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Jul. 21st, 2017


Coping Methods For Alien Abductions: Transversing Time Slips

This post will not just bring up a topic abductees rarely-- but regularly-- deal with. Today I will be offering examples of what type of event I mean by sharing from my own life and that of my ex husband (that I witnessed.)

Recently, I wrote a coping post about dealing with lookalikes. I said it could be a mental projection or mistaken identity. However, it seems some tiny number of doppelgangers are just us sliding past ourselves in time! Again, I emphasize it is VERY rare, but seems to happen to many of us a couple of times during our lifespan. Memorable and very strange. No one ever talks about this in the regular literature though... shit is so crazy already, it can be difficult to admit to these kinds of experiences. But-- I'll buck the trend and make the attempt anyways!

There was one case a few years ago where I heard the car park in the lot at the townhouse on the outskirts of East Portland where we lived, and Gerick, wearing one outfit with a blue shirt, came in, said hello, and went upstairs-- then disappeared. When things went silent, I got puzzled and went upstairs to find him-- as he would have to have used the same stairs to pass me to leave. He wasn't home. Further, when I looked out the window for his car with its distinct motor sound I heard earlier, the parking spot was empty. Just a few minutes later, Gerick came home AGAIN, this time in a red shirt. He went up the stairs to put things away like normal. When he came back down, I questioned him and told him what had happened. He gave me a puzzled look and shrugged and life went on.

Just about a week later, I heard someone upstairs when no one had gone past me to go up there and I had not heard his car, and Gerick came down in his blue shirt! He startled, looking at me, and asked me how I had changed my clothes so fast! It suddenly came to me what happened, and, absolutely astonished, I reminded him of what I reported to him a week or so before. We realized he'd completed the time loop!

Both Gericks were the "real" Gerick, one was just out of step with time. He put a few pieces together that didn't make sense at the time of his experience, like cars that were in front of him while driving that either seemed to appear or disappear. He thought he was just tired or something, as most of us would. My being witness to the strangeness helped put the pieces together.

My own experience took place many years earlier. I was riding the city bus home from community college when I was about 20 years old. I was only a few blocks from our townhouse apartment in a town on the west side of Portland when I saw-- me. The other me was walking along the pedestrian path (not a sidewalk, but blacktop used for both bikes and people) wearing clothes I didn't have, with even longer hair than I had at 20. I was so stunned, not really believing what I saw, that I didn't even think to get off the bus a few blocks sooner and just chase this woman down! Instead, I studied her/my face, just trying to find some proof I was NOT seeing what I thought! But I passed her/me instead and rode down a few more blocks, got off the bus and walked across the street and home, just pondering the oddness of seeing someone who looked like me THAT much. (This was before I met Gerick in person, but we were writing to one another and talking on the phone at the time.)

Several years later, when I had moved back to the same apartment with Gerick after living in Ohio for a couple of years, I was walking to a job at a strip mall several blocks from our home. I had just passed a house that I knew for a fact had 3 large trees removed from the front yard-- only to find the trees were back! I stopped and stared, completely puzzled, but then worried I'd be late for work, and so continued towards the center of town. A city bus passed me, and I got an eerie feeling (gee! I wonder why!) yet I dismissed it. I was still in 'automatic' mode and not paying too much attention when I approached the back of the strip mall to climb the stairs to the main area facing the parking lot. Again, I noticed something strange: the piano store, which had gone out of business several years before, was back! Confused now, wondering if I was just mistaken, I walked through the side area where smaller stores huddled, and noticed my favorite book store was gone! Now feeling disturbed, I walked to the front of the strip mall to the store I worked at, and... you guessed it, another business was there! Thoroughly freaked out, I turned around and walked back to the side area, and the book store was somehow back! I turned again and the store I worked at was back as well. It wasn't until some time later, after much pondering, that I realized I was wearing the same outfit as the "me" I saw years earlier when I rode the bus home from school! I had completed the time loop from the future end after slipping backwards in time for just a few minutes.

Gerick at one point in his mid-20s had another time-slip at work of a couple of decades, apparently visiting the period in which the historic structure he worked at was abandoned, around the late 70s, which is a very interesting story. (I won't share this as I wasn't there and it is his story to tell someday if he wishes.)

One reassuring piece of all of this? They say if you see your own doppelganger, you die shortly thereafter-- which is obviously not true! I've seen my own and I'm still around! Lucky me got to test that bit of legend!

Abductees lead such strange lives, eh?

The most important advice for these types of situations are, as always, to pay attention and believe what your senses are telling you! We spend so much of our lives in automatic routine that we can utterly fail to switch up our reactions when what's happening around us is NOT fitting the typical day's expected outcomes. I can't count how many times I've acted like everything is totally normal when circumstances are anything but! When you can manage to 'wake up' in time to investigate what may be a VERY temporary shift in reality, that's when you learn the most and have the most fascinating adventures!

Don't hesitate to take action once you realize something odd is happening: chase down lookalikes, investigate odd changes in your environment, and ask witnesses questions. Oh-- and take pics if you can remember to!

And, as always, write down your experiences as soon as possible!

Jul. 18th, 2017


Paranoia Over Man In Striped Shirt

I keep forgetting to mention an incident that happened about a week ago...

I was out on my walk in the early afternoon, just relaxed and going about my normal thing, when I noticed a man ahead of me on the sidewalk. He was tall, on the slender side, wearing jeans and a green and white horizontal striped shirt. I didn't even notice the odd shirt (which I'll explain more in a minute) at first-- I thought it was odd he was just standing there staring at me. Most people on the pedestrian path and sidewalks are, you know, moving.

I was walking up a slight hill and he was where the hill flattened out again, so I could see where he would have come from and he pretty much just seemed to appear suddenly. I could have missed him arriving upon the spot, but it was a little startling because I was staring straight ahead and only blinked and ta da! He was there. Then he didn't move. He just stood there. It wasn't a bus stop. He wasn't smoking or listening to anything on ear buds. He was just standing there, facing me. The oddest part was that he was careful to hide his face in a little dip of foliage so I could see nothing of his face.

As a woman, I can relate that alarm bells go off whenever we spot a man acting strangely because sometimes that's a precursor to some guy scaring the shit out of you by getting aggressive. So, I continued to walk towards him as we had some distance between us and just watched very carefully, keeping my stride brisk and assertive. That's when I realized something about his shirt was freaking me out.

