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A Blue-White Flash & Guts

This happened officially around 1 in the morning technically on the 8th-- but to me, the night belongs to the day before, so we're calling it the night of Sunday the 7th. Also, I finally thought to take pics 3 days later that I am sharing below.

I've reported on some odd snapping or thwacking sounds and oddly moving shadows in our new home. It quieted down a lot after our last smudging and all went silent and calm for weeks.

The weirdness came back on Sunday night.

I was up a little late, just finishing watching a show before going to bed. All the lights were off in the house, but for very dim night lights trained along floors to avoid tripping, and so I was able to see something remarkable that I otherwise would have missed.

Behind me, in the back of the house, something flashed a bluish-white light at a very odd angle and limited to showing up through only one window. At first, I thought, "lightning?"-- but I didn't see a flash in the big bay window I sit in. Nor did any light come through the kitchen windows, which I can see in my peripheral vision. The light flash came through the back door behind me. It resembled a photographic flash, actually, so my second guess was that it was someone with a camera out back.

Well, I looked and no one was out there. Tess and Oliver were dead asleep in her room. No sign of neighbors outside either.

More than that though, I realized the ANGLE of the light required the light source to be up in the air about 10 feet! I figured this out by the light reflection upon my entertainment cabinet and the floor. It was very obviously from a light thru that back door window and it shown clearly.

See, that window has a decal on it that only allows clear light from 2 clear area cut out of the decal, and some filtered light through the decals themselves. They're the window clings I put up to grant a little more privacy and a bit more "Victorian" flavor compared to the totally open windows on the doors that are there.

Here you see the window in question. I clearly saw the blue-white light as brighter in the same shape as this window, decal included. In fact, the top of the decal wasn't showing! Which meant that the light was high enough to be partially cut off by the deep overhang of the porch! This gave me a way to estimate exactly how high the light would have to be and how far away, given that the light was limited to coming in a specific window. The angles of a Victorian house present a unique opportunity for this kind of thing, I'm finding. Which is how I know it had to have been 9 to 12 feet up. Too tall to be a person with a camera and flash, but not too high, as the eaves would have blocked more light still, or prevented it from coming in that specific and deeply placed window entirely. As I worked out how it had to have happened, angle-wise, I grew more concerned. It was not lining up for a more prosaic explanation-- which I am only too happy to find, by the way!

I am not on the ball, so though I worked all this out the next day-- it was 3 days later before I went to the yard to take pics because-- HELLO? For once I have a physical thing to take a photo of!  A few days earlier when I traced the path back from the door, I nearly stepped on a little surprise right below where that flash would have come from:


I should have put my shoe in there for size reference. I'm so unfocused these days! But they are the size of the digestive tract of a rabbit or cat, I'd estimate. What struck me as weird, was how the guts were so CLEAN. No blood, hair, skin, or bones attached. They were totally fresh, looking even better than what you see here, photographed 3 mornings later. Nothing wants to eat them, not even flies, except for yellow jackets. I mean, I considered that maybe they'd been dropped from above by a bird of prey... but wouldn't they look... MESSIER!?  Also, I looked around the area for more of the carcass, and could find nothing at all-- no bones or anything. Large owls might perch on those fir trees and drop things, but just the guts? HUH?!?

Here I put a used paint can right next to the guts on the ground (I wasn't about to touch them!) to show relationship between their placement and the back door to the house. Not far away at all! The door with the window is the one the light came through, and you can see in the reflections that a dense stand of Douglas firs grows beyond this open area.

So... I don't get it. I just don't get it. I mean, I can't say for sure that the blue-white flash was a something popping into our reality, only to drop guts from... a surgically mutilated cat or rabbit maybe? (There is an area of Washington State that is getting a rash of surgically mutilated cats right now.) I can't explain the light, but previous experience with blue-white light tends to be related to aliens. The oddly clean guts being in the same location is a disturbing coincidence. It happened in a flash of maybe 2 seconds. And I got up and looked around.

But that wasn't the end of the weirdness. The snapping sounds came back, within about 10 seconds of the flash. I was up and looking around, and that sound came back-- the source seemingly up the stairs near the laundry room-- which is where I almost always hear it if I am downstairs. And-- I saw a couple of odd shadows.

And I felt watched and nervous! There was sudden presence in our home, and everyone was deeply asleep except for me. Which I really fucking HATE.

But I have a back-up plan!

