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Jun. 4th, 2015


A Refreshingly UNhaunted House

Its been many months since I've posted here, I know. However, the reason is simple: My husband and I have been searching for, finding, buying, and then moving into a new home in another state and have since been painting, decorating and "nesting." During this time, however, not a lot happened. I cleansed the White Gables property one final time and said good-bye to the ghosts of Naomi, Jason, and Marlin. I had not heard from them in months- not since the new owners changed and vacated 2 of the units there. I assume the ghosts took over the now-empty apartments and settled in to some much-craved privacy from the living, which may be why we stopped hearing from them.

Meanwhile, we moved here and felt as if we could take a long breath at last!

For once I live in a normal, spirit-free domicile. Since the move, I've noticed how clean and open and empty Windy Firs (the name of our new home) is-- especially in comparison to so many houses I've run into lately, even in Oregon.

There are 2 separate but related issues regarding Fortean factors and my homes. One involves actual human spirits or ghosts who never got on with things. Ghosts usually stay in one home or within a general area, but I've run into passers-by or traveling ghosts who haunted an entire apartment complex and others who were bopping along, found an already haunted place, and apparently stayed on to join the ghosts already there for company. Truly, the Limbo where ghosts dwell is more dynamic and interesting than most could credit! But having invisible people watching you and sometimes starting a ruckus is not the most relaxing way to live, let me tell you. Often diverting, but not comforting generally. You are sharing space with roomies you never signed on for, you know?

At Windy Firs, there are no limbo dwellers or human spirits. I've been here a few weeks now and I feel very confident on that score.

However--! There is the second issue, which is the build up of transdimensional "tears" in the fabric of reality from repeated visits from aliens. Over time, every place I've ever lived starts to become "haunted" by faeries, shadow people, and other dimensional beings of one form or another-- and sometimes that even attracts human spirits eventually, though luckily not often. The point is, though, that one reason I've learned my entire family got antsy and moved so often, and why my husband's family did the same as we were growing up-- and why as adults we tend to move around too often as well-- is at least partially attributable to dealing with the stress of on-again/off-again episodes of weirdness that generally worsen over time and definitely right after a visit from the Visitors and/or Abductors.

Therefore, every home I move to that is free of any human spirits feels amazing to me for at least a while! No strange anomalies. No eerie feelings. Nothing but a place and us and a decided LACK of creepiness! For now, we are in that zone of time and place and I'm very much enjoying it. Its also an indication that no aliens have been around since we've moved. I expect that to change at some point, but for now, I'm enjoying the interval of spiritual peace.

Soon, I will resume and finish my memoirs of unusual events and encounters from my early to mid 20s. Your patience has been much appreciated, and I intend to reward it this summer. Thank you for reading!

Mar. 7th, 2015


Invisible PHYSICAL Beings Stop By Again

Its Friday night. Time to relax after the busy week and let all your cares fall away...

... and maybe be visited by aliens!

We've had weeks of peace. No visits or odd poltergeistic events. Until tonight!

I was making brownies as a treat, and as my yummies baked in the oven, Gerick went outside to the middle of the freshly plowed garden area to where the stumps have been burning for days. He took a chair out there and added a couple of logs and sat by the fire, enjoying the wonderfully mild night. I could see his lit form by the fire as I danced to music on headphones on a Pandora station.

The song I was listening to when everything went down--?

I kid you not, it was a dance rendition of Katy Perry's E.T. This specific mix, actually:

THIS is what I call a "synch wink" because-- hello!? Obvious much universe? Anyone who knows how Pandora works knows songs pop up randomly from a list of previously liked songs and new songs the program picks out that are similar in beat, style, etc. For the record, this song had NEVER popped up on my dance station before, it was a first. I just be-bopped along to it, the smell of brownies permeating the kitchen.

Towards the end of the song, I saw my husband suddenly jump up and start running. I figured he was playing a game with the cats or something, so didn't worry about it. I mean, I could see him out there-- obviously all by himself.

He burst in the door, and I greeted him with a smile as the song ended, and took off my headphones. I checked my brownies, and when I looked up from the oven, I realized Gerick was rather jumpy.

He told me that someone had walked up behind him in the soft dirt!!

I didn't hesitate. I said, "AND YOU RAN AWAY!??"

I rushed to grab a jacket, a bright flashlight, and my rubber boots, because I realized: if this thing walked behind him in freshly turned soft dirt, we could check for footprints!

