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Commentary On the 'Species Replacement Hypothesis'

I've been keeping tabs upon and speculating about what the aliens want and how they may possibly affect my personal future as well as humanity's collective future for nearly 3 decades now. That's a long time to collect information, ponder it, and compare notes as to potential possibilities. Now I've said that I prefer not to believe, but to maintain, upon most subjects a semi-permanent state of suspended belief-- preferring to neither believe nor disbelieve.

However-! I would be lying if I didn't admit that over time I'm seeing where some possibilities seem far more likely to be true over others. These "near-beliefs" come about due to my own partially remembered experiences combined with what others have been told, or have found out for themselves AND by looking at some intriguing clues from our mostly buried history.

For example, here's an interview done in March of 2013 (yes, I've been sitting on it that long before bringing it up-- that's how much I'd like to not deal with this) where a man named William Bramley discusses one of my own tentative conclusions:

You'll have to open a window to the article and then go back and forth between that and my own commentary, because there is just too much there to quote here. Below is my commentary only to the material.

Question & Answer 1: Humans have been in contact with non-human intelligences for a very long time, if you look at our history. They were called Gods, Angels, Demons, Faeries, and all sorts of things. However, due to our higher level of knowledge and wider perspective today, it might be more accurate to call them aliens, extra-terrestrials, or ultra-dimensionals. ABSOLUTELY.

Q & A 2: I agree that the aliens (whatever they may be and wherever they are from) DO treat humans as their property. Not all-- some are visiting and just doing scientific analysis, but those kinds don't interact with humans much. The Greys, however, and their allies have actually stated outright to abductees a number of times that we belong to them and that they feel they have the right to do whatever they want to us. We are not equals to them and they will NEVER go to the White House or any other capital to negotiate a treaty because that would mean that what we think matters. It really doesn't. There's no doubt to my mind on this count. As far as they're concerned, our bodies belong to them. Our souls are just-- intriguing to have contact with (to some of them) but not that important as to their mission.

However, I take issue with the whole 'the aliens are controlling us by setting us against one another' thing. Because-- NO. They don't give a shit about our politics. Never. Not even slightly. I have yet to see one reliable report by an abductee where there was any discussion of such a thing. Also-? I've said this before, and I shouldn't have to say it because its so obvious to anyone who has done any real research: the Greys (who ARE in charge or working for those who are [insectoids]) do not operate the way we do with lies and secrets in the same way because they are a telepathic society. In addition, they are a stratified society where one is born into whatever their role is-- there is NO moving up or down in status with manipulations and schemes because that's not how things work for them. Those who suggest such a thing are either totally ignorant of reports of Grey society and/or they are avoiding dealing with the fact that humans are the ones who behave this way and we're entirely capable of great evil (or of allowing great evil to take over our lives with little protest) without any outside 'help.'

The aliens DO NOT CARE about our dramas and politics and governments and social movements. WE care and sometimes project our own desires and meanings into what we try to make out of the alien mindset. But taking an objective moment aside to look at things as they are and the argument for secret alien intervention in our day-to-day politics makes NO sense. They can do what they want, when they want, but for now they choose not to intervene. Believe you me, IF they were in charge, the geopolitics of the world would NOT have issues like global climate change and resource limits and over-population, because the aliens have been bitching about how badly we treat our planet (THEIR planet, as far as they're concerned) and aghast at how completely stupid we are to do things in a way that could annihilate our own species en masse. If they were secretly in charge down here, those massive big issues would be handled far differently, so its obvious they're hands off for now.

Those who suggest the aliens are making us fight amongst ourselves in order to keep us from-- what!? In order to control us to do-- what!? It makes no sense. They're WAITING for something, or else are on a schedule -- and when its time for them to show up and do whatever, surely they will do that. They may try to pretend to be religious figures in order to get our cooperation, but for now they're not bothering to control us as a whole. They could. But for some reason right now they're not exercising their full potential upon us at this time. Most of us abductees expect that to change at some point.

Q & A 3: There may be some merit to the author's claims in the third topic. Maybe they don't want us to learn enough to overcome them. Yeah, I buy that. However, once more I see the ego getting in the way of understanding more here-- we're centuries at least from being civilized to the point of getting our own shit together enough to even be a threat or a rival. We're so power-hungry and egocentric as a species that we're too dangerous to be allowed some things-- like the right to leave this planet to befoul another one... I mean, seriously, how would we treat knowledge of energy-? Use it to make a profit and weapons to control other humans and intimidate them into doing things OUR way? That's our pattern so far most of the time. I mean, really, you don't need aliens to be the "Big Bad" here.

