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horrible news

Experiments Prove 4th Spatial Dimension

Found a very interesting online article:

Be sure to watch the cute video game bit at the end, it helps illustrate a few concepts.

Essentially, the article explains how several experiments confirm that a 4th spatial (that is, not time) dimension exists around the 3 dimensions we can observe and interact with now! There are effects from this 4th dimension that "cast shadows" upon our own 3 dimensions-- and some scientists were able to capture that type of effect.

Its rather exciting, isn't it? To know that another level of space actually exists! That it's even provable from our 'lower' dimension!

As someone with paranormal experiences, I think it could very well explain many, if not most, of those... Perhaps 4th dimensional beings could be Earth-bound entities we've been calling faeries and other mythical types for as long as humans have been around. Perhaps 3rd dimensional beings who had learned to utilize the 4th dimension could transverse the cosmos and visit our planet and appear as aliens. Perhaps the truth is a strange and wicked blend of the two notions. Who can say? And what about the "spiritual" dimension that involves ghosts, near-death experiences, death bed visions and provable reincarnation? Could that be the 4th or even a 5th spatial dimension?

I suppose my salient point here is that 3D Newtonian science is so boringly yesterday...  The existence of a higher spatial dimension pretty much guarantees that there is MUCH more going on than we can directly witness, and therefore many more things are possible than we mere mortals can know.

Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, materialist skeptics!