A little background on weird people in horizontal striped shirts... I don't mean the cute 60s ones in thin alternating lines, I mean the thick alternating lines like the 70s. Think 2 to 3 inches wide. See, a lot of hybrids have been seen wearing such shirts-- maybe to detract from their strange faces? Or to be slightly hypnotic? No one knows for sure. But they're not in style (that I've noticed anyway) and it was a brand new shirt. Usually the shirts in such cases are black and white, but this was a muted apple green color-- puce? I don't know... Anyways, I recall seeing Christopher Robin in horizontal striped shirts before, especially as children. He used to wait for me by trees, silent, wearing that kind of shirt. The memory rose in the back of my mind and I started feeling more uncomfortable.

Like THIS-- only green and white:

Then I realized that the normally busy street was completely quiet. No cars. No other walkers, joggers, or cyclists. No one in their yards or in the playground I was only a little over a block away from. I felt isolated and real nervousness rose steadily the closer I got to this odd man.

So I was getting closer and closer-- 2 blocks and then 1 and then a half a block. This man continued to hide, motionless, staring into my direction, his head a mere shadow between leaves. I was battling in my mind. A part of me was dying of curiosity. Another part of me wanted to run. An ordinary man acting that way would be a reason to haul ass for sure -- but what if it was... someone interesting!?

Just as I reached the point where I'd be crossing the street, a half a block away, I felt that little niggle in my head-- of presence. Was it my imagination? Or was there seriously a hybrid type guy actually standing there waiting for me? I had to make a decision, and at the last second, I turned down the street to go around the block rather than confront the strange man face to face with no one else around. As I went down the side street, I kept glancing back to see if the man followed or even went down the way I came.

He did not.

So I walked around the block, crossing to the playground, now watching both ahead and behind me.

No one.

A car pulled in to the playground parking lot with 2 women and their kids and I breathed a sigh of relief and continued back around to see the spot where the man had been partially concealed by a low hanging leafy branch. Again, there was little time for anyone to take off in any direction at the T-junction where the man had been standing to get away without being seen on foot. Yet when I checked, no one was there!

Puzzled, but still intrigued. I went back a short ways to confirm the man wasn't in any yards in the area.


So I turned around and continued on my original path. Perhaps he went ahead and would surprise me in the woodsy area I would be walking through next? Lots of trees and shrubbery to hide behind there! So I was alert and looking side to side. Cars and a jogger went by and that element of eeriness abated. I saw no one at any point who looked like the man, nor did I get any odd feelings again.

I kept running it through my mind, did I really feel that subtle yet unmistakable mental touch? I could swear I did-- but I was so unprepared to just walk right up to someone like that! If he'd just walked towards me like a normal person-- or even showed his face!-- I wouldn't have been so put off and cautious. But I just couldn't bring myself to pass close by a person hiding like that. It was too unnerving. If he'd even followed me, but let me see who he was, I would have talked to him -- around people at the park that was right there for instance.

I keep asking them to come see me during the day out in public. I want encounters I remember and to interact in a more natural way. Then when things go screwy, I take off. That scenario was just too Creepy McRaperson for me and I couldn't deal with it. Couldn't they just not be so freaky?!?

The woman with the dark sunglasses was just a woman. Maybe an abused woman concealing a black eye. Nothing eerie there-- just me being paranoid. This last one, though--? I can't say for certain, but it felt like something more weird to me. The encounter has been bugging me ever since. I keep feeling foolish about it and not wanting to talk about it-- but really, I need to. Even if it turns out I'm paranoid, I need to track THAT, because it is a part of understanding my mentality regarding all of this.

It has not stopped me from going for walks though. I am, however, more alert for off-kilter things to greet me along the way. I also need to bring my darned Ipod so I can take a pic next time that happens, dammit!!

Jul. 15th, 2017

horrible news

URGENT! Abductee Inoculations?

From late April through early to mid June, I was being abducted again maybe once or twice a week. I have next to no memory of those events, save for a few seconds of a conversation with someone who looked human (but I couldn't see his face, which is typical). I woke up while being taken or returned enough to guess what was happening.

During that time, I woke up one morning to a very sore left butt cheek. It hurt like hell for two days. I hadn't done anything to explain the muscle pain. (My pain issues are on the right side of my body.) I kept thinking it felt like someone gave me an injection! I finally looked in the mirror to see if there was a mark for a needle--

-- and there WAS!

And I hate myself because I did not take a pic. I mean, who wants to see a pink dot on an ass, right? I didn't think it would be very interesting, so I didn't bother. ARGH!

But I dismissed it. Okay, maybe the aliens or whoever gave me a shot. I don't get it, but I seem okay now.

The thing is, I never reported this on my blog or elsewhere when it happened, but I've heard from two different abductees that have had active periods in the last two months tell me they had a sort ass that just bothered them to the point it was hard to walk--the same as what I experienced. I asked them to look for a possible needle mark, and they both found one!

Now, maybe I'm just getting overly concerned for no reason, but when 3 abductees, widely scattered in the U.S. have the exact same experience involving an injection at around the same time-- I can't help but wonder WHY? Are we being inoculated from a coming disease? Or for one already present? Are we having gene therapy to change us? Nanites being introducted to our bodies? There is no way to know what the purpose is until time passes and some new thing emerges.

IF, that is, IF we are in fact being given injections.

I am reporting this so that any researcher or abductee reading this can let me know if they've heard anything from other experiencers regarding abductions resulting in an injection given in the gluteous maximus. It is a deep tissue injection, going all the way in almost to the bottom of the hip bone. It causes pain acute enough to make walking a bit challenging, and it lasts at least a day and a half to 2 and a half days.

IF you hear of this happening to any abductees you know (PLEASE ASK!) in the last 3 months especially, please do comment here to let me know. Please also report this to any other researchers who have contacts they could ask. If you yourself are an abuctee/ experiencer who has had this happen to them, please comment! You don't have to give your name, just anonymously let me know your own experience with this.

This pattern (if it IS a pattern) gives me pause. The aliens do a lot of weird things, but injections in the ass is entirely new, as far as I know. It may even be someone else, as a part of a MILAB thing, although I can't remember at all, so I have no way of knowing yet.

Time will tell as always. I hope!

Jul. 7th, 2017


Coping Methods For Alien Abductions: Confronting Fears of Being Crazy

I can't believe I didn't post this "Coping" article FIRST because I think it is the very first issue abductees/ experiencers have to deal with...

We must determine if we are crazy.

Though I am claiming that aliens are real and abducting people, including me, I am not saying that crazy people don't make the same claims! In fact, I've spoken to people who mistakenly believed aliens were monitoring and abducting them who were utterly sincere, but sadly, delusional. To me, it is now easy to figure out the difference, but I well remember the days in my teens when I doubted my own sanity- it's why I was inspired to study psychology to begin with!

