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Night of the Creeps/Pajama Party (Pt 2 of 2): Summer 1981

So, there were some odd pieces that strung together made for a very suspicious set of circumstances. But other than the definite close-up UFO sighting (that oddly shifted into a hovering plane) there wasn't anything concrete to say that, yeah-- I saw aliens.

Shortly after I was in contact with Budd Hopkins (1990ish) my sister came up to me and told me what she remembered of that evening way back in '81. Though my sister doesn't talk much, when she gets in the mood to speak, out it comes! She shocked me when she brought it up, "Do you remember when we saw that UFO by Beaver Acres school? You told that girl that you saw a UFO and then you said it was actually a plane..?" Of course I remembered it-- I was always bothered by that period of time in my memory. Being careful not to lead her or suggest anything in any way, I asked her what she recalled.

She was confused at the time it happened when I said it was a UFO and then a plane. As she put it-- I just started lying and saying it was a plane, when it wasn't. Then I turned around and left. Meanwhile, my sister stood there and watched as the UFO continued to slowly approach. The streets were quiet and she didn't see anyone outside or any cars driving by. The "thing" in the sky came down closer and closer until it was over the school, right above it. Then, while she watched, it turned it's lights "on" and the whole UFO glowed a gold color -- "like a Hershey's Kiss in a gold wrapper" -- and she could see that the white lights were actually windows like portholes in a ship or something. She didn't see anyone in the windows, but she somehow "knew" that they were showing off to her-- that they turned the lights on just for her. Then, the lights went back off (she could barely see it in the dark with all the lights off) but she did watch it slowly go over to the middle of the big huge field and land. She then went inside our apartment and in to bed. I was not in the house when she went to bed. She DID remember my waking her up by pounding on the sliding glass door very late when it was still dark out and our mother having to get out of bed to answer the door. I came in crying and upset because I was locked out.

Needless to say, I was astonished. I never thought to even ask my sister about that night. I assumed that if they tricked my mind somehow to see a plane instead of a UFO then they must have done the same to her. The idea that they selectively only fooled me and then later showed themselves even more obviously to her just bowled me over. On the other hand, my sister was the perfect witness for secret things-- one with mild autism who rarely spoke.

Hearing her account is what spurred me to have hypnosis done for that time period. I had a UFO sighting, and a witness who also saw it and even saw it LAND near-by, then I was missing for HOURS and came back without any memory but with new phobias... Yeah, there were lots of red flags there!

Under hypnosis, I re-remembered the original UFO sighting and the new detail that when I yelled out that I was seeing a UFO I thought I was being scolded by adults who told me I was wrong. But there were no adults around. I felt ashamed of myself at the time, yet how could I unless some other kind of communication was going on? Then, I went around to look for someone to play with, and there was no one out that night-- just as I recalled. But then at the point my memory faded off-- I was able at last to fill in the blanks.

It was late dusk, when you could still see in the dark, but everything was a shade of blue or gray. I was by Jenny's apartment close to the small field between our apartment complex and the school field. I began to feel strange. Euphoric and magical. Like the most wondrous things in the universe could happen and I'd be able to dance with it. So-- really, really amazingly good.

That's when I looked over towards the school and saw a line of children, maybe 15 or 16 kids, all different sizes and ages-- from 4 years old to maybe 12 or so-- all wearing identical light blue (maybe white-- but in the dim light they looked like pastel blue) loose fitting pajamas. They were all lined up against the chain link fence on the school side of it, hands up on the chain link, staring in at me silently. In reality, it was an eerie-assed sight that should have sent me screaming hysterically and running away. We're talking Children of the Corn scary here! But I was unable to feel fear. I was in the grips of this strange euphoria, and all I could think of was how wonderful it was to have somebody I could play with! Yay! So without any doubts or hesitation, I passed through our fence opening and crossed the small field. As soon as I went towards them, the children as one turned away from the fence and moved towards the playground of the school. I hurried to catch up with them. (I recognized them as 'hybrid' children under hypnosis, but at the time I seemed to be oblivious to their differences.)

When I came to the second opening (in the school chain link fence) I was disturbed to see a strange man about 60 feet away (to the west) by the fence on the school side. I couldn't see him very well, he was a skinny guy, wearing all black and a black slightly over-sized cowboy hat and-- very weird for night-time-- sunglasses! I hesitated when I saw him, but then decided I'd be perfectly safe if I stayed with the other children. I dismissed him as a "creep" which was what I called suspicious men who preyed upon children back then.

