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A Review of My Tentative Beliefs On Alien Agendas So Far

I'm taking a little aside to just go ahead and define my best guess at this point for what I believe the aliens' agenda is and what they may be up to in the future.

I've already discussed this at some length in the past-- and if you haven't read those entries yet, doing so now can catch you up on where I'm at so far. You WILL need to read these articles, if you haven't already, in order to grasp what my position is now on this issue of alien agendas and the future.

John Mack interview about abductions: spirals-end.livejournal.com/30973.html

Regarding the belief that aliens are harvesting human emotional energy:

What disclosure would mean for abductees: http://spirals-end.livejournal.com/33103.html

Abductees and their odd but powerful "sense of mission":

Aliens themselves say their agenda is to create hybrids to live here:

Black Death & aliens-- did they "help" it along? pt 1: spirals-end.livejournal.com/56148.html

Black Death & aliens, pt. 2: spirals-end.livejournal.com/56773.html

Of course I have yet to share all my memories to explain some of my thoughts and why I'm leaning towards these beliefs in even a tentative way, but I do my best to explain myself in these posts.

I don't think the Greys are psychic energy or emotional vampires. I don't think they're behind our wars or anything like that-- I can see where some people might prefer to blame human evil on outside agencies, but no way. They can get what they want from us without bothering with such things, and their minds don't work that way so I'm not interested in listening to any more crazy notions along those lines. Unless there's some new information (not conjecture) I'm pretty sick of explaining why I don't believe that. Its not worth my time to entertain such crap any further for the foreseeable future.

However, I DO believe they have an agenda that they're following. Its not to SAVE us in any way that people think of -- like we'll get out of facing the consequences of our own collective stupidity in how we've mistreated the planet (and one another for that matter.) They're not coming down to give us free energy devices. That would only spell our doom that much more quickly because we'd keep breeding out of the planet's carrying capacity-- so no.

Based on what's been actually reported by multitudes of people, and on what I've personally witnessed, we know they're mixing genes to create hybrids (which is easier than saying "transgenic") of humans and grey aliens. We know they take human ovum and sperm, we've seen the aliens' artificial womb tanks with hybrid fetuses in them, and we've seen the hybrids as infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and adults. (Even the same hybrid growing up over the course of years, so there's no mistaking it.) They ARE making them-- but for what use?

As I've reported before, the aliens themselves sometimes say that they are preparing for a time when the hybrids live down here on Earth. Given how crowded it is already, where would they go?

Again, I've pretty much already said it, but in case you missed it-- I think the most likely scenario is that they're going to take advantage of some massive culling of the population. Speculation among abductees has run high for decades on what that terrible disaster could be... we've been shown many dreadful things by the aliens, often warnings about global weather systems and geophysical upheavals. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone seeing a massive disease outbreak in their future scenarios with the aliens. Nuclear war, asteroid impacts, all sorts of possibilities have been shown by the aliens (which is weird-- do they know or don't they?) but never a pandemic. I'm a little suspicious that the aliens show only really big, dramatic stuff and never something as quiet and deadly as mere germs.

To my way of thinking, given the reports on the Black Death, and that many abductees (including myself) have oddly compromised immune systems, I think we have to consider the notion that perhaps they'll use the least destructive (to the planet) means of greatly reducing population: a new plague of some type. We're ripe for something new to come along as it is-- and given our transportation systems, it would spread everywhere quickly.

My guess is one reason so many abductees have had issues with their immune systems has to do with some experimentation on the part of the aliens. Or perhaps inoculating us against the disease that will be unleashed later has caused side effects for some of us because the pathogen they've developed is so new and destructive.

Because the aliens make it clear they want to keep some humans around for future breeding and perhaps to fill other functions (like assisting the hybrids in all manner of ways) I honestly don't think the Greys mean to kill ALL humans and replace them with the hybrids straight away. If my guess is correct, they didn't the last time either--- Neanderthals and modern humans overlapped (and bred with one another) for around 5,000- 10,000 years before, yes, disease finally killed off the last of the Neanderthals (or at least that is what modern testing is finding more and more likely to be true.)

IF (and, granted, its a big if) the Greys are responsible for making US as replacements for the Neanderthals, then I can see why they wouldn't be satisfied to end with us. We're still not the final form as far as they're concerned. We are still too flawed (not enough like them?) They are pursuing a very long-range agenda of some sort and it seems this may be it.

There is also the possibility that another race did part of the work, or came in at some point, and the Greys are late to the party and just now taking a turn-- there's a lot more that needs to be known about our collective past. Its seems sometimes we were left to our own devices, allowed to run "wild", and other times domesticated, enslaved, and made to follow aliens as gods (or a single God with follower angels or whatever.) It would explain religion very neatly, wouldn't it?

I don't know for sure the ins and outs of such things, the past has been greatly obscured. However, my own personal sneaking suspicion is that maybe we'll be facing a pandemic in the future, and then only after that-- after the population is reduced by half or more, that the aliens will dare to show themselves openly and take over. Because I DO think they plan to take over, they and their hybrids will be in charge according to everything I've ever come across. They want us to welcome them and assist them willingly, and in my own experiences, I've seen signs they're trying to indoctrinate abductees to look up to them (and by many reports, many abductees do). But if not, they can and will force the issue, I'm sure.