I am familiar with this topic, as it was my major in college. Though health did not permit me to stay in school, I maintained a lifelong interest in clinical psychology and have continued to study on my own. I have kept a copy of the latest Diagnostic Statistical Manuel as its published since the late 80s and further investigated various maladies of the mind. Sometimes to understand myself or a friend better, sometimes to rule out a possible issue, sometimes just out of curiosity. So I have a background on this matter, and have some notion of how to diagnose and understand various mental disorders. I would never presume to have full training, but I'm in better shape than your average online lookie-loo (or at least I prefer to think so!)

Schizophrenia would be the possible "crazy" diagnosis of a person who suffers from delusions and hallucinations. It typically hits more men than women, most often beginning between the ages of 15 and 25, and almost never manifests after age 30. It may develop slowly over time, or quickly escalate. Regardless, it does not spontaneously regress on its own. Instead, very sadly, it inevitably worsens over time, leaving its victim more and more confused, scattered, and dysfunctional.

"A diagnosis of schizophrenia requires that continuous disturbance (i.e. debilitating symptoms) be present for at least six months, including at least one month of certain key symptoms (active symptoms: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized/catatonic behavior, negative symptoms such as severe emotional flatness or apathy) "  --- schizophrenia.com/earlysigns.htm#

Paranoid schizophrenia is the form of delusion that involves an interesting backwards ego issue. For some reason, which varies according to the individual, paranoid schizophrenics believe they are being tormented by powerful but hidden agents. It could be the government, the mob, demons, or aliens who seek to destroy them. Without evidence or witnesses, they can't help but think that they are pursued and harassed by these agents, and their life becomes a living nightmare.

Delusions of grandeur are also possible alone or in conjunction with paranoid delusion. This form of mental illness involves strong ideas that one is incredibly "special" -- perhaps they are Jesus or Mother Mary or a secret member of a royal family or an agent of the angels... or, more recently since the 80s and 90s, they may believe that they are Starseed or Alien Hybrids.

Some signs that a person is delusional would be having absolute faith that they are what they claim, despite lack of evidence or any evidence to the contrary. (One reason to doubt a 'true believer' who says they have all the answers... if they aren't lying, they're almost surely crazy.)

These are real mental states that would lead a person to mistakenly believe aliens are involved in their life. This is a fact, and we must face this fact and confront it.

However, let us break down these symptoms.

1. To be diagnosed with schizophrenia, you must have ongoing strange experiences that last longer than 6 months.

~ Most abductees have periods of 'crazy' that come, but then GO AWAY for days, weeks, months, and years at a time. That pattern does not fit schizophrenia.

2. To be crazy, you must have over a month of delusions (powerful beliefs without evidence) and hallucinations (sights and sounds that only you can see).

~ Most abductees doubt their beliefs. They may try on many, attempting to find one that explains what happens to them, but confusion is the reigning mental state. In addition, most of us have physical evidence on our bodies (scars, burns, virgin pregnancies) or our homes (objects moved or changed, burn circles in yards) and at least a few witnesses who see UFOs or other odd events or beings while with us. Schizophrenics have nothing in the real world that backs up their claims.

So, once you have shared an experience with someone, you can almost always rule out being crazy.

[For example, I make the claim that aliens put a camera type of device in the back of my eye. I have a memory of when it happened and of them telling me this. I had an actual eye infections afterwards. I have seen a weird shaped blue 'light' that seems to appear in my visual field. When I got a chance to see an x-ray of said eye, I ACTUALLY FOUND SOMETHING ODD THERE. This would indicate I am probably not crazy.]

3. To be schizophrenic, you must display disorganized speech.

~ This is a great one to check because without it, you don't fit the profile! Schizophrenics have issues in the speech and organizational centers of their brain (almost like their dreaming mind or right brain somehow take precedence over their logical, left brain) and they speak in "word salad" or strings of words that make no sense. OR they may not be able to keep to one thread of an idea and instead have odd stream of consciousness speech that bounces around OR they may rhyme all their words or in some other way just not make sense! The longer one has had untreated schizophrenia, the worse the periods of disorganized speech become.

[For example, my long-winded history of cogent writing pretty much negates any chances of my having this issue!]

4. To be schizophrenic, you must display disorganized behavior and/or sit still not doing anything for very long periods of time (catatonia.)

~ It comes as no surprise that a crazy person may act oddly, but the key here is the word 'disorganized'. Actions may make no sense and be haphazard. How objects are used, where they are placed, how they are put together-- all without any logic-- would give pause to anyone looking to see if there is a problem.

Interestingly, a total LACK of action, just staring off into space and not moving for long periods (without depression or drug use being a factor) is also an indicator. Generally, it is assumed that thoughts are so mixed up that no decision as to what to do next can be made and so the victim gets stuck in time and space, unable to move forward.

5. To be schizophrenic, you must display apathy (lack of concern) and/or a blank or flat emotional tone.

~ Strange as it may seem, much of crazy behavior is just-- a lack of actual 'life' in one's face and 'affect' or expression. One's voice may be a monotone, and they may be almost robotic in some ways. From what I understand, this is not the case all the time, but it is an ongoing and regular problem without medication. (Although some meds cause a lack of affect as well...)

Most of us are pretty animated! Over-reaction is one of our ongoing issues (for most abductees/ experiencers) which does not fit the profile of someone with schizophrenia. They may have short animated periods, but a deadened sort of expression is more typical most of the time. As a group, real abductees tend to be quite the opposite. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder tends to make us either overly sensitive or dissociated-- but there are reasons why dissociation occurs, as opposed to a flat affect which has no trauma needed to induce it and its more frequent, a sort of "resting dead" face.

If you are in doubt as to your mental state, please do have a mental health evaluation!

Here is another resource to consider:

When you read lists of symptoms, you'll notice that the associated ones cover a WIDE variety of problems, including depression, bi-polar responses, etc. These are what are possible on top of the "core 5 symptoms" I list above. If you don't fit THOSE, and I mean for most of your waking life!-- then you are not likely to be crazy. There are many variations of crazy, but the ones that fit alien abduction claims are pretty limited and easy to suss out.

Generally speaking, If you're able to work and have successful relationships, communicate effectively, and negotiate reality quite well-- you're probably not schizophrenic. Schizophrenia is a very debilitating mental illness that must be taken seriously and handled with compassion. If you realize that in fact you are "crazy" and not actually an abductee, it is not your fault and you deserve help and kindness, not censure. We are all just trying to figure out our worlds, and whether the world of weird hits you from the outside, or you create it from the inside-- no one should be ridiculed or shunned.

