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The Making of A Ghost, Part 2 [Updated]

I wrote yesterday about how a new ghost in our time might come about from a local news story here in the Emerald City region. Then-- I heard another that had local ties to Portland (Rose City) and a near-by town in Washington as well.

That story here:


When I first posted this, I made some assumptions that I wasn't sure about. I was right about most of them. It was a lesbian white couple who adopted 5 black kids and 1 asian boy. No biological kids, however. Turned out that not only did they NOT brake, but they parked the car and then SPED towards the edge and off! Very obviously purposeful.

Long story short-- it appears that they pulled a Thelma & Louise with their adopted kids in the car.

UPDATED ARTICLE HERE also discussing racist bias towards white mothers and against non-white children:

Here we have anguish, shame, and revenge pulled on the kids who they realized "told tales" out of their home school! The kids are innocent, abused and neglected, and then-- murdered.

Multiple ghosts likely? I think so.

It seems like families dying together in such fraught circumstances often produce ghosts. Again, that lonely mile marker by Mendicino, California may be the site of some strange things in the future.