I don't think they believe such actions to be wrong. They think the end justifies the means. And humanity, as we stand now, are too caught up in thinking ourselves special to even comprehend the concept of a technologically superior species making us, or at least "improving" us and doing as they like because humans as we are now are not up to par. Fair or not, if its not up to us, what we think we deserve just doesn't matter.

Why all the warnings about the weather going crazy and everything if they're just going to unleash a pandemic? Perhaps they know that times will be rough down here before they come. Maybe they even think that killing a portion of the population via disease is kinder than letting people suffer starvation from a planet's weather run so amok that we can no longer feed ourselves. Who can say? I think they're trying to warn the abductees at least to prepare for things to get rough before they come openly, and it seems many of us are doing just that, including myself and Gerick.

It may not happen during my life. I've been told different repeatedly, but I just don't know what to think on that. Maybe it'll never happen-- but I have a hard time believing they'd make all those hybrids and then quietly leave again. Doesn't seem too likely. I don't even know that wondering about it as I am now can make much of a difference, either way, except that I loathe surprises and would rather feel prepared in some way for whatever is to come-- if it comes at all.

And of course I could be wrong... this is just my best guess at this time. If this changes in any real way at any time, I shall be sure to post again about that mental shift.



Thanks for this interesting entry about the Greys! You wrote in another entry that the Nordics/Blondes seem to be "nice guys". But at the same time they seem to do nothing to help humanity. Why are the nordics here? Are they just watching?

Re: Nordics

I don't know what the deal is with the Nordics. They SEEM nicer than the others, but perhaps its just that they are more human-ish. They still steal memories. They still barge into homes and trick people into coming with them for a ride on a ship. I have very mixed feelings on the Nordics.

But they are NOT "just watching." They have a plan too. Damned if I know what it is, though...

Re: Nordics

Thanks! :-)
Maybe we'll figure it out someday ...

Re: Nordics

Wouldn't that be great? I really want to know more.

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There is a problem in the first 4 links - "John Mack interview" ets. They go to http//, not http://

Re: Problem with links

That's weird. Thanks for letting me know-- I'll see if I can fix it!

Re: Problem with links

Okay-- FIXED!

Re: Problem with links

>> Okay-- FIXED!

Ok, but still same problem with the next 3 links

Re: Problem with links

Oh-- damn. Okay-- *runs off again*

Re: Problem with links

Okay-- NOW its all working!
Yesss :-) Thank you.
Do you know about Jim Sparks abductions story? There are videos on YouTube. What's your opinion?
I'm not sure about him. He may be a real abductee who is creating proof because he wants to be believed-- there is that temptation, and I understand it though I resist it myself. His videos look off to me, and I suspect fraud. However, I haven't looked into him enough to say for sure at this point. Let's just say I'm skeptical, but not yet condemnatory.

His story is interesting but...

I have watched and listened many, if not all, available videos and interviews with him. He almost in all of them keeps telling basically the same story. Only in Coast-to-Coast AM radio program he told more than usual. It was 5 hrs program. For me, from one point, it's hard to be 100% sceptical - he is telling some of the details, which are very very rarely known in the cases of direct contacts with ETs (I learned about them from the contactee I know personally). So if he is fraud then he must have knowledge about some of the details, which means he did serious research, a lot of reading and the most importantly - he have an understanding. And I am sceptical about that. I think he has real experience. But....

However there are some of the elements in his story, which rises questions. For example this idea that at some point in the past ETs gave to us "green technologies". Also something about "free energy", if I am not mistaken. But you don't need to be very brainy to see, that our political and military powers don't want to use such technologies for the "common good". So why ETs will even try to do that? It's a waste if time, I think. However it also can be just their experiment - to check what humans will do with these technologies. And no surprise - they used it for their own personal good. Ok... that's one point.

Another, very controversial, is that ETs and military works together. He even telling about one case, when he have been used by military guys in the experiment of teleportation. Meaning that ETs gave to the military technology of teleportation and they did successful experiments with it. Why would ETs do that? Why would they give such technology to the "good" military guys? I don't understand that at all. And I am not sure is it true or not.

Also he have been telling that he saw humans and military guys in the case of mass abduction. They have been watching from outside, meaning they have not been abducted, but participated and watched. I heard that some abductees told similar stories, but never read actual stories. This subject for me is highly controversial, at least for now.

Btw did you have any similar experience, when military have been seen together with the aliens?

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Re: His story is interesting but...

I think part of the problem is that there are different factions within alien groups. Another problem is that the hybrids wear uniforms that look militaristic and can be mistaken for human military. Yet another is human military people putting on a show with fake aliens. But still, I think some aspects of a secret military are likely meeting with some aliens.

And yes, I DO have an example already written down that I found to be at the time (and even now) very confusing. Look under my "military" tag and you'll find it.

As far as "free energy" is concerned, the aliens know they can't do that without us fucking the planet and over-populating EVEN MORE than we already are, so they are not going to do that. Free energy won't save us, reducing our numbers and giving up our consumerist way of life will, but spoiled westerners don't want to be told that, so we're pretty screwed.

Re: His story is interesting but...

Agree. And will look at your military tag. Interesting...

Why hybrids wearing a form?

Re: His story is interesting but...

The grey-human hybrids wear uniforms a lot because the greys don't really recognize or cherish individuality. While relaxing, hybrids do sometimes wear cast off or stolen human casual clothing though, like t-shirt and jeans.