Jun. 30th, 2017


In the Domain of the Logcabin Witch, Pt 1: Taken By the Sky

Lancaster, Ohio is a large town by any measure. It's very busy and full of people, homes, stores, traffic-- and both Gerick and myself longed to escape and get to the woods and fields regularly. Luckily, Gerick was friends with an old neighbor who lived close to where he spent his teen years, out in a very pretty area close to many state and county parks. (Later, we moved back there to "Forsaken", from 2003 to 2007.)

We'll call this lady "Brandi." She was one of the first pagan witches in that neck of the woods, which is how she met Gerick and a couple of his pagan-curious friends, in their late teens. Brandi lived the lifestyle completely, attending giant pagan festivals and raising her daughters to be full-fledged witches. After a divorce, she found a house on the edge of a rich man's estate, and it was no ordinary home. She bought an historical log cabin that was well over a century old! She added an addition for a bathroom and kitchen, airy and open-- but preserved the original 4 room, no hallway, cabin, with 2 rooms downstairs (dining/entry and living room) and 2 rooms upstairs (bedrooms.) Her home was decorated in nature and pagan themes, and was one of the most beautiful, if modest, homes I've ever had the pleasure to see, let alone stay within.

She regularly traveled, however, and she owned 6 to 7 rescue dogs (all large) as well as 4 cats, and needed house sitters. So-- every few months we'd make arrangements to stay at her place with its decks overlooking the forested valley, hottub, and natural amenities, for free, in exchange for just feeding and watching over her pets and watering her plants. Interestingly, despite the age of the original log cabin, I never detected any ghosts or passing spirits there. It was peaceful and magical and wonderful. Brandi practiced witchcraft of a very benevolent and compassionate variety, and the atmosphere of her home reflected that.

However--! Nearly every weekend we stayed there, either alone or with multiple friends for a rural party, we had disruptions of the otherworldly kind. Again, it wasn't coming from the land or house, but rather from visitors/aliens, who felt more free away from the potential witnesses and hassle of coming for us in the busy town of Lancaster.

My memories of those many nights meld together for all the minor events that occurred there: Glowing orbs of various colors and sizes being seen in the treetops or weaving through the woods or over the near-by fields. Distant UFOs spotted in the sky. A feeling of being watched from the shadows. Odd behavior from Brandi's normally very relaxed and well-behaved menagerie...

However, two incidents were over-the-top dramatic and happened in the summers of 1992 into the late spring of '93.

The first occurred during a weekend where Gerick and I were staying with a friend of his, 'Billy,' and one of Billy's succession of girlfriends. We were out goofing around all day, taking walks and relaxing. The dogs were around (they were free to wander, no fences) and sometimes some of them followed us. When night came, all the dogs founds spots on the front porch to sack out, the cats went inside the house, and all was peaceful. If any deer passed by, or foxes, or any other wildlife-- the dogs would jump up and playfully give chase for a short time and then come loping back home. This happened day or night. Any unexpected visitors (like someone passing the house on the gravel road to the hidden mansion in the forest) would cause the dogs to bay and bark most protectively.

The second night (Saturday) however, had a very different feel. Gerick and Billy were drinking-- a lot!-- and the other girl and I had some Boone's Farm Strawberry Wine (remember that stuff? LOL!) but were too happy in the hot tub to drink much. The guys were listening to music bantering happily and around 2 am or so, everyone went upstairs to crash.

I was feeling fine, having roasted my ever-aching body in hot water and now laying in a feather bed listening to the night insects buzzing and chirping away. A cooling breeze wafted through the open windows and I fell asleep easily. Around 3 am, however, I awakened abruptly. I felt alert and on point, and I realized what woke me: sudden and utter silence in what should have been a very noisy night!

I sat up on my elbow in bed. What I would later know to be 'the Oz Factor' or 'Oz Effect' was in full swing. All the night insects and birds were quiet, and the wind had ceased, but more than that-- the silence seemed heavy and full somehow. It is difficult to convey this if you've never experienced it, but it's as though the world itself stops and listens. I've learned to wake up and listen along with the natural world at such times.

The wide driveway and parking area in front of the log cabin was also gravel, and so any movement would make sound if there is no covering sound to mask it. I realized I could hear footsteps of a single person walking steadily up towards the cabin! The dogs should have been reacting to this. Even a friendly and known human would get a few happy yips and dogs jumping up and walking around the person, escorting them to the door! But the dogs were still and silent. As I listened to the footsteps get closer and closer, I could feel that 'mental presence' I associated with the aliens. It made sense that the animals were in deep sleep! The aliens always take steps to assure their own safety.

I was not so lucky as to be blissfully oblivious! Instead, I listened with deep dread as the footsteps came up to the porch and thumped across it to the door ('Ah! It is the human looking ones!' I thought.) With seven large guard dogs, we never worried about locking the doors in summer, instead leaving all doors wide open with just the screen doors closed-- but often not locked. Who would wander all the way up here and try getting past a group of protective dogs?

I had my answer of course, and I tried to stifle a whimper as I heard the old-fashioned screen door squeal open loudly on its hinges and then squeal again and bang shut! The Stranger came inside. I sat up in bed and reached over to Gerick and began to shake him, saying nothing but hoping against hope this wouldn't be yet another encounter where I would be the only one awake when They came to get us!

Listening as hard as I could, I could make out footsteps going into the dining/entry room and then stopping. I heard someone moving around. What were they doing?

Suddenly, the stereo downstairs, which was in the entry, came on, and a song THUNDERED at top volume! It was "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac, as sung by Stevie Nicks! Whoever had turned it on had not left-- as I could hear that loud squeaking screen door even over the booming music, and the door did not open again. I started shouting and violently shaking Gerick now! I shook him and began sobbing in utter terror! I was trapped awake with someone in the house and everyone around me was so deep asleep you'd think they were in a coma, including the damned dogs!

The song was NOT the last song, or even the album that the guys were listening to before bed! Whoever was downstairs had found the album, put it in the CD player, turned the volume ALL the way up, and then selected the song and hit 'Play.' It was so loud I had to put my fingers in my ears and SCREAM to get Gerick to even stir a little! I began jumping on the bed and even rolling Gerick back and forth with my foot-- trying desperately to get him up while I protected my ears, so he could go downstairs with me to turn the music OFF. It was completely crazy.

Meanwhile, I couldn't help hearing the words of the songs in a wholly different context, since it was obviously picked over other CDs and song selections! I mean-- "taken by the sky!?!" ACK!! I am not ashamed to admit I was so scared I could barely breath and was actually afraid that I'd pee myself!