Q & A 4: I refer you to my answer to #2. They're NOT controlling things here right now. They're on the periphery, preparing for something, hiding in the shadows-- not making us fight amongst ourselves in order to... um... yeah, see, that line of reasoning just keeps falling apart. Its hilarious to me how people try to turn aliens into either spiritual space brothers here to save us or demonic forces set upon destroying us. Can't they fall somewhere in-between? As selfish dicks who are just doing what's easiest for THEM to get ahead, SAME AS US!? We have this deep need to either love them or hate them because we don't like not choosing a side. Sadly, its just not that simple. Believe me, I wish it was.

Q % A 5: OooOOoh! This is where things get interesting in the interview!

Bramley posits that the aliens aren't doing things openly (at least not yet) because it works for them not to. He suggests they want to avoid challenges from us humans for starters for as long as possible. (AGREED!) Also, he thinks they're gearing up for some future plans as well. He brings up the giant pink elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowlege: the reports from abductees of a human-alien hybrid program. Obviously they're creating these hybrids for a reason! Let's ask ourselves what that reason could be, hum?

Now I'll quote him:

"Based upon some of the Ancient Astronaut evidence, the Great Flood legend, and the UFO evidence connected to the Black Death, my guess was that the ETs' solution would be another annihilation of humans, perhaps next time completely.  Such annihilation might be in connection with their creation of a new version of Homo sapiens that is more compatible with the ETs to replace us, just as custodial ETs had reportedly done in pre-history to create the current version of homo sapiens back in the day when they needed slaves.  It would be a repetition of the scenario of "out with the old, and in with the new" to fit their changing needs over time."

All of this I think bears looking into, and I admit I tend to agree with this much of his proposed scenario. But then he goes into wild conspiracy theory, suggesting that aliens are the ones behind all our stupid decisions (like GMOs and chemicals poisoning us, political and religious fraud, etc.) when its obvious that mere human greed, short-sighted subservience to convenience, and egocentric bullshit explains it better! The aliens don't want radiation and chemicals on the planet they want their hybrids to inhabit one day, now do they!? NO. So they don't like that shit one bit. AND they've said so in several abduction reports, so this guy needs to do more research!

Then he says, "The speculative scenario that I have just described is also based, in part, on reports that many abductees are being told by their ET captors that a great catastrophe is coming, and some UFO abductees are being trained, oddly enough, in crowd control. That does not bode well."

Yes. Exactly.

I haven't been one of the 'crowd control' people myself, but I know some who have been. I have memories of being trained for all sorts of things for when this great unveiling comes about though. My understanding of it is that they expect people to freak out when they show up (and they may have excellent reason to...) The aliens also expect our governments to resist and create problems for at least a while, likely by capturing the aliens' assets on Earth (that would be us abdutees) and maybe trying to use us for some sort of negotiation or threat or something? But the aliens see that coming and are preparing for it-- and have been for at least 20 years.

I've been contemplating possible scenarios, and I think I have an inkling of what may happen. IF anything... and I'm going to share that tomorrow.


Some thoughts came to mind:

There's lots of alien propaganda out there. Some groups want us to believe certain things about aliens. Abductees and contactees are given similar stories, so I believe a lot of this information is coming from some alien groups, if not humans, demons, or radio-frequencies from a military base. So they're interested in what we believe concerning them (aliens): informing new age people of various messages, painting aliens in a certain light, seemingly prepping us for their arrival. Notice the recent fashion trends of women with big eyes, huge sunglasses, small chin and lips, high forehead and narrow jaw like a grey alien?

It's interesting how certain researchers are killed, while others are not, and actually make a lot of money almost effortlessly as if they're getting unseen help:
Karla Turner: disclosed negative, sadistic aliens, their virtual realities and screen memories and showed how deceptive they are, also how they influence the new age movement...
mac tonnies / phil schneider: cryptoterrestrials. Pointing us to the idea that these nonhuman intelligences have been here for a long time. Who knows what goes on under the Earth as well?

Perhaps they really do like to eat and drink our flesh and blood and like to use us as a labour force. And we'd make better slaves if they made us less emotional, and more psychic by mixing some grey genes into our genetics.

The aggression and territoriality in us human people comes from our reptilian brain stem. We were genetically engineered, with some Anunnaki DNA who I think we're a sort of Nordic and Reptilian or Draco hybrid. So reptilians are likely aggressive + territorial and may be very much into our conflicts, or at least the reptilian hybrids would be.