I called my abductee friend in Texas, Valerie. I texted her first and luckily she was up. I was actually on the phone with her when a small shadow, moving almost like a thick liquid, sort of poured down in front of me. The light was dim-- so was it a "floater" in my eye? I moved my eyes around, and it kept to its trajectory of falling to the floor. It rounded into a sphere the size of a baseball at about my face-level and fell to the floor in slow motion. I exclaimed about it to Valerie, who was on the phone with me, and she said she heard a very weird sound, like a high-pitched whimper or something, just as the shadow was crossing at my face level to the floor (and by my phone.) I heard nothing on my end, so that was another weird little thing. This shadow thing passed obviously in front of my face by only a foot or so. It was close!

I talked to Val for a half hour or so, and the feeling of presence diminished and the sounds and shadows went away. Faery or dimensional intrusion? I don't know. But I mark it here. I actually forgot about it after the next day (which is when I looked around and figured angles and saw the guts) and Val's email reminded me days later and I went outside to look around and take these pics. The guts are a little less "pretty"-- but still in remarkable shape considering.

THIS is the kind of strange, peripheral event that happens in fits and spurts to abductees on a semi-regular basis! I don't know what triggers these flaps to start and stop, but they happen, and lots of things that make no sense and can't really be proven or figured out occur all around the other phenomena. This is one example of what I mean. I've forgotten tons of details on these types of events from my past, but I am making a concerted effort to report faithfully every single strange thing. My time is limited, as is my energy, these days, so I nearly missed going outside to look around at where that light source would have to have been.

Plus, when shit happens, there is often a very powerful reluctance to report it! I actually stopped writing entirely for almost 2 weeks after it happened. I'm pretty much forcing myself to do this now. ANY evidence left (even questionable guts dumped from above in my yard!) seems to evoke a strong need for secrecy, so I apologize for my delay in reporting. I'm a rebel, but "good little abductee" me still has some pull on my psyche, apparently!

As always, anyone who has noticed something similar in their own experiences is strongly encouraged to share in the comments section!


The blue flash has happened in our house multiple times with other family members noticing as well. We also thought it was lightning lol but indoor lightning happens a bit too often here lol. In the picture with the door the tree kinda looks like a gray peeking from the side. I never thought about the light angle, before but now that I think about it, it was also from higher up because it was through a window on semi second floor ( we have a strange house layout)

Also wanted to add that the blue flash in my experience was not followed by abduction any time it happened. I was careful to look at the clocks and there was no missing time or feeling or anything. Of course I can’t be sure.

I agree. Flashes don't seem to be connected to abductions. However, a super-bright blue-white light that just comes on and stays--? Always seems to be followed by a blackout in memory and likely abduction.

Either are rare for me, though. Maybe a few every few years.
Exactly! I didn't have any missing time or anything. At the time, there were some very weird shadows afterwards, but nothing that said "alien around" at all.

I think the blue flash is a very temporary dimensional breach. Total guess, but that's what I think it may be...
So-- in other words, a BLUE light FLASH, no abduction.

A bluish WHITE light that goes on and stays? Likely abduction.
Oh--! LOL! There is a shadow effect that looks like a grey's head for sure. Never noticed it before. It's not, though. Just a weird photographic artifact or whatever. Pretty funny though! =^)

Yeah, I've seen the flashes before, too-- outside more often than inside, but inside too. Not much, but enough to notice that those flashes come with other things at the same time.

The guts thing is new though. Never had THAT before!


Do I see a white mouse atop those guts? Or am I seeing things?
LOL! No, no mouse. It's the stomach I think-- it's been severed from the esophagus and looks very much like a white mouse. You'll notice it is next to a half-circle shaped smooth thing? I think that's the liver. Then it goes to small intestines, large intestine, and colon. The whole thing is upside down in the bottom photo.
Looking forward to more entries, the two topics I’m especially interested in are the hybrids living on earth and the living quarters aliens built for humans on ship. I actually had a dream about the second topic before I read your take on it, or that it even was a thing... And now I doubt it was a dream.
Ah-- yes! Those are the things I'M the most interested in as well! The implications for the future are enormous.

I'll be doing some self-therapy work (IFS) over the end of the year, and in January, I plan to dive back into abduction memories again. More interesting events of my 20s, including the mass abduction that involved tours of living quarters for humans or hybrids (not sure on that.)
I hope you are feeling ok, just wanted to say that your journal has changed my life. It helped me see so many parallels with my own experiences. I’m so greatful for all the work you put in to post it. I hope you feel better, we are all here for you in case you need someone to talk to.
I'm doing better! THANK YOU SO MUCH! =^)

One of my next steps is to catch up this journal to present (a couple of things happened over last few months) and then I'll be back to writing about the significant events of my 20s.