Here are the lyrics to Rhiannon:

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn't you love to love her?
Takes to the sky like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover?
All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised to you heaven?
Will you ever win?

She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness
She rules her life like a fine skylark
And when the sky is starless
All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised to you heaven?
Will you ever win?
Will you ever win?


She rings like a bell through the night
And wouldn't you love to love her?
She rules her life like a bird in flight
And who will be her lover?
All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind
Would you stay if she promised to you heaven?
Will you ever win?
Will you ever win?


Taken by
Taken by the sky
Taken by
Taken by the sky
Taken by
Taken by the sky

Dreams unwind
Love's a state of mind
Dreams unwind
Love's a state of mind
Dreams unwind
And still its hard to find
I know, I know
Dreams unwind...
[fading away]

At long last, Gerick rolled over and sat up, actually looking at me and asking what was wrong in an irritated way! I looked at him, completely BOGGLED that he was so out of it, he didn't realize music was blasting at incredible decibels for almost 30 seconds after sitting up! I stood up and yanked on his arm, screaming at him to please go down with me to turn the music off-- telling him someone came into the house and was still there!

We stumbled down the stairs, my fingers firmly in my ears, and just as we got to the bottom of the stairs-- I heard the screen door squeak open and closed. It hit the doorframe and banged just as I reached the floor behind Gerick. As Gerick stumbled to the stereo to turn it off, I ran to the front door to catch whoever it was, flipping on the porch light-- and, though there was no where to hide-- saw NO ONE. The dogs were totally still and sleeping deeply. I realized, given my experiences with the human looking and sounding ones who could turn invisible, that they were probably impossible to see in any event-- but now there could be no doubt that it was no ordinary human playing a prank!

Abruptly, the song cut out during the last repeating Chorus to silence that didn't seem very quiet, given how my ears were ringing! Our friends in the other bedroom were still in bed, fast asleep, which I knew since I looked in their room on the way down from our room-- but it blew my mind that anyone could sleep through that!

Gerick was finally awake, though still groggy, and I explained what I had heard, and he went outside onto the front porch to look around for a minute, saw nothing, and went back inside to use the bathroom and then go back to bed. I checked on the dogs. They were completely unconscious. Every single one. I pet a few and made sure they were breathing okay, and they were, so I went back inside and closed and locked the front door-- and then the back one too! I followed Gerick back up the stairs, but when he fell right back asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow, I stayed awake, just crying for over an hour. My nerves were completely shot.

I remained awake through the night until well past dawn when everyone else got up for breakfast and the dogs were stirring and acting normal again. Nothing more had happened, but I felt completely and utterly frazzled from the experience.

Looking back, I don't think it is a coincidence that no one else could wake up but me. I also don't think the song was by chance. I think it was some sort of message to me. Perhaps, if the song had not been quite so loud, I may not have freaked out so badly. Perhaps one of Them was attempting to reach me for a visit or trip, but their idea went horribly wrong. I don't know. Maybe the song was chosen at random, but given the words, I have difficulty believing it. Now I know of at least two male human-looking ones, 'Ethan' and the 'Dark Dude' and a few memories give me more context for who they are so I'm not so scared-- at ALL-- of a visit, let alone a communication, from them. I don't like the mind control or the memory suppression and I will rebel to resist those things to the fullest of my ability (which is not great) but I don't freak out now.

However, back then, the Nordics and Brunettes were an unknown to me. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was very frightened of them.

There was another encounter between Gerick and the Dark Dude that I witnessed at the log cabin, but it happened later and so I will report on it in a future post.

Jun. 23rd, 2017


Coping Methods For Alien Abductions: Dealing with Doppelgangers & Familiar Faces


One of the aspects of abductions that sows confusion and misleads people to jump to conclusions are the human-looking 'people' they sometimes think they see. I say "think they see" because there is every reason to believe it may be yet another smoke and mirrors technique used to control and test their subjects.

It is quite common for alien greys and hybrids to take on the appearance of a family member, like a parent or close older sibling, in order to get children to obey instructions and to assure them that they are allowed to be in a situation involving strange environments and people. Especially nowadays as children are told not to trust strangers-- the aliens have found a way to go around that by pretending to not be strangers at all. (I've had it used on me many times as a child and even as a teen and young adult.) They may even just state outright that they are one's mother or best friend several times, using telepathic mental pressure for extra persuasiveness. Yet sometimes the things the 'lookalikes' say are either repeated phrases that might get used incorrectly, or things totally out of character for the person the being was trying to emulate, and you can sniff out the fabricated facsimile!

Things get especially interesting for adults, however, when the aliens take on the faces and roles of friends, parents, or other family members who have died... Some abductees think aliens have some way to access the realm of the afterlife or dead, often mixed with hopeful wishing that the contact was really a beloved one who has passed on. Unfortunately, closer scrutiny often reveals that any conversation was trite, stereotypical, or otherwise unlike the actual person in question. Some of us have done the reality testing technique of 'reaching out and touching' the face, only to find it melts away to reveal anything but the dead loved one we're being encouraged to believe should be there.

This subject can be controversial to broach because many people have emotional investment in thinking their contacts with the dead are real in this context. My skepticism is not based on disbelief of spirits or the afterlife however-- far from it! (Which is obvious if you've been reading my blog a while-- heck, the last post I mentioned a ghost we shared space with!) Rather, it is based upon repeated fictional scenarios cooked up by the aliens who seem to find we calm down and cooperate if we see a long-lost friend or relative. In addition, they are apparently keen to study our emotional attachments to other people and often create a 'scenario' in which to watch us re-connect to someone, apparently finding it rather fascinating.

This is not to say that real parents, siblings, or others who are known to the abductee can't be present on a ship or with the aliens! Not at all! Family members are sometimes taken together, and aliens do sometimes pick up friends of abductees who happen to have the bad luck to be in close proximity during an abduction. However, in these cases, the familiar people act like other people in the same situation: confused, frightened, blank, or otherwise in a controlled mental state. They do not tend to get right up in another person's face, giving a close eye gaze, while giving an order like an alien! (Though there are situations where abductees do act in the alien's interests, almost as if an alien themselves, but I will address that in a coming post. This isn't confusing at all, right?! LOL!)

Probably the best strategy to have if you see a familiar face on a ship is to note how they're dressed and how they act. If they seem in a similar state to yourself, they're probably who you think they are. If they dress like the aliens or act like them, test it and feel what you think you see (they are often close enough to touch if they get in your face, which they often do). Also look for little details in looks or behavior that would give away a disguise. Aliens tend to do their disguises in broad strokes, missing details like freckles, moles, a characteristic limp, or nervous habit. Ask a weird, off the cuff, and funny question about something the person would know about and observe not only what they answer, but how-- you'll figure out pretty quickly if the person being 'presented' to you is real or not.