Then I ran out there, Gerick close behind, and right up to the fire. All the footprints made by people (and no one had been out there since the last plowing) were from the northside of the plowed area to the area immediately around the firepit. I went right up to the chair where I'd seen my husband sitting, and asked him where behind himself he'd heard  the footsteps. He pointed to the left side (if he was sitting in the chair) and I pointed the flashlight there-- and saw fresh (with darker, moister dirt) footprints!!


I went up and checked the path. Then I made a footstep next to one. The person who walked was taller than me (longer feet), close to 6 feet tall I'd guess, and heavier as well, but not by too much (less than 200 pounds?) I had Gerick step next to it, and it appeared whoever it was was a tad bit shorter than he is-- Gerick is 6 feet 2 inches. I'm 5 feet 8 inches. So whoever it was is taller than myself by quite a margin, but not quite up to Gerick's height, based upon foot size alone.

So... NOT Greys. Too tall. Also NOT Blondes. Too short!

And-- I am SO proud of myself because I remembered to get photos!! I always forget to record physical evidence and then later kick myself in the ass. I almost forgot this time, too. But I was inside playing video games with my husband and neighbors just minutes later, and then it came to me and I'm like, "OH MY GODS! We have to get pics!" So, they came outside with me at night to get some shots (our neighbors know all about the aliens, thankfully, and have not run screaming to get away from us yet-- they've seen shadows and heard the knocking too.) I'll get more pics in the morning, but this gives you a pretty good idea even taken at night with weak flash.

You can see the line of footprints going up behind the chair. I checked all around for any more foot prints, but these came from the regular field and through the garden coming from the east side (no one had walked there before this since the plowing-- totally virginal earth.) They went right up next to the chair and to the fire and there I lost the prints in the mass of people prints (mainly Gerick standing next to the fire.)

And here you can see a close up of one of the footprints next to my boot for size contrast. These boots are too big for me so I can slip them on and off very easily. I think they're size 8s and I wear 7s. Also, the person who made the prints wore shoes or boots with atypical (for us) wide toes. Gerick made prints bigger and pointier than these, so it wasn't him (though I saw him get up and run anyways so I already knew that.)


WHY is this important?

Because only a being with human-like feet who is a biped (2 legs) with physical form and weight could make prints like this! Gerick looked behind him and saw no one. Further, when I was looking out (because fire is pretty, even at a distance) I saw no one either. Whoever made these was PHYSICAL, not astral, and it wasn't a poltergeist or some manifestation of someone's mind using psychokinesis. These footprints prove (at least to myself and Gerick) that we are being visited by actual beings who have the ability to turn invisible.

THAT, my friends, is a BIG deal! How long have I been trying to determine for sure? A while! I mean, I have seen them, though not often while fully conscious, and even conscious I usually have my memory suppressed. I know in one abductee's house I knew (okay, it was Katharina or Kay Wilson) some being with very long oddly shaped fingers left a partial handprint in the dust of a banister. I examined that myself, along with a bunch of other people in the support group plus a couple of local researchers I'm pretty sure.

Now here we have either a hybrid or one of the Brunette type human ones coming by for a visit maybe...

I wish Gerick had stopped and spoken to them. I told him he should have leaned down, picked up a handful of dirt, and thrown it at the area above the footprints. But he didn't have a flashlight with him so couldn't see well anyways. As it was, I called out to the land around us, when we first went out there to look at the prints with a flashlight (or torch for you Brits and Aussies) and I asked them to please come up and talk to us.

Nothing happened, of course. Typical and very frustrating!

But I got something! We really got something. I know I can't prove we didn't make those to anyone else. But I know we didn't and its proof to us. I am glad to have some sort of physical evidence that these are real, physical beings! I thought so, but you know-- you have to keep the answer open-ended until you do have more physical evidence. What an awesome night! (Hopefully, we don't get abducted later-- so I'm posting this NOW before anyone uses their mental mojo to convince me not to!)

It probably wasn't ghosts who played with the beer bottle and knocked on the doors and windows in early January-- I bet it was the same beings. Now we know. I'll be damned. =^D

Feb. 17th, 2015


Robin Has Paranormal Researchers Investigate Her Home

As haunted as my apartment is- and some of that may not be ghosts, but rather whatever it is that follows my husband and I around- its nothing compared to the 110+ year old house my oldest friend has lived in for most of the last 16 years.

She and her husband finally bought a much newer and much smaller house in the country, as they have successfully sold their longtime family home. But before they move and hand over the keys to the new owners, Robin called a paranormal investigation group (yes, with all the gadgets and gizmos) to come check it out and find some proof of all the things she and her family have been experiencing for years.