Some shapeshifting videos look genuine and there are countless reports of reptilians on earth interfering in human affairs as hybrids and shapeshifters. There's even a good youtube video of shapeshifting with scenes from the Matrix.

I think this is actually going on and that many reptilians are disguised as humans, and they care about what we think and like to control things and keep us from spiritually evolving. Sorry but I do think it is a cliche slave system we live in with aliens and hybrids as the dark masters. Especially considering the reports of aliens working with humans. There is sadism and rape in reports of reptilians and I don't think they're all inaccurate.

I know that contacts and abductees are being told, either consciously or subconsciously, to prepare for disaster. I knew one guy who did dream simulation training every night. He would face doomsday every night while he slept! I also have obsessive survivalist impulses and I'm an abductee so go figure.

I have not had any personal experiences with the so-called "reptilian" aliens, nor have I heard many reliable reports from people not involved with milabs or military abductions. My own suspicion at this point is that the covert military operatives have created a false impression of reptilians that don't exist with a combination of drugs, hypnosis, and props/costumes (I've known SEVERAL abductees who had such falsified encounters.) Maybe I'm wrong, I just don't have enough reliable evidence. Which is NOT to say that victims of reptilians are lying, just that they're being messed with psychologically. Psy-ops are a normal part of muddying the waters to prevent people from discovering the truth.

Still, I maintain that wars and such would happen without any outside interference. Trying to blame it on a group of secretive aliens is just... reaching to me.

Like I've always said, I leave room to be wrong. I hope to come across information on this that DOESN'T come from DEFINITE governmental operatives (most of the books written about the reptilians are written by people paid by the government-- did you know that?)

The sadism and rape by reptilians is also reported by people who have milabs. Give some male humans a lot of power and secrecy, and the sociopaths among them will abuse with impunity. Again and again, I see a correlation between HUMAN military abductions and those who report reptilian alien abuse. There's a link there for sure, though some milabs don't have reptilian abuse, or see reptilians-- nearly all who have reptilian abuse have very negative run-ins and abuse by quasi-military types.

So for now I guess its fair to say I have nothing much to add (beyond what I just said) regarding any reptilians. Someday if that changes, I'll let everyone know.
most of the books written about the reptilians are written by people paid by the government-- did you know that?
That's interesting. Like who? James Bartley says he worked for the military David Icke is just a funny character in a lot of ways... Can you name some names? I seriously want to look into it more.

There's for sure a connection with milabs and reptoid abuse. Off the top of my head, I know a sincere sounding story where a woman was abducted by military men at Montauk. They put her in a room, and then a reptilian appeared in the room and raped her, traumatized her completely. Then the reptilian just disappeared into misty air.

I had a dream I was in what I thought was an underground base. I was with military guys, and we stopped at this gate or metal-detector body scan thing. There was a woman there with a gun, and I thought her eyes turned to slits as she menaced at me. I think her skin might've went a bit scaly, but I don't really remember. Telepathically, she conveyed to me that she was aware that I 'knew' who 'they were'. It was an odd dream, and seems even odder if other weird events of my life are taken into account...

I also remember telling that story to some friends in the backyard while having a fire at night. Their faces looked surprised as they saw something behind me. It was a huge grey thing with big wings. It glided over our heads silently. Like a giant owl, with grey leathery wings that didn't flap, just glided, and seemed to float/fly somehow. I only saw it near the end went it left from behind trees., but my friends saw it clearly. They said it wasn't an owl or a bat, but something really weird.

Maybe it was an alien after an abduction? I don't know. But I think I might be a milab for several reasons. One being that when I was about 15/16, I had this dream that might've been a flashback it was so real. I was lying on a metal table with people around. And someone hit me on the top of my head. Then this huge jolt of electricity went through my body and I was shaking, like a seizure, electrified for a few seconds it was nuts! And then I woke up in my room wondering how the hell I got there...

Over a year ago I woke up around 3am and someone, maybe alien or human, was beside my bed. He held a device over my groin. I had an erection but wasn't touching his hand or the device. He said a bunch of words to me, but all I remember was "and all my millions of friends..." Maybe some sort of milab programming? I also developed this habit as a kid of visualizing pentagrams and pentagons, like an OCD habit. Hundreds of times a day, all sizes, even drawing them, and with each point would mentally tone/sound specific vowel tones (oh kay oh all right). Some people say that's signs of green star programming. I really wonder about it.
David Icke is totally a government operative, yes. I'll have to dig through notes to get you more names, but the 3 most famous reptilian alien proponents are paid shills.

Yeah-- what you relate about what happened to that woman? I've heard many similar stories, and there are so many clues that things are not what they seem there. I believe she was raped, for example-- but by whom or what?

