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LOUD Intruder This Morning


I awoke with a start. It was just after 5am (I checked my clock) and it sounded like Cat was going into the garage from the daylight basement downstairs and allowing the weighted door to slam shut! I was annoyed. She's usually more careful not to wake me when she's up early (as she is often up by 4:30am and I sleep in 'til 8am) so I was a little worried.

Oddly, I was also thinking about aliens suddenly, even though I had woken from a very prosaic dream. I was just suddenly thinking about past contact with aliens, not connecting anything going on with them at all, even remotely. But... it was odd given what happened next.

I heard the rooster start freaking out. Because we live in the 'burbs, the rooster is taken into the garage every evening and then allowed out into the yard and coop during the day. He will often crow at 5am anyway, but having Cat go into the garage and turn on the light makes him crow a little more often, because-- people up! Day starting! More light and activity! Good morning!

But this was different. Her rooster was crowing non-stop in a frantic way that was unlike him. Roosters know their "tribe"-- a good rooster doesn't make too much of a fuss when the humans and animals familiar to him are around. But when strange people or pets or bigger animals come around, they crow louder and many times in succession.

So-- the rooster was acting like Cat was a stranger. That was weird. But as the downstairs door to the garage slammed shut again, I sat up. The rooster was completely losing his shit! Not even like a "Stranger Danger" call-- more like he was scared out of his tiny avian mind!

There was stomping I could hear going on and off, like you could hear it on the linoleum but not the carpeted areas so much. I was thinking that Cat was angry. There was a tone to the sounds. I started wondering if I should check things out. Maybe something went wrong when she started work from home or something? The rooster quieted a little.

More stomping in the downstairs laundry area and then the door opened and BLAM!-- slammed shut again! This was so stark that all 3 times that door slammed shut, it pretty much shook the house!

Cue the freaking out rooster-- like whoever it was who had just been stomping around downstairs had once more entered the basement.

But then, it all went quiet. The rooster stopped crowing completely for almost 20 minutes.

I felt bad for Cat, who I assumed was in the garage? I got out of bed. I was going to have to talk to her about not making that kind of noise so early. She's been so stressed out, I'd have to be direct, but kind, about it. But I needed my freaking sleep! Like-- BADLY.

I didn't hear her come back in or come up the stairs, but I didn't think much of it, only that I felt pretty banged up and in pain myself. The noise and fuss and angry tone of the careless noise-making disturbed me too much to go back to sleep. I was up for the day.

A half hour later, Cat sleepily came into my den room. Her mouth guard was still in, and her little nightcap was on. She had JUST awakened and came to check on me because I was up so early. She was blinking sleepily.

Now I was confused.

I asked her if she was okay--? Why was she stomping around downstairs earlier?

Now Cat was confused. She had not yet been downstairs...!

We looked at each other and then hurried downstairs. All the doors were locked from the inside. Nothing was missing. The rooster crowed again at the activity, and he actually sounded a little hoarse! (Which takes a lot for a rooster...)

Of course, I started thinking about it. The person ended up in the garage, but then-- never came out of it. There is no door except the big garage door that opens for cars to leave the garage by in this house. The person making all the noise just... vanished?

Which is not that weird in my experience. "Visitors" will do that!

Cat really is more considerate than that, normally, and it obviously wasn't her. I realized that, in addition, whoever it was sounded like a large man wearing boots or something. Cat wears those soft-soled shoes with the individual toes. You can't STOMP in those! Let alone in her 5-toed slippers she wears around the house! It could not have been her. It doesn't appear to be a normal human intruder, so I tend to conclude it was one of the Others.

I am a little surprised at the apparently DELIBERATE noise making, though! It is as if they were trying to wake me up. But why? My cat was snuggled next to me and I had been dreaming, so I don't think I was returned from an abduction. It seems like it was a visit to check things out? I can only speculate, but could they see that a bunch of stuff is missing from being packed? Do they know I'll be moving again? Why should they care? They can follow me anywhere... although I'll be close to several navy bases and ports and research facilities...! But I don't recall telling anyone that or having discussions or anything about such topics. I honestly have had nothing unusual going on since that little stint that occurred when I first left my marital home and came to the Ghost Lake house and recalled talking to some young blond guy.

Regardless-- it appears I was prematurely awakened by something not normal, and the last few years, these things tend to happen to me in the spring season. I guess I need to step up my game...

I wish I knew what the hell was going on. Why does it start? Why does it end? What triggers the little "flaps"? Will this be a one-off oddity, or the beginning of another period of anomalous activity?

Just in time, too. Right as I'm about to move!


Needless to say...

...Creepy AF....

Re: Needless to say...

Ya think?

And yet it was barely a blip on my radar! THAT'S how often creepy as fuck things have happened in my life. It's called-- Tuesday! (Or whatever day it was... Monday?)