The home itself is a Victorian era farmhouse, situated next to a very old railroad line. At the turn of the century, it was a laundry/tavern/whorehouse for the town. According to rumors, a man died in front of the house after being struck by the train, who may be the man "Tommy" or "Tony" who has been seen. In addition, there is evidence of a bad fire in the scorched brick basement, and a girl of about 7 or so with severe burns has been seen by many as well.

The investigators are checking into the historical records to see if anything matches up with rumors and sightings. In addition, they spent all of last weekend, both Friday and Saturday nights, walking through the house and doing the whole ghost hunter thing with various recording devices. The team consisted of 2 women in their 40s, a man (tech guy) in his 30s, and 2 women in their 20s-- which I heartily endorsed, because too many teams are too male heavy and women, I think, are naturally better at this sort of thing. (Let's face it, nearly every modern haunted house story reports the women noticed things were 'off' first.)

The results from the recording devices are due in about 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, before they began, they cautioned Robin and her husband that quite often they didn't find anything. There was every chance they'd discover a raccoon in the attic or something. Robin shrugged, not even slightly worried. When she stopped by Saturday, the younger members of the team were quite shaken up-- they told her they'd had incidents all night long. By Sunday morning, they told Robin it was the most active haunted house they'd ever investigated! Robin was utterly unsurprised.

Anything I can post later I shall. Since this is one haunted house I helped with for YEARS to keep calming down when things went nuts, I consider it one of "mine" in a way. I just don't have the fancy equipment and a team to back me up.

Feb. 2nd, 2015


Fortean Wave Ended

Just an update to confirm that the last couple of weeks have seen almost no paranormal activity (but for very low ghostly noises in empty apartments of footsteps, doors closing, etc.)

We've had no more obvious and odd shenanigans in or around our own apartment or vehicle. Interestingly, the owls have gone quiet or moved on as well. Take that as you will, I merely make note of it.

Jan. 18th, 2015


Fortean Wave Lightens Up & There WERE Owls

I wanted to make sure I wrote an update on the paranormal wave we've been having lately.

In the last week, things have begun to settle down again. A few smaller incidents early in the week, though nothing as dramatic as what I've been writing about, and then the last few days have been totally quiet.

The last thing that I found which probably happened earlier during this latest wave was that someone may have gotten into my computer and tried to leave a message-- maybe-- but it was all garbled letters in red text, which I never use (except VERY rarely on blogs to make a major point.) and I couldn't make heads nor tails of any of it. I would think a cat sat on my keyboard or something except that my cats don't (I trained them not to with a squirt gun) and I keep my laptop closed when not in use, and changing text color requires more finesse.

The weird series of letters in red were left in random points in a fiction story I've been writing about relationships between hybrids and abductees, though-- which is interesting, certainly! AND, further, the most dramatic example was left during a sex scene between a teenaged abductee and hybrid. My story was interrupted by a break in spacing-- VERY obvious so I wouldn't miss it, then something like:


There's a part of me that keeps thinking I must have done it for some reason, but I don't remember doing so (and the last time I worked on it was December, so that's not so long ago) and I can find no reason for it. The scene was completed, already edited and everything. Why would I do that? But I have a hard time digesting the concept that some aliens could be making a point via a laptop! Perhaps that's just my own hang up, I don't know. I questioned my husband, but he didn't even know where on my computer to look, since many of my labels aren't that clear. Also, I checked for keyloggers and such to have hacked in and played around-- but there is no evidence of anything else being out of place and a scan shows no problems.

Meanwhile, late last week and earlier this week, I noticed something else that made me laugh just as the weirdness began winding down: owls were around every single night. Calling and calling and flying by and I haven't heard nor seen one since early last summer. So it may be the time of year, but still-- I am duly noting that during a paranormal wave there was indeed a noticeable uptick in owl sightings and callings. I'll have to make note of that to my friend, Mike Clelland!

This may be a short lull, or it may be that the wave or flap is over for now. I'll know soon.

Jan. 9th, 2015


The Freaky Beat Goes On... Achoo!

Okay, so things are still hopping paranormally-speaking in our latest "Weirdness Wave."

Monday evening (Jan 5th), our car-- which was closed, locked and alarmed-- was somehow broken into. The driver's side door was opened and left that way, without tripping the alarm! Everyone was accounted for and it was only when Tad got home from work at 10ish that we learned of it. When Gerick came home this afternoon, I saw him exit the car, shut the door, and press his alarm button myself so it wasn't a bizarre mistake. He then hung his car keys on the hook and didn't touch them the rest of the night (until he had to go out, shut the door, and re-arm the alarm.)