Very interesting dream. If you want to remember dreams better, be able to reality test (see if its REALLY a dream), and have more lucidity during possible abductions, you need to really dig into dream work.

1. To help lucid (aware) dreaming, get in the habit several times at day (at least 10) of looking around and asking yourself -- "is this a dream?" That habit will carry over into actual dreams and help you to "wake up" while dreaming (or being abducted.)

2. To figure out if you are in a dream or just in an altered state of consciousness, pick some item in a dream and notice details (color, shape, etc.) then look away-- then look back. If the object CHANGED, you are in a dream. (This doesn't work for beings because of the whole screen memory thing.)

3. Let at least one of your finger nails grow a little extra long (nothing so radical it'll be noticed.) If you think you're in an abduction experience, secretly scratch your skin on a place known to you to be a signal you've been abducted. (Back of hand for example.) Make a simple shape or letter so you'll know it wasn't an accidental scratch while you were sleeping. When you awake-- check for the mark. (THIS technique really helped me.)

4. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed and whenever you awaken from a dream, don't move around a lot-- just reach for pen and pad and jot down some notes to help you remember more later.
By the way, the flying thing that didn't flap its wings sounds a little like the "mothman" or the "owlman." Have you read any Keel, like the Mothman Prophesies? That was about a flap of alien abductions, along with other weird things.

The dream of being electrified while on a table is certainly suspicious. Again, more dream control in the future will help you know this kind of thing for sure.

Have you read the Greenbaum speech one psychiatrist gave about mind control programming? Crazy stuff and yet... Yeah, I found some scary, odd, very specific parallels with some of my more obscure experiences. Worth a read-- but NOT if you're feeling at all scared or negative.
Thank you for the tips. I've been slacking on writing my dreams down lately. Just a few nights ago I woke up at 3am terrified thinking someone was in the room, but didn't write down the details, and fell asleep and forgot everything.

I've read most of Keel's Operation Trojan Horse. I might pick up the Mothman book. Does it explain much regarding abductions at all, or is it just about stories of a scary, flying, monster, Draco creature?

I' will read that speech. I've heard of it before. I've read Fritz Springmeier's mind-control book and researched the subject a bit. Including Robert Duncan's Soul-Catcher and that whole field of electronic warfare by the government, but that seems like a lot of disinformation to cover up aliens and keep people paranoid. But a lot of the common mind-control triggers matched with me, like a strange affection for Alice In Wonderland, the Wizard of Oz and other symbols.

Apparently 'following the white rabbit' is a mind-control term associated with disinformation. So it's interesting to see so many conspiracy sites that use that term.
The Mothman prophesies talks about the Mothman, yes-- but also UFO sightings, apparent abductions, weird MIB characters, and also the alien or dimensional visitor who contacted people by the name of "Indrid Cold." Very WEIRD stuff. However, he also includes lots of connections about how things like poltergeists took place at homes that topped hills where UFOs were flying and things like that. Very interesting stuff!

If "follow the white rabbit" is about disinformation, what would you make of someone who regularly sees 3 foot tall BLACK rabbits in strange places? =^)
Right on that sounds like a good book. It's now on my list. Especially interesting is the connection of weird, flying creatures with MIB guys. I think the abduction experience, if there's portals involved, or maybe it's the high psychic energy of aliens imprinting the location, has got to be a big reason why paranormal things happen as well. With all that weird energy going around it would attract astral beings you'd think. Well there's definitely some connection based on my experience.

I think a rabbit that big would scare the crap out of me it's so strange. Maybe they're screen memories of aliens? One abduction dream I had involved human men, but with the heads of gorillas o_O . That's really weird though. Reminds me of Donnie Darko and that weird rabbit they had in there. They also flashed a tall, human sized, creepy rabbit man like that near-subliminally in an MTV commercial. There's also ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs of men with rabbit ears, and the symbolism with the Playboy corporation... might be getting carried away, but I wonder if there's a connection.
"if there's portals involved, or maybe it's the high psychic energy of aliens imprinting the location, has got to be a big reason why paranormal things happen as well."

That's what I think at this point too. If you read about my abduction by Nordics with my husband, you'll see I caught one of them acknowledging as much! I believe that the trans-dimensional bending their technological devices create (like portals) leave behind as a side effect rifts, tears, and thinning of the boundaries between realities-- which is why there are so many weird bleed-throughs after abductions: faeries and goblins, poltergeists and hauntings, time-slips, etc.

I'm sure the "gorilla-headed men" was a screening of some kind. That's exactly the kind of thing you get with screen-projection-disguises.

