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Roadtrip W/ 2 Abductees: Beach Encounters (July 1991)

In July of 1991, Gerick and I spent time together in person (officially) for the first time after a year of phone calls and snail mail correspondence. It was evident from my side that my group of aliens were paying close attention to this process and even giving me instructions for something to tell my distant boyfriend (something I don't think they've ever done before or since.) Crossing the country from Ohio to Oregon, Gerick was set to spend his 2 weeks vacation with me, road-tripping around the Pacific Northwest.

Most of the time we were not alone: my cousin Lisa, and my friends Cat & Wacita were along for most of the meandering trip as well. Often other friends would join us at certain locations and so we had an organic group of young adults with lots of mingling, hanging out, and driving.

We began with a few days stay at Cat's family-shared beach house. It had a bedroom downstairs and a cozy room full of bunk beds upstairs. Everyone contributed to food money and volunteered to do a deep cleaning-- in exchange, we had a free private place to stay on the beach on the Oregon coast. It was a cheerful congregation, and a very relaxed atmosphere. Despite the weird first night at a hotel when Gerick was examined physically by a group of "my guys" (and I was questioned about him) he and I were having a pretty good time. For one thing, I was amazed that he took the bizarre interruption so calmly. My last boyfriend, a Ranger in the army, had been completely undone by all the weirdness that followed me. It didn't help that my aliens had made it very clear they didn't want me to have anything to do with anyone in the military. This time, I was with another abductee that had apparently been approved of-- and from the beginning, there was a difference.

I did not have the "alien love bite" however. Our relationship was mostly based upon friendship and mutual attraction. It seemed like the alien stuff just meant one less hassle to overcome. It was soon evident, however, that both groups of aliens were invested in our partnership.

The very first night we (most of our group of friends as well as us) were seeing dancing UFO lights over the ocean's horizon. They were deep red and cobalt blue and simply did maneuvers at a distance, appearing and disappearing over the course of hours. Several people got excited and came to the expansive back decks to watch while we socialized around a meet n' greet dinner party. By this time, I had told Lisa, Cat, and Wacita the truth of my paranormal experiences, but having an ongoing UFO "show" with a crowd of friends put a special emphasis on those confessions in a way nothing else could. The lights stayed distant, and finally went off for good, and everyone was in a good mood and entertained and not at all freaked out. The friends who were not so close and didn't know the whole story were amused and cracked jokes and by the time people drifted off to bed, I realized I was relieved at the lack of paranormal drama. Pretty lights at a distance are cool and not at all threatening it seems.

Gerick and I were upstairs with the majority of people who were taking a bunk bed for the night. (Though we were a couple and there was a private queen-sized bed downstairs, we felt more comfortable surrounded by people.) Shortly after midnight, I stirred awake because someone was moving around in the dark... I peered out into the dim light (because I insisted on leaving the hallway light on with the door open as a night light) to see Gerick quietly getting up and dressed, even putting on his shoes. I thought that was odd if he was going to the bathroom. I quietly watched him but did not interfere-- I was quite exhausted and wasn't at the stage of the relationship where I felt okay questioning this guy. I noticed another light sleeper also stir and and wake and look over to see Gerick dressing in the semi-darkness. That person looked at me briefly and then rolled over to go back to sleep. Meanwhile, Gerick quietly left the room.

Later I awoke to see Gerick just as quietly return. I noted it was around 5 or so in the morning and you could see early blue light coming in around the edges of the dark curtains. He didn't bother undressing, just laid down. I fell back asleep.

A couple of hours later everyone was rousing to the scents of coffee and bacon, thanks to Wacita's hostessing and cooking skills, and Cat was one of the first ones up and dressed. She emerged from the bathroom to get something and started to walk by Gerick's sleeping form on the bed. She looked at him, did a double take, bent down, and tweaked his nose -- making a cute cooing sound at the same time! I chuckled at her antics, and Gerick woke up to see her smiling and leaning over him.

"What did you do THAT for?" I asked Cat.

"He just looks so cute! Like a vampire or something!" she answered. And I looked more carefully at Gerick as he was just opening his eyes, to see that he was laying flat on his back on top of the bed with his arms crossed over his chest like an Egyptian statue-- very formal and odd looking. Gerick blinked and looked around and sat up as Cat was leaving and he looked around the bed and then at me with wide eyes.

"What...?" I asked him.

Gerick was freaked because he didn't remember getting dressed. There he was, on top of the covers, shoes and all! I told him I saw him get up and quietly get dressed and put on his shoes and leave after midnight- then return a few hours later. He had no memory of this and further, didn't drink anything the night in question-- so it wasn't a black-out drunk thing. No, he was coordinated and careful and quiet moving around the very crowded room with personal luggage and debris strewn everywhere, so that could hardly have been the issue.

He and I were the last ones down to breakfast, talking about the night before and we asked if anyone had seen Gerick leave. The guy who woke up when he was leaving (that I saw) remembered seeing him up and dressing as well. Wacita, who went to bed early in order to get up early the next day to make breakfast, also heard him come in the front door and go upstairs. She got up to check because the door was originally locked, and saw Gerick going upstairs before she returned to bed herself.

Now Gerick was entirely freaked out. Several people had seen him get up and leave and then return and he had zero memory of any of it! Then he looked down at his watch (which he had put on when he dressed the night before, apparently) and he was stunned: the watch, which had been keeping perfect time, was now one full hour AHEAD of the actual time. Exactly an hour. I knew his watch had been on the correct time because I had been checking it myself since he arrived at the airport. (I didn't wear one because of pain issues with my wrists.) An hour behind could be put to a dying battery or something, but an hour ahead!? How did that make any sense?

Of course, Gerick knew what must have happened. He was somehow silently "summoned" to meet his aliens, got up and dressed and went to meet them, had evidently been taken somewhere and then returned. The weird part we wondered though was IF he spent an hour longer with them and somehow was returned to a time an hour earlier so as not to be too obviously missed! Was it possible? Or was it an accelerated time thing based upon the means of transport or dimensional bending? Or did Gerick himself set the watch an hour ahead as a signal to himself that something had happened, since he knew to expect memory suppression? We speculated on this subject for days, and it has come up periodically ever since. We still can't figure it out. Oh!-- and the watch was running perfectly and never did skip ahead an hour again!

At the time, I was uncomfortable to discover that I was massively relieved to witness another abductee going through something and for once being left behind-- an accidental witness to some parts of it and nothing more! I was so used to being the center of paranormal attention, and now I was getting to be sidelined while oddness hit someone else and it was an interesting mental space to find myself in. I rather liked it! As for Gerick, I felt for him and his worries, obviously not pleased to be manipulated like that and then lose memory over it. He was understandably upset, though similar things had happened to him many times before.

The last couple of days at the beach house were quiet and unremarkable, which figured now that everyone was alert and paying attention! Soon we were hitting the road and it wouldn't be long before we realized we were being monitored very carefully...
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