Gerick also checked to see if anything was taken. Nothing was. Who breaks into a car for no reason?

Tuesday (6th) was quiet, other than some odd little sounds from the empty apartments that could have been spirits or mice. I wasn't too concerned about that.

But Wednesday (7th)?? OMG...

At a quarter after 9 pm that night, I went over to ask my neighbors something. I was standing just inside their open doorway, with the vestibule at my back, when all 3 of us distinctly heard a man muffle a sudden and powerful SNEEZE. I shit you not.

We all looked at one another with wide eyes and then went into the vestibule to check things out. We found no traces of anyone. The sound was loud and obvious enough that it had to have been either IN the vestibule or on the other side of the door of one of the empty apartments or the locked storage room. We did open the vestibule door and check outside-- of course!-- but no one was around and there were no cars. Meanwhile, when I went to get the storage room key-- I found it was missing! I knew this because the key fob (or keychain) was still where it was supposed to be, but the key was just GONE! I looked for it, but it appeared to have been purloined.

Gerick was completely asleep by this point and the key was no where in his pockets or on any key rings-- not that such a thing would make sense.

The White Gables ghosts don't sneeze or make any verbal sounds beyond very rare bits of muffled speech or a 5-note whistled tune that everyone around here has heard but usually assumes is one of the living. The sneeze we heard tonight, though, was resonant -- not tinny like a ghostly sound. It sounded like it was 'live and in person.' However, whoever made it was definitely invisible.

As of Thursday, the storage room key was found-- back in the drawer and attached to the key fob again! We were all gone from the property briefly at one point, so it was possible for someone to gain entry to replace said key-- but the only one who could would be our landlord and he already has a master key so why would he bother?

Jan. 2nd, 2015


The Games Continue: Frantic Knocking

Just one day later and already I have an update. Yep-- these things really do come in waves.

My husband Gerick had been visiting neighbors until 10:30 and I went so far as to go fetch him home because I was starting to feel creeped out. That whole 'feeling of presence' started rising around then, whereas prior to that, everything seemed fine.

An hour later I was reading in bed, and a half hour after that (around midnight) I had just barely fallen asleep while Gerick (who suffered an injury to his arm and was in some pain) laid in bed, awake, wondering if he should get up and take a pain reliever so he could actually fall asleep.

Downstairs, someone knocked frantically at our sliding glass door! It was about 7 or 8 hard raps, delivered in quick succession!

Given how events have been playing out lately, he was not about to check out the knocking without me! Then came the next problem: though I heard the raps in a distant sort of way, I was too tired to fully awaken. Gerick had to really shake me to get me to full consciousness-- which is very unlike me. I'm the light sleeper who jumps when a pin drops. Yet I felt groggy and drugged (no substances taken before bed besides fruit juice.) This is NOT uncommon when it comes to alien visitations-- they can target people to put them into a deep sleep. Apparently, they wanted Gerick alone to answer their summons at the door.

Fortunately, Gerick was disinclined to cooperate!

I clumsily fumbled out of the deep sleep I'd been in for all of 10 minutes (!), and lurched myself up and out of bed to join my husband in going downstairs. We both expected what we found-- which was NOTHING and no one (visible). We did not open any doors, but watched and waited for a few minutes, looking out the sliding glass doors to see if anyone was around.

Yet the knocks were so obvious and frantic that we texted the neighbors and double-checked to be sure nothing was wrong. No one responded. Turned out they had fallen asleep a few minutes before as well, and even the very loud knocking 6 feet from their heads could not awaken them. They discovered our texts the next morning.

Eventually, we gave up and went back to bed, this time with Gerick falling asleep first. This morning I slept in until nearly 10, trying to make up for lost sleep. Paranormal waves are one reason I developed sleep disorders in the first place, so as you can imagine, this latest round is doing me no favors...

Today, just to cover my bases, I went ahead and smudged OUTSIDE our building, even using sage smoke on the cars, the parking lot, the close by lawn and gardens, and the chicken coop. If we have any normal spirits around, that should hold them off a month or two. Aliens not so much, but hey-- one does what one can. I have to eliminate whatever troublemakers I can through whatever means available. Luckily, we went on a sage run last fall and I'm all stocked up.

Stay tuned!