Another strange and disturbing anomaly that pops up from time to time are look-alike doubles, or doppelgangers. For example, you might see a familiar family member or friend you live with or contact regularly happen to walk past you and go down a hallway silently, and then hear them come in the front door and greet you like normal! They may be dressed alike, or totally different, but generally one is 'genuine' and one seems fake. Apparently, some beings can disguise themselves to look like people we know in order to move around our homes or other locations for a short while without being detected. If you are paying attention and realize you're seeing more than one person-- who doesn't have an identical twin!-- then there's a good chance something odd is going on. However, I'm betting most of the time people don't even catch this since it is such a transient anomaly and not too common. Keep it in mind, though, and double check the possible double!

(Although-- I have to admit, this may not always be the explanation! On a few occasions during paranormal flaps, Gerick and I experienced what I can only call 'time-slips.' This subject is big enough to warrant a post of its own, so stay tuned!)

Some abductees have seen tanks or tubes with exact duplicates of themselves, often at younger ages, on an alien ship. One has to wonder what, if this is not an alien fabricated presentation, could be the purpose of such creations? Though these reports are rare, they do exist. More information is needed here before I could speculate further, though there is no doubt the possibilities are incredibly intriguing and more than a little paranoid!

Familiar faces in alien environments and doppelgangers in 'normal life' both require ascertaining the authentic identity of the subjects in question, which in turn requires an alert mind and a willingness to follow through with actions. Ennui and habit are the killers of curiosity here, and you really have to prevent talking yourself out of following up on your own questions.

Most of the time, in normal circumstances, you'll find a perfectly ordinary mistake explains everything-- a grown son looked like his dad when seen out of the side of your eyes, or someone changed their clothes quickly. However, for those few times when things go genuinely weird, you'll have gained personal evidence to record and yet another chance to understand more of what's going on in general.

Most of the time in extraordinary circumstances, there is every reason to be suspicious of all that you see and/or are told. We know all is often not as it seems when it comes to aliens, so doubt is your best friend.

Jun. 16th, 2017


Aftereffects of Alien Portals

During flaps (again, that means heightened periods of paranormal activity) it seems like reality gets all twisty. Suddenly, odd beings, spirits, and animals make appearances, lights are flying all over the place, ESP manifests, dream activity goes crazy, and all those wonderful modern systems we typically take for granted go haywire.

This bent reality may manifest just before or for a while after an abduction, whether we realize an abduction has occurred or not. (It can also happen if someone sensitive in the household is combining ritual with interesting and fortuitous timing, but that's a topic for another blog...)

This happens so reliably that I've come to be either amused and curious or bemused and annoyed by the side effects, but no longer fear them. They constitute a transient phenomena, and no matter what an abductee has seen before, there is always the chance of getting surprised by something completely new and off the wall that leaves them feeling gobsmacked.

One example from my own life was from the 1992-'93 period living in that house in Ohio. Aliens were 'caught' bringing me back, and neighbors called the police, who showed up after I was back home and looking out the window. Then... well, we were watched very closely by some quasi-military human agency and it seems the aliens had to come up with another way to contact us for a while.

That involved portals that punched holes in space between 2 locations: the interior of a 'ship' and the interior of our home. The result of such a violent intrusion on the physical laws of the universe was severe side effects. After a square portal was created in our kitchen TWICE in a period of a couple of months, we had the following experiences:

~ Our typically quiet ghost (of a young man who committed suicide in the home some 15 years before) was suddenly detectable again for several weeks after barely even knowing he was around after our first night in the house. We saw shadows of a man and heard footsteps again, and we even had a couple of pranks that we surmised came from him-- he kept moving anything about ghosts, like toys or old Halloween cards-- once as Gerick and I were accusing each other of doing this which brought an abrupt end to our argument!

~ We saw small lights flying through the hallway and rooms at about chest height. These were usually the small, marble-sized whitish ones. Usually we only saw them before a flap at a new location, but these showed up at a place we had lived in for many months.

~ We started seeing what looked like bad copies of our cats floating at about cat height across the floor! These were the same size, shape, and color of our cats, and if you saw it out of the corner of your eye, you'd think it was a normal cat (we had a big black female cat and a long-haired Himalayan, which has coloring like a Siamese.) However, this kept happening when we could see our actual cat already in the room, sleeping or doing normal kitty things. A few times we caught these fast moving 'ghost-cats' straight on, and I was freaked out by how obviously not normal they were. They had NO legs and floated across the floor for starters! For another, they looked fuzzy visually, like they were out of focus or seen through a lens with Vaseline smeared on it-- only more electrified, if that makes sense. Each of these had an aura-like outline about a half an inch thick that was around the fuzzy body of the cat-thing. There were only ever one or two at a time and they ALWAYS looked like our cats! We saw these things for several weeks, sometimes at the same time when the real cat was on our lap sleeping or only a couple of feet away.

~ We saw a sort of flowing, black cloud that seemed to pour and waft across the floor from somewhere and then passed on into the floor or down the stairs or just sort of melted away quickly into nothingness. It seemed to change direction and behave with intelligence, hiding under and behind furniture, sometimes sort of 'reaching' up or out. It was more of a smoke blob than a cloud though, and had a sort of fluidity to it that was very un-gaslike. Yet it appeared soft, fluffy, and 'cottony' for lack of a better term.

~ We saw a couple of very strange insects of odd colors (blue, green, lavender) that seemed very physical until they blinked out of existence. These appeared in the dead of winter and yet seemed tropical (large and exotic) so we were rather unnerved as you may imagine! Try sleeping after seeing one of THOSE on the ceiling above your bed!

~ Gerick just about had a heart attack when he saw a hairy dwarf, like "Cousin It" from the original Addam's Family or maybe a juvenile Sasquatch. It manifested in front of him (mind you, on the second floor of our home!) in the hallway and walked right into a wall leading into our bathroom and disappeared. Once I caught a quick glimpse of something similar walking into the kitchen through the hallway. I was alone that day and jumped up from the living room to follow, but whatever it was had winked back out of existence again by the time I reached the kitchen only a few feet away.