I ran down towards the playground, and saw that the strange silent kids were almost randomly roaming around the area. They didn't seem to know how to use swings or any of the other equipment. However, my spirits still up I found myself unconcerned with their strangeness and instead felt eager to show them how to play "properly" on a playground. I jubilantly played on swings and merry-go-rounds and climbed the wooden structures and slid down slides. And I felt happy and proud when I saw the children watching me and then imitating me to start trying out things themselves. This went on for maybe a half an hour.

Then something shifted, I noticed the "Creep" from the fence start walking towards us. I didn't like that, and grew even more alarmed when the children themselves just stopped playing and began to leave the playground. I decided I wanted to go home, but as I went towards the school (to go around the building and home by Merlo Road) a second skinny man dressed in black in a cowboy hat and sunglasses stepped out and began moving towards me from that direction.

Meanwhile, the strange pajama children began to cluster up and scamper into the field towards the 2 story chain-link that surrounded the botanical garden. I knew I could go that way as well and then around to home via Pheasant road and so rushed to join them. But when I reached the other side of the garden, I saw that a THIRD black-clad cowboy with sunglasses came from that direction and so I was cut off again! (Yes, this is almost exactly what happened later with the boys on bicycles...) Desperate now, I saw the last of the children running into the door in the chain link fence to the garden. It was always kept padlocked-- yet here I saw it was wide open. I knew if I went in there I'd be trapped, but that had to be better with other children than out there by myself with the Creeps, so I ran in.

I got trapped of course. The children had just disappeared. It made no sense at first. Then I looked UP and saw something that made no sense at all-- a metalic water tower??? There was a very faint glow and I could see that the bottom of this water tower looked like wire-brushed brass. I didn't have a chance to make it out, though, because all three of the cowboy Creeps came right in that door after me very, VERY fast-- like speeded up film fast. (That's a dead give-away to me that they were Greys in disguise, because I've never seen any other being move like that.) Then one of them took out a thing that looked like-- swear to the gods-- a slender dildo, and stuck the end into the back of my neck. I guess it worked like a stun gun, sort of-- but it knocked me OUT. My last thought as I went out was that the entire garden looked like it had a roof with that water tower there now. (It wasn't a water tower, obviously, but the UFO parked inside the high fencing.)

Next thing I knew I was awake inside some white room-- and my euphoric state was semi-restored, but I didn't need it much because I knew where I was and what was going on now. (That second identity state had kicked in.) I was at what one of the children told me (one of the girls) was a pajama party. I dressed in the PJ like clothes so I looked more like they did and we talked about toys and playing and they asked me lots of questions. I loved being the center of attention and explaining things. I taught them how to play Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! and for the younger kids the classics like Red Rover and Mother May I? and Simon Says. Then they showed me some things they played with... including regular toys that most kids would have like dolls and such. But I don't remember the details very well since at this point in the narrative Budd jumped me ahead (as we were running out of time for the session-- tight schedules for both of us.)

Some things I was able to note about my hours playing with the hybrids included the different personalities of the kids. I got along with many of them who seemed engaged, but others seemed distant and disengaged and they made me uncomfortable. They reminded me of my sister, silent and staring in the background like a living shadow. There was one boy that seemed overly aggressive and I didn't like him. He tried to be the leader of some of the others but he had a bully mentality. We had an argument at some point where he was telling me he could do what he wanted and I disagreed and said the Others (grey aliens) were in charge. And then I dared him to come out and see me during the day like a normal kid. (And... we can see where that led with the Bicycle Boys incident.) Also, I don't know if Christopher Robin was there. He was NOT one of the Bicycle Boys because I would have remembered his distinctive looks had I seen him again then... but he may have been in the crowd of kids I saw earlier. He apparently didn't make much of an impression on me at the time if I did see him. Or-- he did and I just didn't get to that part in my memory.)

I was walked home through the school field and back to the apartment complex by one of the shorter "escort" Grays. This was the one I see the most often and I "knew" him as my regular escort and so he was familiar and I had a certain level of trust with him. I was thoroughly freaked out by the black-clad cowboy schtick the taller Greys had pulled on me earlier and so was worried about getting safely home on my own. My guy (I don't have a name for my regular escort dude, I've just always thought of him as "my guy") walked with me as I nervously made my way to our building. He waited outside by the fence and I looked back at him to make sure he was watching me all the way to my back door. And then I felt funny and -- found myself snapping back into my normal identity state wondering why everybody went to bed and forgot me.
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