Jan. 1st, 2015


Invisibility Games

I know its been a long while since I've posted on this blog. Definitely focused on other things for a time. However, given that I use this site to update any new weirdness (especially anything involving aliens potentially) I felt it was time for an update. They never go away forever, afterall. It started up again in the last couple of weeks, actually-- but it does seem to be escalating.

Its yet another round of paranormal spookiness.


We've had no ghostly goings on since my last building-wide smudging and warding. Apparently, doing a warding was the bit that kept the ghosts away once I pushed 'em out with the sage smoke and astral sweeping I did before. They never came back into the building to my knowledge-- though we've seen shadows that match their descriptions outside a couple of times this summer. Other than interfere with electronics and maybe manifest voices and a very rare shadow or barely visible apparition, the ghosts weren't prone to much else. Footsteps, a door or cupboard opening and closing maybe once or twice a year-- and of course that one guy's endless autumn pranks with the smoke detectors which drove me to smudge and ward in the first place! Definitely ghosts of the 'once human' variety and tame and harmless most of the time.

Therefore, when things started happening-- but only OUTSIDE very recently-- I assumed it was our White Gables ghosties. No big deal, right?

Except, the things that are happening now are very poltergeistic, and... "puckish". Not like the activity of our local spirits so much as perhaps some other types of entities... maybe. I'm not 100% convinced either way quite yet, but it may be that the aliens are back for a spell. Either hybrids or the human-looking ones I'm thinking-- although some of the grey escort types can act weird, too- but they are too short for some of the things that have happened.

It started with knuckle-rapping knocking on the downstairs windows. Obviously physical human knuckles (which leaves out greys-- they don't have joints like ours, and are more like hard rubber than skin over bones.) Investigating outside, where we're in a protected pocket of land with no quick way out, proved again and again that no one seemed to be around. (The blonds have knocked on windows before... and doors.)

I didn't tell Gerick that the same night I had been hearing sounds outside-- but even in the lit backyard saw nothing. I was also feeling watched and closed blinds to our very blank and gigantic back yard where no person could be looking in. There was just a very thick feeling of presence that could not be denied, but other than closing blinds I typically leave open, I ignored it.

Then a few days ago, Gerick was outside at night, smoking on the back deck like he does, and when he walked to the table to put out a cigarette into a beer bottle he set aside for butts, the bottle started spinning and rolling (while staying upright) away from him, to move more than 2 feet away and come to a rest. The table was dry. There was no wind. There was no rumbling vibrations from anything anywhere around. When Gerick showed me how it moved and tried to duplicate it, we figured out a person could do it by sticking a long finger down the mouth of the bottle, tilting the bottle slightly, and then pulling it towards themselves so it sort of skitters and rolls upright along the surface. Still, not an easy maneuver-- and again, hard for most human ghosts to manage, and the table is a bar table and too high for a grey to do such a thing.

Seemed like someone didn't like Gerick smoking!

He was freaked out at that one. The window knocking was weird, but other than looking around and going, "huh?" we shrugged about it. The bottle rolling thing had him running inside and really flipping out a little. I was in a very different mood. I put on some layers and a coat and boots and went outside and walked around to see if I could see or feel anything-- and I really couldn't tell anything. I DID, however, announce very loudly: "If you guys want to get our attention, why don't you just show yourselves, come up to us and say hi and maybe have a conversation, and NOT take away our memories of it afterwards? How about we try that on for size instead of playing these stupid games? I'm getting pretty fed up with all the mystery and mind-fucking!"

No response, of course.

I told Gerick if something like that happens again, pursue it and reality test it. "Put your arms out and swing them around and see if you can collide with an invisible being attached to whatever is being moved-- or if the force being used is something other than cloaked physical beings."

Then the latest thing was this morning. Gerick was up very early (still dark), which is typical for him, just drinking coffee and yes, smoking a cigarette on the back deck. This time, because the ground was frozen, he heard the heavy footsteps of someone walking by him only about 10 feet away. Rather than run towards it (as I would have-- I'm not kidding, I'm seriously pissed about being toyed with like this!!!) he ran away, cig still in his mouth and inside. Then he woke me up and made me be with him while he ran out to retrieve his coffee mug, left outside in the cold on that table!

I was pretty grumpy about this, but there can be no doubt that my husband was genuinely freaked out. He doesn't need someone to supervise his going outside. I stayed awake until daylight and then poured myself back into bed, still nonplussed about things.

If its the ghosts, where are they getting all that energy to do such things?

