognizable and I’m afraid that this would cause problems with my career. Thank you for posting before how many people in the abduction groups are speakers/writers/vegans/vegetarians, it’s crazyand fits me to a T. I can help with any tech for podcast, I have done it for years.

Re: Thank you for posting again

Gotcha! No problem. I totally get it. I'm not vegetarian myself, by the way (in fact, we raise chickens here that we slaughter and eat, so...) but the point is that everyone seems to have a sincere concern for the biosphere of the planet and live lifestyles that reflect that. Not so weird in the Pacific Northwest, but this is true of abductees in the South and Midwest as well, so I can't think that's a coincidence.

I'd love help for podcasting from someone who has experience, actually. First, I'll be trying to do some posting of audio here on Spiral's End, and then we'll go from there.