~ We got taken from our beds directly a couple of times and had, upon our return to our beds, a very bad side effect of finding black, living, fuzzy-sizzling static electric eels or snakes (looked like long, black socks filled with air) under our bed covers! We'd feel them slide up our legs or backs and we'd wake up (or already be awake) and throw the covers off and sort of roll-leap out of bed (bed was on floor and we had a low attic ceiling) to see these things wriggling and undulating across the bed at a very high speed before sort of fizzing out of our reality. I don't think I've ever seen Gerick more panicked than when dealing with these things, and it happened twice that I know of-- once I was very deeply asleep and Gerick shook me awake and was freaking out and trying to pull me out of bed to get away from these things. Good thing I don't have a snake phobia-- that experience would have sent me to therapy!

~ Finally, we'd often hear voices, or music, like there was a party going on in the house-- except the 'volume' would be turned down even if it seemed live. As we had a downstairs neighbor, it took a while to notice this-- but even if she wasn't home and had not left a TV or radio on, we kept hearing things which always seemed to be in another room, but when going to that room, the noises would move to another-- and you could never 'catch' the source of the sounds. It could drive you crazy if you let yourself pay any attention at all. As I was often home alone, working on projects in silence, I seemed to notice this more than Gerick did. (Gerick's solution was to turn on music as soon as he got home from work to cover up these sounds.)

In addition to these crazy anomalies that seemed to pop in and back out of our reality, normal things that had a flow or movement or energy to them, like water or electricity, seemed to draw the attention of anomalous energy and just stopped behaving normally.

~ Faucets turned themselves on, from the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and even the shower-- but they never turned themselves OFF. This only happened during flap periods, but never before or after.

~ Batteries in the home went dead quickly and almost all at once. Every smoke alarm battery, every remote battery, every watch battery. Even brand new batteries just bought from the store would be dead almost as soon as we got them-- sometimes within 10 minutes of putting them in a device. A few times we found fresh batteries were even dead before they were used! Whole packages-- one after another bought from different stores, of different brands. This happened over and over again and we went through quite a bit of money trying to make things work.

~ We had a lot of static and other forms of interference, for TV, radio, and phone-- and sometimes even had high-pitched squeals or very strange voices breaking into broadcasts or the phone line (this was before cells phones, mind you). Again, this was only during flap periods, when normally things worked quite well. No problems were found with any equipment anyway-- and the same things that refused to work in OUR home would work perfectly if plugged in at someone else's home. The problem was our location, not the TV, radio, or phone itself!

~ Our downstairs neighbor never had any of these issues, but could often hear people moving around our home, plumbing going on, and the TV and radio being turned on-- often to super high volumes. These things seemed to happen when she knew we weren't home (like seeing us both leave in the car, which she could easily see from her living room.) It seemed that the poltergeist activity went bananas when we were NOT at home even more so than when we were! I had quite a few uncomfortable discussions with her where she nervously asked me if we had someone staying with us, and I was afraid she didn't believe me and I invited her to come upstairs and check for herself (it was a small apartment.) She declined to ever enter our apartment, and declared she never would. At first, she said she was too old to go up the stairs, but later admitted she thought the second floor of the house was just "not right." (I got the feeling she blamed it all on the ghost of the suicide victim.)

Different flaps produce similar, though different, things-- however, this particular period was much more intense, bizarre and long-lasting than most, and I attribute this to the portals directly. Two 'hole-punchers' really messed things up for a while!

Some people may wonder why, if aliens can make such portals, they would ever bother showing up in a ship or try to rendezvous with their captives at a location a distance away from the home! What I found, by keeping journals and notes over the years, was that these side effects or after effects were greatly reduced, transporting people through windows and walls to a near-by ship, and entirely avoided when people were picked up from a distant rendezvous point. While abductees might themselves be 'shifted' for a while, being more psychic or wildly creative, meeting aliens by other means than a direct portal meant anomalies in the home could be side-stepped. I believe these crazy after effects may bring both too much attention as well as fear and confusion to a population of people already on the edge, and perhaps the aliens have some compassion for that? Maybe they only use the portals if no other method is feasible.

From what I gathered from bits of recalled conversations with the Nordics about this very thing (which I brought up) my observations were correct. Portals DO create temporary dimensional slips-- the understanding of how being entirely outside my education level. There seems to be a direct correlation with 'faerie' stories of old with doorways or thresholds that include these types of side effects as well, interestingly!

One reason I studied ritual and magick from my mid-teens well into my mid-thirties was to find ways to harness, control, and prevent these very strange problems. What I found was that during flaps, I could do some very... interesting things sometimes, actually bringing more anomalies into a paranormal 'zone' if the energy wasn't directed specifically. Yet if the energy was directed carefully, the anomalies could be reduced or even banished! However, when reality was more static and normal, I didn't seem able to get much effect at all (magick rites had little to no effect). There's a lot more I'd like to investigate in this direction, but that remains for another time!

Jun. 8th, 2017


Bedquake While Awake Heard By Roommate

(Hmm... that's an awkward sounding title!)

Around 3:30 am, I had a close call with a close encounter!

I was not able to sleep and sitting up in bed amusing myself with reading and drawing on a silly fictional story of mine when I noticed I was "buzzing" -- vibrating rather obviously-- and it was getting stronger. I looked over to my cat, Jazz, who looked back over at me from her spot next to my hip, apparently unconcerned. (Cats! I swear--!) I tested the walls, the window, and my bedside table from my seat in the bed and none of them were moving-- they were stock still. My bed, however, was also vibrating. It did not seem to be moving with me (like I was causing it, and therefore in sync) but it was definitely moving as well as myself.

At first, I was puzzled and a bit disbelieving. I reality-tested though and all was normal-- except for my shaking bed and my shaking self. As time passed (minutes at least) the vibrations got stronger. I began to think I was going to just be taken wide awake! I held up my hands and they were shaking-- but it wasn't from tremors in the classic sense. The bed began to quake as if someone was holding it and shaking it violently, and it began to feel like a real earthquake. It was crazy.

I should have reached over and grabbed my phone and let one of my abduction buddies know right then, but I was too fascinated by it all. Which was stupid and NEXT TIME I have to at least send a text or something to document events as they play out if I'm lucky enough to be so wide awake in the middle of something like that!

However, the attempt was aborted. Probably because that little light from my left eye went on and, as they can see what I see when it's activated, and as I looked around the room (and flipped them the finger!) that, yeah-- it was obvious that NOW was not the right time! ROFL!!

ANYWAY--! That would have been the end of the story, except that Cat, my roomie who sleeps under me in the day-basement, heard the thumpity thumpity thumpity of my bed against the floor (her ceiling) and she crept up the stairs to check on me. (Her stomach was bothering her, so she just happened to be awake at the right time.) I was surprised to see her peep in, but then I told her I had been awake and had a bedquake experience-- and she told me she knew that because she heard it! I was thrilled to have an awake experience confirmed by a witness! (And she didn't look scared, just concerned that I was okay.)