If its the aliens, then why the hell are they standing around in bitter cold darkness, just to watch us and play little games while remaining invisible? I don't get it. As far as I can tell, we're not missing sleep nor being taken. (I don't think, but I could be mistaken. I haven't seen any of my own signs to myself that an abduction has taken place.) The entities, whatever they are, seem to be making a point of letting us know they're around (especially Mr. Outside Smoker.)

So... this may be the beginning of something more, or yet more of the same shit. I'm really tired of being fucked around with like this. Make conscious contact and leave our memories intact or just shut the fuck up and go the fuck away! I'm sick of preparations for a future that somehow NEVER comes. They said they'd have open and remembered contact with us at some point "soon" 8 YEARS AGO! Yeah, maybe they factor time differently, but "soon" is not 8 fucking years!! (Almost 9 years, actually.)

Yeah, I've lost patience for the waiting game with the aliens, and the invisibility games, and the suppressed memory games, and the promises game, and the tests and trials and enacted scenarios and reproductive crap and so much. I've pretty much lost all respect at this point. I'm not some materialist, nor a typical Christian. I am an occultist and a pagan witch. I know my non-material shit. I've figured out enough that I'm not mystified nor innocent. I'm not freaking out. I'm not afraid.

Their tricks are no longer miraculous. Their technology is no longer impressive. I do not worship them. I don't think they are benevolent space brothers and sisters. I don't fear they are demons. I don't think they're angels (except perhaps the angels of the bible are aliens-- it would make a lot of sense.) My reverence and holy dragon fear are almost entirely broken and pretty much for good. They're fallible and at least part-time physical beings who clearly have a long ways to go themselves before they even earn my begrudging respect, let alone FAITH or TRUST.

I'm just SICK of the alien standard operating procedure. I'm at the point where its PUT UP OR SHUT UP. I'm no longer interested in being strung along any further. So-- this had BETTER lead somewhere substantial and DIFFERENT or... well, if they thought I was uncooperative and had an attitude before, they ain't seen nothing yet!

And if any of my fellow abductee friends out there are having anything going on, do let me know, would you? Thanks.

Jun. 13th, 2014


The Meaning of the Aliens' Pyramids-In-A-Sphere

A rather perplexing mini-mystery that has always bugged me about an alien encounter in my 20s has at last been solved...

It happened during a phone conversation with Mike Clelland. He's going to Britain to speak at a conference on Owls & the Abductee. We were discussing the meanings of owls in myth, everyone knows the wisdom thing-- but for so many people owls were about the spirits of the dead and also strange otherworldly encounters. At one point, I was telling him about the near-death experience I had that included a side trip to be healed spiritually where people sang in a strange, beautiful language atop these grassy pyramids. Right before that, we were talking about the symbols the aliens show-- and I gave the example of the weird sphere with the pyramids inside it that a female grey had me hold and look at for several minutes (and then let me remember...)

It was the very first time that I thought of those 2 remarkable events side by side-- and I just about fell over with recognition!!

When I was 13 and became deathly ill and had the Near Death Experience (maybe they should call it an TDE or "Temporary Death Experience") one of the places I was sent to heal before coming back was a realm of people singing on top of pyramids. Sounds nutty I know. Later in life, during an especially trying time, I "slid" into a deep trance at 37 and visited it again during a Peak Experience.

This place is near the entrance to the Holy Spiritual Realm where we cross over from the physical world of life to that of death. Its sort of to the side at the end of that tunnel you go through, although you can't see it from there, its like its own world, but distance works differently there. That singing can sometimes be heard by people traveling up the tunnel to the light, and that is what the whole "angels singing" theme comes from-- only its not angels. Its people fresh from life on Earth, letting go of their anguish and celebrating being home again. I wrote about this place years ago:

"A dawn sky was alight in lush hues of gold and rose, and I sat cross-legged atop a green pyramid-- a rounded version of one like a tor or maybe one of the sacred mounds built by the ancient Edena or Hopewell in Ohio (Native American tribes LONG ago) but still angled enough to tell it was a pyramid.  I knew I had just climbed that hill (metaphorically?) and was sitting for a bit, taking things in and relieved to be where I was. Each pyramid stood like a green island, almost seeming to float atop a fog that lay at the bases of these structures, obscuring sight of the bottom. The pyramid was covered in earth, and soft grass grew there, as well as small, alpine flowers. The wind was warm, and carried an embracing scent like honeysuckle, and it blew my hair about and caressed my face gently. I breathed that air in deeply and listened to the wonderful sound that surrounded me high atop that strange pyramid.