There ARE real giant rabbits (almost 3 feet tall when sitting on their haunches) that people keep as pets. The weird thing is I'll see them doing rabbity thing, eating, grooming and such, in people's yard or by the side of the road. In broad daylight, with lots of witnesses. Real animals-- but just really odd how often I run into those things. Maybe once a year. And I'm a homebody and don't get out much so that doesn't make much sense.

Black rabbits, as I've learned, represent secret TRUE knowledge (of the mystical variety.) White rabbits are more trickster-related. Both are associated with faeries and paranormal phenomena of various kinds. Neither is a prominent cultural icon except for the White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland.
Meanwhile, I agree with you about the alien propaganda. I see most geared towards rejecting aliens, but some towards accepting them (have you seen the reviews for the new CW show coming out on aliens living with us?) I conclude from this that not everyone who has pull with the media is in agreement about how to go about dealing with aliens. Surrender and work with them? Or fight them (as if we'd stand a chance?)

I've kept track of the researchers who died suspiciously, and so I know what you're talking about regarding that. Although, others-- like Elaine Douglas did the same and they lived well into old age. Why were they never touched? I'm not saying for sure that some haven't been, but the pattern is irregular.

The alien are not eating and drinking our flesh and blood. The greys at least don't even have mouths that open with teeth that chew, nor do they have a digestive system as we know it by all accounts. The human looking ones eat like we do. And once again with the reptilians, if they ate humans-- why don't we have a hell of a lot more missing people? Doesn't compute. No, I'm not seeing evidence for that. Only a few reports by those with (once again) milab-staged scenarios, which are automatically to be suspected as fraudulent (not by the victim who reports it, but by those who put on the "show" for them.)

And you're right, we're all being told to prepare for disaster. Most of us are obsessed with it on some level. I've written about that extensively already, even recently.

Listen, its cool to compare notes about what we believe, but what I'd really like to hear about is what happened to YOU. You say you're an abductee, so I assume you have some knowledge, memories... I'd rather find out about direct experiences. If you have a blog to direct me to or otherwise want to share your memories, I'll listen respectfully.

I appreciate you stopping by. I like to hear from others who have these experiences. Don't get riled up if I disagree with you on anything-- I've been researching this stuff since I was 16 and I'm turning 44 this year, so I've been comparing notes for a long time now. =^) Because so little of this is out in the open, there is a ton of guessing going on and, just as with a religion reliant upon an invisible god or gods, its difficult for people to reach agreement.

But its not about agreeing-- its about asking questions and collecting answers, and NOT getting too swept up in being "right." I've been wrong so many times and had to change my mind... Any opinion offered is just my opinion for now on most things.

"we belong to them"

>> The Greys, however, and their allies

Who are their allies?

>> we belong to them and that they feel they have the right to do whatever they want to us

How about another aliens? Those who are human-like, especially. Orions, Pleiadeans, Alpha Centauri, giants. I know contactee who had contact with them but she heard from them nothing regarding of that our "owners" are "greys" or something like that. Or that there is even a hybrids program going on. No need to know?

She mentioned also that humans are the result of their interference in our evolution in the past, with the primates etc. But again, no mention of "greys". However she said that the looked differently at that time (and it was millions of years ago). There was nothing about "greys" in her contacts, strangely. However the same talks about harm which people doing to the planet, etc etc.

How to understand that? And yes, I remember few cases of contacts when there was greys and humans-aliens together - Travis Walton case for example.

Also, I am very interested to learn about relationships between different alien civilizations. Do you have any knowledge?

Re: "we belong to them"

I've said numerous time who their allies are-- several other races: Nordics, Mantids, and several others that haven't been officially named, Brunettes, etc.

I don't go by the labels others give them (I don't know if anyone came for Orion or Pleiades or whatever, I've never met an alien who identified the star they came from personally. The Betty Hill star map may be the only exception. Aliens don't say themselves.)

Again, I'll have more reports of personal experiences coming and tell you what I have observed.

There have been numerous cases where the aliens will say that they can do what they want to us, and being connected to them mentally-- you can tell they think of us in a certain way.

Humans weren't human millions of years ago. Modern humans only came about some 50,000+ years ago. Neanderthals lived from 90,000 to 40,000 years ago-- and so forth. I don't know, but highly suspect some alien race or another tinkered with primate DNA to make modern humans. (Its even in the oldest tales of humankind.)

The messages people with these experiences get is highly consistent.

Look through my comments in the last few posts, you'll see where I already addressed what I know (or have seen for myself) to someone else.