Of course, I suppose a person could shimmy on their bed and do something similar-- I don't think I could lift my queen-sized bed and smack it against the floor that fast and hard without injuring myself, even if I could do it, though. Cat doesn't seem to think so-- or that I would do something in the middle of the night she would normally be asleep for anyways.

I finally got to sleep around 7 am. Needless to say, I am only getting decent sleep maybe half the nights. After what seemed like a quiet week, I was beginning to wonder if this new flap period was over... looks like the answer is NO.

Despite this, I am in good spirits, and more curious than afraid. I just wish I could remember more and that my sleep wasn't so affected!

Jun. 2nd, 2017


Corrections To Square Hole Memories

My last reported memory, of the square hole in the kitchen wall that was a portal to a ship-- was based on notes I wrote the winter of '93. I never wrote the date of the event because-- being young and dumb, I figured I could never forget THAT, right?

That's why I say details are important and to write things down as soon as possible.

I found a copy of the letter I wrote to Budd Hopkins only a month after the incident, complete with all the details. I looked for it earlier, but I couldn't find it, so I wrote what I could as best I could. I figured the incident happened the same summer/autumn as things were getting crazy.

Turns out I mixed up 2 flap periods... cue blush HERE!

I finally found the letter after combing through papers for over 2 hours just a couple of days ago, so now I am able to check my memories and old notes against what I recalled much more fresh with the letter.

The square hole in the kitchen occurred in January of '93. I still don't know the exact date, as I didn't write it down, but at least I know it was a weekday in late January for sure.

However, the timeline makes more sense now. The WHY they started using portals instead of getting us to walk to a rendezvous or beaming us out of our homes. After what happened in August of '92, the aliens dared not use that approach with us. (That part of things will be related soon.)

Overall, my (it turns out) year old memories were really very accurate. However, a few things were lost or translated in my mind oddly over time.

Those details include: the timeline of events (and actual times recorded from looking at the clock) being much more clear, there being black-haired 'people' in black coveralls there, not just blonds in light blue coveralls, that Gwen made the suggestion for me to be given a small tour to get me out of the way for a few minutes because the alien people were obviously not expecting me there, and that Sara-- the little blond girl-- was actually rather nervous when she met me, though she seemed to have recovered enthusiasm very quickly.

Other than that, everything was the way I reported it here. Still, I don't like even getting those tiny details wrong because-- arg ga blarg! I have gone back to that entry and made several small corrections and I'm now satisfied that it is accurate and complete.

Meanwhile, in my current evidently clandestine flap, I have no memories of anything happening for the last week. I don't think I was meant to remember the human-alien guy mentioning that he wanted to visit and meet my roommates some Sunday night. I am disappointed that I'm not catching very much going on with this last set of interactions at all, and I don't know if it is over yet.

May. 29th, 2017


Memory of A Promised Visit

It has been driving me a little crazy that there are hints and clues (and even a witness hearing something suspicious) and yet I've had ZERO memory of anything--!

Until 2 nights ago...

I was very relaxed and almost ready to fall asleep, just laying down in bed and letting my mind wander. Then I suddenly got a burst of a few seconds remembered conversation somewhere with someone talking about a visit-?? It brought me out of my reverie into being fully alert.

Wait... what?!?

I went over that little piece that came back to me again to turn it over in my mind and try to make sense of it.

I was in a large space, it felt indoors, but HUGE like the walls and ceiling were quite a distance away. I had the visual impression of a periwinkle blue background surrounding me-- only very pastel, with some streaks of white and maybe lavender. I don't recall furniture or any other details, just the general background. I was speaking with a human-looking person, male, I think blond, so maybe a Nordic type. I don't recall any other details of his looks, as I was likely directed to not look at his face. I was relaxed and comfortable around him and he was just asking me about my life and how things were going for me.

My memory revolves around a piece of that conversation. I had told him that I was honest with my roomies about being an alien abductee and they were pretty chill about it. He asked me how many details I had told them. Well-- a lot actually! I told them about how there could be some serious weirdness that comes and goes in waves on top of direct strange things happening to me personally. The house might be affected to the point of poltergeists at times, etc. I told him it wasn't ethical to not give anyone who lives with me a head's up that odd and even scary things could occur-- but that it would pass again and I was somewhat used to it, etc.

He seemed a bit surprised but actually a little pleased to hear of my openness. He said he wanted to meet my roomies at some point. He asked about work schedules and then concluded that it would be best to stop by on a Sunday evening. I was rather surprised to hear that! (I mean, are they interested in recruiting non-abductees then? Both women are past child-bearing age, so it wouldn't be for the reproductive agenda everyone is so familiar with!) I showed my surprise to him, but was pretty casual about it like, "That would be nice!" That's the last thing I can recall, all context for the conversation before is absent and I don't know about anything else.

I seem to really enjoy the Blond's company when they're around... a part of me is still surprised they are contacting me since none of my childhood or teen experiences had any Nordic aliens involved-- just typical greys and hybrids with a mantid thrown in every now and again. My contacts with the Blonds were through my now ex-husband. Yet they're still seeing me?

Though this latest round I have been alert and a nervous sleeper, I'm not scared or overly freaking out in any way. If it is the Blonds who are coming to get me lately, that would make sense. I still resent the way they suppress my memories, but what few I have of being around them is mostly positive. That may be by design to create an impression to use for manipulative purposes, or it may be sincere. I reserve judgment either way until I have enough experience (memories) to decide. Regardless, at least there are conversations about my life as if I actually matter in some way-- that's not so bad, right? Also, they don't seem to be telling me not to blog about it either.

I waited until Sunday was over to post this, because I wasn't sure if it would be the first Sunday after our meeting or not. The recalled conversation happened before the bedshaking being heard by Cat later in the week-- so Wednesday night. That was the last bedquake experience I remember. The one Cat heard I was totally not even aware of-- so who knows how often this is happening and I know absolutely nothing about it? Its seems like I've been taken once or twice a week for the last month or so.

I am SO frustrated not knowing more! However, I am grateful I remembered that tiny tidbit of time. Every little bit of recall helps a great deal. I'm hoping for more info soon. Although, just as I am more prepared they tend to disappear out of my life again. I am still a little surprised this is happening now.

I promise to keep everyone updated on this as we go! I'm trying to figure out ways to 'catch' them better. Making sure my ipod is charged and I have the ability to record sound or take a pic. Not much I can do if they beam me there and back, though! Le sigh...

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