For other people were on top of yet more of these mounds! Many mounds-- though spaced apart-- going off into the distance in every direction far off to the horizon. Some pyramid hills were still empty on top, but most had a person sitting or even standing on the pinnacle. And they were singing. A strange sort of chanting song in another tongue, like an exotic Tibetan hymn. Each person sang out a couple of lines, then paused to breath deeply and listen to others, and then they'd do it again-- maybe the same words, but usually different. The on-going song with it's multiple singers sounded like an Asian language, but with more rounded vowels, yet I knew what people were saying. It was a song of joy, and relief too maybe for having reached the top of the pyramid.

I listened to that wonderful sound as I looked around the unusual terrain. A song carried by dozens upon dozens of people, each breaking in when they wished, each at a different distance from myself, and coming from a different direction. In and out, up and down the musical chanting went, and it was a really amazing thing to hear in this extremely vivid dream. I noticed that many people had golden halos around their heads (only spherical, not disk-like), or even their whole bodies, and a pink or rose mist as well. And I knew the sky had turned those wonderful colors from the collective energy of all those people singing.

And then suddenly I was ready, and raised my head and sang out too. In the same language as everyone else. It felt so very good to just release my fear of being heard and judged. I felt light and free, able to at last express such happiness and share in that spiritual gathering. And so I did, over and over-- and as I sang out, that energy started to build up inside of me, too. A pulsating, thrumming hummm began to fill my body. As it did, a light rose mist emerged from my heart, throat, and mouth, and a golden light started to fill up every part of my body from deep within and then to radiate out from my head. Soon, the palms of my hands were giving off beams of golden light as well. I noted all this with wonderment, but not surprise. I expected it and welcomed it. And then I closed my eyes and just sang and breathed over and over, slowly and reverently. I sang of love, and release from sorrow, and of beauty and hope

Meanwhile, at around 24 or so (I'll have to look it up) I had an interesting encounter involving pyramids as well that always perplexed me until tonight...

I'll talk more about the rest of the memory later, but right now I just want to zero in on the part with the pyramids. I was in a grey alien nursery full of late-stage hybrids that looked mostly human. The female grey 'nurse' in charge was pleased with me for my behavior with a bunch of hybrid kids, and she wanted to reward me with something.

I followed her off to the side where we could be undisturbed for a few minutes and she showed me a 3.5 inch spherical crystal ball like thing. Inside, it was bisected by a plane across the middle, and there were 3-dimensional mirror images of oddly colored pyramids inside, one pyramid larger than the others. (I think there were 2 or 3, but I don't remember for sure.) I thought it was beautiful and wanted to keep it, though of course I know they never allow such a thing.

I later did some art where I included a version of this thing:

The color isn't true in the art, though. In reality, the pyramids were a light, shiny gold with glittering, light pink aspects that showed when you moved the ball around in the light. There was also some gold tones and light pink glittery bits in the clear area above the pyramids. It made me think of a alien snow globe without the snow or the stand. Why these things were made equal at the 'top' and 'bottom' was also cool but weird.

I examined it carefully, and admired it thoroughly, but I was baffled as to why she was showing me THAT. By our mental connection, I knew it meant something-- and it was something that was connected to me in a personal way somehow, yet I could not fathom exactly what. Nor could I get her to confess to me what it meant. Once more, I left an encounter utterly intrigued and completely frustrated.

Now, of course, I'm sure having read all this you can see the connection! I've never in my life seen a rendition of pyramids associated with those specific colors of light gold and glittering rose pink before. Now I'm thinking that, having thoroughly explored my experiences mentally, the greys knew about my near-death journey and perhaps an aspect of it spoke to some symbols or mythology of their own. I'm not sure, but I believe these things are linked.

One thing about the greys, they're fascinated by not just sex and reproduction, but by death and all things associated with that. I have my suspicions about why they are so intrigued by humans' spiritual lives (beyond life) but I'll get into that later at some point. Regardless, I had to share this little discovery because once more, who knows? Perhaps someone else has had a similar experience.

Apr. 14th, 2014


Future Dreams, Theme 2: Robots & Flying Drones

Nearly a year ago I began a series on the repeating dreams of the future I had from age 4 or 5 through the recent past. They've slowed down considerably over the last decade or more, but my youth and early adulthood I had them all the time.

The first dream of that series about hot weather and disrupted electric service here:

Today's subject is about ubiquitous robots and flying drones in those future dreams. Why was I inspired to write about it now? Well, unless you live under a rock, you may have heard about Amazon and UPS wanting to begin using flying drones to deliver light packages directly to people's homes very quickly without using trucks and deliverymen. They've announced that they're in testing phase now. They don't expect to begin for another 4 to 5 years. For one thing, a whole new set of laws and regulations for private and commercial use of drones have to be written and implemented.

