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Future Dreams, Theme 2: Robots & Flying Drones

Nearly a year ago I began a series on the repeating dreams of the future I had from age 4 or 5 through the recent past. They've slowed down considerably over the last decade or more, but my youth and early adulthood I had them all the time.

The first dream of that series about hot weather and disrupted electric service here:

Today's subject is about ubiquitous robots and flying drones in those future dreams. Why was I inspired to write about it now? Well, unless you live under a rock, you may have heard about Amazon and UPS wanting to begin using flying drones to deliver light packages directly to people's homes very quickly without using trucks and deliverymen. They've announced that they're in testing phase now. They don't expect to begin for another 4 to 5 years. For one thing, a whole new set of laws and regulations for private and commercial use of drones have to be written and implemented.

Another news item, less seen but no less appropriate for the future dreams I'm about to discuss are the roaming security robots that several companies want to start using instead of security guards. These rolling vaguely phallic-shaped devices weigh about 300 pounds and record both sights and sounds-- like mobile security cameras with better clarity and microphones. These are also in development and testing phases, and -- just as with drones-- privacy activists are warning us that yet more of our human rights will be eroded. For one thing, both drones and "guard-bots" will likely be targeted by vandals, thieves, thrill-seekers, and activists and already they're talking about these devices having "self-protective security." Not just recording people who might attempt to take them out, but maybe things like taser-capability. Developers are also excited about giving these devices some limited A.I. (artificial intelligence) in order to assess situations and maneuver during unexpected events and confrontations.

And-- according to my future dreams, it'll be full steam ahead on this aspect of things, so expect bots and drones to become very common in the future-- AND to become a problem!

I've talked about the extreme weather and electrical service disruptions already, but in addition, one of the major concerns I kept running into in these dreams was -- a feeling of being potentially harassed by remote or limited A.I. bots everywhere in cities and suburbs. You saw them in the air the most often (probably because they were just more visible overhead) delivering things, or watching for "security" By this time, the United States, and indeed the entire civilized world was in prolonged crisis and obvious decline (more on this in future dream theme posts). America the Free had become America the Police State. People bitched. People rebelled. People even protested sometimes-- but it all came to nothing. When you were in populations centers, your privacy expectations ended.

I would most often walk or bike, but we used cars sometimes too. In the dreams, I did NOT live in the city or 'burbs, but went to these centers semi-regularly for various reasons. I dreaded dealing with these things, though they never bothered me personally in any way until the very end of the future dream sequence-- they just made me nervous. Some of the rolling ground bots or flying drones had remote control devices on them where live humans were watching and controlling the device at a considerable distance. Some of them were "smart" and looked for "breaks in the normal pattern" and then would close in to investigate. Fines for damaging a bot or drone were astronomical by this time, carrying jail time (or labor camp time-- 'classic' jail was too expensive) so few messed with them. For most people, it paid to be a little paranoid all the time. For the truly paranoid, life was a total nightmare.

Many of them were supposed to be 'helpful' -- doing security, deliveries, carrying or pushing/pulling heavier objects, even entertaining-- but there were some very strange crimes where people with money (or stolen devices) utilized the bots or drones to carry out remote assaults and/or stalking. Also, they took jobs away from real people, and in a time of scarcity and greatly growing poverty, the bots and drones were... resented by many. Despite this, for the most part for a very long time, not too many people protested -- other than your lunatic fringe types (hello! *waves*). For the most part, it was a quiet revolution of our lives. Just like cars and so many other modern things have become so common we fail to notice them, so too did these drones and bots.

As the timeline progressed, the police state aspect of the robots became ever more prevalent. The civilian use began to drop due to before-mentioned shortages in fuel and reliable electricity to re-charge the machines. Of course populous localities, state, and federal authorities found ways to make sure they had more access to these things and so bots and drones remained an ever-present threat for quite a while longer even as they began to disappear from private and commercial use. Attacks against the devices grew ever more frequent and eventually, most companies who used them were either going under or decided they were too expensive to maintain and replace.

Again, for most of this period, I was living quietly out in the rural areas mostly and so side-stepped most issues involving these things until the tail end of the scenario. Let's just say the life I'm living now segues into that pretty handily. I knew what to expect and so wasn't overly concerned for most of the time. Yet I also watched and waited for the time coming when things would get more serious for me personally.

Further along still, the bots and drones became more rare, but more sophisticated and dangerous. Only a small number of elite military agencies had access and used them for very specific purposes. When things got really interesting (more on that eventually) they attempted to collect information on and aided capture of certain people. I ended up at some point during this period on the move and homeless. I was connected in my own way though to others with similar issues. That was when dealing with the occasional robot became a real pain. Sort of adventurous in a sci-fi way by today's standards, but it was sticky going there for a while.

Seeing the very recent news reports on all these more automated, mobile and semi-autonomous robotic devices just brought it all home again. I started having dreams about these things in the 70s. NOW I see they're about to be a part of our lives. Does that then mean that the rest of the timeline will also come to pass? I don't know. I have my doubts AND my faiths about it. I suppose we'll see, won't we?



entry dates

Puzzled about journal dates. As of maybe 6/20 the mar 31st black death entry was the most recent. Now there's 2 new ones -this one from April. Happens a lot. Do you hold them back or am I in a temporal rift?
Steve -Mt Tabor area.

Re: entry dates

HA! Good question! I sometimes post privately until I have time to double check and edit the entries, then I make them public. I try to do that the same day, but I've had a crazy spring and it took me a while to get them done. Sorry about that.

No temporal rift though. Just me procrastinating!


time travelling souls tweaking the past

I'm reading the 33Arks document by the Nexus Seven writers. I think there's a lot of truth to it because it explains a lot.

It talks about how souls from the future decided to incarnate back into the past to alter the timeline to produce a better result in the future. They say a lot of our abductions are interactions with these time travelling people who are tweaking us. They're saying it's a timeline war. Different groups mess with abductee's minds to support their own agenda, their own timeline.

So maybe a lot of these future dreams people have...maybe they are past life memories, at least some of them. Maybe current events they see around them are triggering these deep, subconscious memories.

Maybe the sense of mission abductee's feel is about 'not making the same mistake as last time' (last timeline) and this time around we should make the better decisions to avoid the catastrophic future so many of us intuitively see coming.

The Nexus Seven have 2 other documents I'm aware of called Top Secret / Demon and Top Secret / Apotheosis. Though you're probably already aware.

Anyways, interesting stuff. I enjoy this blog.

Re: time travelling souls tweaking the past

Thanks for reading!

I have my doubts about the idea of time travel, let alone the aliens as specific time travelers-- but who knows? I've seen enough strange things that its hard to totally discount much.