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The Odd Chimed Tune That Alerted Me

I had a strange thing happen at about 10 minutes to midnight last night...

I was nearly asleep, having rolled over after petting my cat. She was still purring and I could hear her quite clearly. I was blissfully drifting off when...

I distinctly heard my wind chimes outside my window. Not like normal, mixed up pretty cacophony sounds one would expect-- but rather very distinct notes, played one at a time only, in a very distinctive tune! There were several measures, composing a full tune, that even ended distinctly, followed by silence.

I literally came completely awake, rolled over, and sat up after hearing that refrain!

THEN I noticed both my body and my bed were shaking-- not yet violently-- but it was increasing. I did my "earthquake test" and reached up to touch the walls. Not an earthquake.

Confused, but fully alert, I sprang out of bed, defying the vibrations that actually feel quite good in the moment, and walked around the house, looking out windows. I saw nothing out of place, and there was a very slight breeze in the front of the house, but none of the chimes in the back of the house were moving even a little bit.

Reassured, but still nervous, I called one of my abduction buddies, "Valerie," and we talked for a half hour or so until I calmed down. I noticed I still had vibrations in my legs and lower torso (though only when I was in bed! not when I was running around the house!) but they lessened more and more as we talked, until all was still again. Weird!

But not unfamiliar...

See, I have this arrangement with the aliens (or their henchmen) to give me a special signal so I can go meet them rather than be taken out of my bed. I've had this going since my late 20s. They don't always agree to these terms, but they often do, which I ask for in order to decrease paranoia and nervousness in my own bed. I recall leaving to such a sound shortly after I moved to Ghost Lake House to check the back porch and saw (I'm assuming) someone who was clearly not normal. (There was telepathy, so it wasn't a typical intruder or peeping tom.) I let them in. We went to my room. We spoke. I gave him a book and papers at one point. And-- we left and came back. Don't have a lot of memory.

However--! It is much easier to hold onto memory if one walks around in one's own environment for a time rather than going from bed directly into THEIR environment and mental control! The time I was signaled, went to meet them, and was returned-- well, what memory I DO have from that particular wave of abductions was almost exclusively from that one meeting.

So-- I heard the weird chimes in a distinct tune, assumed they were there, and the strong bedquake sort of confirmed something was up. And yet...? It didn't turn out that way. I tend to think these types of events are tests, though. Usually, I get a couple of them before they try something new with me. My best guess is that THIS time I was extremely wide awake when I heard a signal (not always chimes-- it is usually a strange electronic buzzing or chirping. I prefer chime-tunes. Less adrenaline inducing!) The last time I was definitely under their mental influence, in that hazy state... This time, full BETA brain waves, but I still responded "appropriately."

New phase? I could hope! I'm not nearly as scared, and far more curious, than I was in my youth! I would very much like to retain more control and more memory. I keep asking for it, I know. I still very much doubt they'll give in to me, but I can always hope-- and so I do.

As I spoke to Valerie last night, the weird buzzing of my body diminishing steadily, I once again wondered why the heck they'd even still work with me. I just don't get it. I'm getting too old for this, and yet even the elderly in the program are still taken sometimes I've heard. I can't remember enough to guess what the heck I even do with them. I have an idea of what I did in early adulthood, but the last 20 years or so are far more shrouded in mystery...

Only major bitch I have is that I woke up in pain from clenching my jaws and sleeping curled in a very hunched over tense ball. Really fucked up my back and neck again! I know it is from unconscious fear during sleep. It is even possible they took me after all once I was asleep again. I don't believe so, but i couldn't know for sure. Regardless, this is agonizing on top of the pain flares from packing! My pain appointment can't come soon enough!