Another news item, less seen but no less appropriate for the future dreams I'm about to discuss are the roaming security robots that several companies want to start using instead of security guards. These rolling vaguely phallic-shaped devices weigh about 300 pounds and record both sights and sounds-- like mobile security cameras with better clarity and microphones. These are also in development and testing phases, and -- just as with drones-- privacy activists are warning us that yet more of our human rights will be eroded. For one thing, both drones and "guard-bots" will likely be targeted by vandals, thieves, thrill-seekers, and activists and already they're talking about these devices having "self-protective security." Not just recording people who might attempt to take them out, but maybe things like taser-capability. Developers are also excited about giving these devices some limited A.I. (artificial intelligence) in order to assess situations and maneuver during unexpected events and confrontations.

And-- according to my future dreams, it'll be full steam ahead on this aspect of things, so expect bots and drones to become very common in the future-- AND to become a problem!

I've talked about the extreme weather and electrical service disruptions already, but in addition, one of the major concerns I kept running into in these dreams was -- a feeling of being potentially harassed by remote or limited A.I. bots everywhere in cities and suburbs. You saw them in the air the most often (probably because they were just more visible overhead) delivering things, or watching for "security" By this time, the United States, and indeed the entire civilized world was in prolonged crisis and obvious decline (more on this in future dream theme posts). America the Free had become America the Police State. People bitched. People rebelled. People even protested sometimes-- but it all came to nothing. When you were in populations centers, your privacy expectations ended.

I would most often walk or bike, but we used cars sometimes too. In the dreams, I did NOT live in the city or 'burbs, but went to these centers semi-regularly for various reasons. I dreaded dealing with these things, though they never bothered me personally in any way until the very end of the future dream sequence-- they just made me nervous. Some of the rolling ground bots or flying drones had remote control devices on them where live humans were watching and controlling the device at a considerable distance. Some of them were "smart" and looked for "breaks in the normal pattern" and then would close in to investigate. Fines for damaging a bot or drone were astronomical by this time, carrying jail time (or labor camp time-- 'classic' jail was too expensive) so few messed with them. For most people, it paid to be a little paranoid all the time. For the truly paranoid, life was a total nightmare.

Many of them were supposed to be 'helpful' -- doing security, deliveries, carrying or pushing/pulling heavier objects, even entertaining-- but there were some very strange crimes where people with money (or stolen devices) utilized the bots or drones to carry out remote assaults and/or stalking. Also, they took jobs away from real people, and in a time of scarcity and greatly growing poverty, the bots and drones were... resented by many. Despite this, for the most part for a very long time, not too many people protested -- other than your lunatic fringe types (hello! *waves*). For the most part, it was a quiet revolution of our lives. Just like cars and so many other modern things have become so common we fail to notice them, so too did these drones and bots.

As the timeline progressed, the police state aspect of the robots became ever more prevalent. The civilian use began to drop due to before-mentioned shortages in fuel and reliable electricity to re-charge the machines. Of course populous localities, state, and federal authorities found ways to make sure they had more access to these things and so bots and drones remained an ever-present threat for quite a while longer even as they began to disappear from private and commercial use. Attacks against the devices grew ever more frequent and eventually, most companies who used them were either going under or decided they were too expensive to maintain and replace.

Again, for most of this period, I was living quietly out in the rural areas mostly and so side-stepped most issues involving these things until the tail end of the scenario. Let's just say the life I'm living now segues into that pretty handily. I knew what to expect and so wasn't overly concerned for most of the time. Yet I also watched and waited for the time coming when things would get more serious for me personally.

Further along still, the bots and drones became more rare, but more sophisticated and dangerous. Only a small number of elite military agencies had access and used them for very specific purposes. When things got really interesting (more on that eventually) they attempted to collect information on and aided capture of certain people. I ended up at some point during this period on the move and homeless. I was connected in my own way though to others with similar issues. That was when dealing with the occasional robot became a real pain. Sort of adventurous in a sci-fi way by today's standards, but it was sticky going there for a while.

Seeing the very recent news reports on all these more automated, mobile and semi-autonomous robotic devices just brought it all home again. I started having dreams about these things in the 70s. NOW I see they're about to be a part of our lives. Does that then mean that the rest of the timeline will also come to pass? I don't know. I have my doubts AND my faiths about it. I suppose we'll see, won't we?

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