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Moved Again! Looks Like, But Is NOT, A Haunted House

Just an update for my paranormal blog!

Wanted readers to know its been very quiet for the most part, and I've been super busy due to helping out during a friend's mother's illness and death. Then we had to scramble to find another house. Which is now being moved into and made cozy (this is a large house and will take awhile to settle into.)

Here are some pics: Heron Hold, as we're calling it, is a newer take on the Victorian stye, built a little over 20 years ago. But--! It LOOKS like the quintessential haunted house, doesn't it?

I got to meet the previous owners who had it built, and they're really sweet and have had zero issues. I can confirm there is nothing at all paranormal about this place.


I've moved over and over again throughout my life-- over 30 times for certain. I've moved 3 times in the last 4 years. However--!  What seems to happen is that I move to a place, and, over time, as I get visited by some Other intelligence, rips in space/time, or at least weakenings in our reality, occur, and then where I live starts to get fae or poltergeist activity. It seems to take at least 3 years. One place I lived for several years in Tigard, Oregon, had 2 permanent "portals" where odd things, including spirits of the dead, could and would 'pop' through.

Here's the thing. I'm hoping to never move again. I plan to be here for at least another 25 years. I'm in my dream house with my best friend. We're like sisters and we get along very well. This will be my life's project on some level, improving and maintaining a beautiful home on several acres of land.

Though things are not as active for me after my 30's, I still get visits and therefore the potential for dimensional rifts remains possible. To begin with, I want it stated clearly that I moved to a nice "clear" home with great vibes, very calm, and ZERO SPIRIT OR FAE ACTIVITY (I use "fae" in the old way, as elementals or non-human spirits that cause poltergeistic activity.) This is a great home and everything here is even better than most homes, because the people who were in it before us were awesome, HAPPY people who loved one another and built this house as a lifelong dream, etc. (They only left because they're elderly and want to be with family elsewhere.)

My prediction: It may take 4 or 5 years, but I bet this place becomes haunted or effected, simply because I'm living in it! I could be wrong, but I think starting with a very blank, if positive, slate is a great test for my hypothesis!

So there is my official statement. I live in a home that looks like it could be creepy, but it is not at all weird spiritually or magickally.

Once we're settled in here, my time opens up and I'll be resuming my memoirs of past paranormal experiences. My apologies for things being so crazy in the last 3 years. It appears chaos will soon be a thing of my past. We're settling in and creating a cozy nest and I'm very happy and life is really good right now and looks to be so for at least a while.

See everyone soon!


Beautiful house

It's beautiful and surely worth to be haunted - by people and other entities :)

Re: Beautiful house

Thank you! And hey... if you have to deal with the paranormal, its best with a dramatic backdrop! =^D


The house is fabulous! I hope you're wrong about it eventually becoming haunted, etc. but I cause things to happen too because of my gift and ET connections...so I can relate.

Re: House

I hope I'm wrong too! LOL! A comfortable home that stays that way would be a blessing. And things have slowed down for me for sure-- but--! History suggests that living long-term (more than 3 years) anywhere will lead to some high strangeness.

Psychic gifts and ET connections? Yes, I'm sure you can relate!


RE: Re: House

Yep. I'm a medium and contactee. Right now I live on a pueblo in NM. Sure enough, after not long in this apartment, I started having kitchen cabinet doors slam at night, knocking, and voices. My neighbors don't have stuff happen.

Re: RE: Re: House

Oh yeah.... so familiar!

Re: House

Oops...I accidentally replied anonymously.

Re: House

:) No prob!
I LOVE IT!! This house is fabulous!
Thanks! I found it, and my friend Cat bought it. I rent a room/bath/den from her in this place and I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!

We're finally having a housewarming party (suitably Halloween themed) this weekend. =^)