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The Making of A Ghost, Part 1

Recently, I heard about a news story that, as soon as I heard it, I thought, "Well, there's a ghost right there!"

Here's that story: www.kiro7.com/news/local/spanaway-man-shot-killed-by-pierce-county-deputy/717641946

Now, just picture it... A man, confused and having a mental breakdown, almost certainly on drugs, runs around threatening people with a knife, and, when the cops are called, actually tries to crawl into the back of the cruiser! He's desperate, scared, angry, and not well connected to reality. Then-- he's shot! The soul, propelled from such a body in such a state, may have difficulty comprehending the death process. Such a soul may well avoid or even flee a tunnel of light opening up, or light beings or dead relatives coming for him.

And another ghost is made.

I'll remember this address--> 252nd Street East in Spanaway's Elk Plain

It would not surprise me if, every once in a while, people started getting odd experiences of a man being seen in their car, maybe even waving a knife, who appears out of no where and then disappears just as fast. It will sound so... "teen scary story" that few will take the accounts seriously, not remembering the short local blip on the news that would bring clarity to the reports.

In such ways are ghosts created. They are not all old revolutionary or civil war soldiers, not all wearing long dresses or handlebar mustaches. They are around us every day being made out of terrible, violent, tragic stories like this.