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Jun. 13th, 2014


The Meaning of the Aliens' Pyramids-In-A-Sphere

A rather perplexing mini-mystery that has always bugged me about an alien encounter in my 20s has at last been solved...

It happened during a phone conversation with Mike Clelland. He's going to Britain to speak at a conference on Owls & the Abductee. We were discussing the meanings of owls in myth, everyone knows the wisdom thing-- but for so many people owls were about the spirits of the dead and also strange otherworldly encounters. At one point, I was telling him about the near-death experience I had that included a side trip to be healed spiritually where people sang in a strange, beautiful language atop these grassy pyramids. Right before that, we were talking about the symbols the aliens show-- and I gave the example of the weird sphere with the pyramids inside it that a female grey had me hold and look at for several minutes (and then let me remember...)

It was the very first time that I thought of those 2 remarkable events side by side-- and I just about fell over with recognition!!

When I was 13 and became deathly ill and had the Near Death Experience (maybe they should call it an TDE or "Temporary Death Experience") one of the places I was sent to heal before coming back was a realm of people singing on top of pyramids. Sounds nutty I know. Later in life, during an especially trying time, I "slid" into a deep trance at 37 and visited it again during a Peak Experience.

This place is near the entrance to the Holy Spiritual Realm where we cross over from the physical world of life to that of death. Its sort of to the side at the end of that tunnel you go through, although you can't see it from there, its like its own world, but distance works differently there. That singing can sometimes be heard by people traveling up the tunnel to the light, and that is what the whole "angels singing" theme comes from-- only its not angels. Its people fresh from life on Earth, letting go of their anguish and celebrating being home again. I wrote about this place years ago:

"A dawn sky was alight in lush hues of gold and rose, and I sat cross-legged atop a green pyramid-- a rounded version of one like a tor or maybe one of the sacred mounds built by the ancient Edena or Hopewell in Ohio (Native American tribes LONG ago) but still angled enough to tell it was a pyramid.  I knew I had just climbed that hill (metaphorically?) and was sitting for a bit, taking things in and relieved to be where I was. Each pyramid stood like a green island, almost seeming to float atop a fog that lay at the bases of these structures, obscuring sight of the bottom. The pyramid was covered in earth, and soft grass grew there, as well as small, alpine flowers. The wind was warm, and carried an embracing scent like honeysuckle, and it blew my hair about and caressed my face gently. I breathed that air in deeply and listened to the wonderful sound that surrounded me high atop that strange pyramid.

For other people were on top of yet more of these mounds! Many mounds-- though spaced apart-- going off into the distance in every direction far off to the horizon. Some pyramid hills were still empty on top, but most had a person sitting or even standing on the pinnacle. And they were singing. A strange sort of chanting song in another tongue, like an exotic Tibetan hymn. Each person sang out a couple of lines, then paused to breath deeply and listen to others, and then they'd do it again-- maybe the same words, but usually different. The on-going song with it's multiple singers sounded like an Asian language, but with more rounded vowels, yet I knew what people were saying. It was a song of joy, and relief too maybe for having reached the top of the pyramid.

I listened to that wonderful sound as I looked around the unusual terrain. A song carried by dozens upon dozens of people, each breaking in when they wished, each at a different distance from myself, and coming from a different direction. In and out, up and down the musical chanting went, and it was a really amazing thing to hear in this extremely vivid dream. I noticed that many people had golden halos around their heads (only spherical, not disk-like), or even their whole bodies, and a pink or rose mist as well. And I knew the sky had turned those wonderful colors from the collective energy of all those people singing.

And then suddenly I was ready, and raised my head and sang out too. In the same language as everyone else. It felt so very good to just release my fear of being heard and judged. I felt light and free, able to at last express such happiness and share in that spiritual gathering. And so I did, over and over-- and as I sang out, that energy started to build up inside of me, too. A pulsating, thrumming hummm began to fill my body. As it did, a light rose mist emerged from my heart, throat, and mouth, and a golden light started to fill up every part of my body from deep within and then to radiate out from my head. Soon, the palms of my hands were giving off beams of golden light as well. I noted all this with wonderment, but not surprise. I expected it and welcomed it. And then I closed my eyes and just sang and breathed over and over, slowly and reverently. I sang of love, and release from sorrow, and of beauty and hope

Meanwhile, at around 24 or so (I'll have to look it up) I had an interesting encounter involving pyramids as well that always perplexed me until tonight...

I'll talk more about the rest of the memory later, but right now I just want to zero in on the part with the pyramids. I was in a grey alien nursery full of late-stage hybrids that looked mostly human. The female grey 'nurse' in charge was pleased with me for my behavior with a bunch of hybrid kids, and she wanted to reward me with something.

I followed her off the the side where we could be undisturbed for a few minutes and she showed me a 3.5 inch spherical crystal ball like thing. Inside, it was bisected by a plane across the middle, and there were 3-dimensional mirror images of oddly colored pyramids inside, one pyramid larger than the others. (I think there were 2 or 3, but I don't remember for sure.) I thought it was beautiful and wanted to keep it, though of course I know they never allow such a thing.

I later did some art where I included a version of this thing:

The color isn't true in the art, though. In reality, the pyramids were a light, shiny gold with glittering, light pink aspects that showed when you moved the ball around in the light. There was also some gold tones and light pink glittery bits in the clear area above the pyramids. It made me think of a alien snow globe without the snow or the stand. Why these things were made equal at the 'top' and 'bottom' was also cool but weird.

I examined it carefully, and admired it thoroughly, but I was baffled as to why she was showing me THAT. By our mental connection, I knew it meant something-- and it was something that was connected to me in a personal way somehow, yet I could not fathom exactly what. Nor could I get her to confess to me what it meant. Once more, I left an encounter utterly intrigued and completely frustrated.

Now, of course, I'm sure having read all this you can see the connection! I've never in my life seen a rendition of pyramids associated with those specific colors of light gold and glittering rose pink before. Now I'm thinking that, having thoroughly explored my experiences mentally, the greys knew about my near-death journey and perhaps an aspect of it spoke to some symbols or mythology of their own. I'm not sure, but I believe these things are linked.

One thing about the greys, they're fascinated by not just sex and reproduction, but by death and all things associated with that. I have my suspicions about why they are so intrigued by humans' spiritual lives (beyond life) but I'll get into that later at some point. Regardless, I had to share this little discovery because once more, who knows? Perhaps someone else has had a similar experience.

Apr. 14th, 2014


Future Dreams, Theme 2: Robots & Flying Drones

Nearly a year ago I began a series on the repeating dreams of the future I had from age 4 or 5 through the recent past. They've slowed down considerably over the last decade or more, but my youth and early adulthood I had them all the time.

The first dream of that series about hot weather and disrupted electric service here:

Today's subject is about ubiquitous robots and flying drones in those future dreams. Why was I inspired to write about it now? Well, unless you live under a rock, you may have heard about Amazon and UPS wanting to begin using flying drones to deliver light packages directly to people's homes very quickly without using trucks and deliverymen. They've announced that they're in testing phase now. They don't expect to begin for another 4 to 5 years. For one thing, a whole new set of laws and regulations for private and commercial use of drones have to be written and implemented.

Another news item, less seen but no less appropriate for the future dreams I'm about to discuss are the roaming security robots that several companies want to start using instead of security guards. These rolling vaguely phallic-shaped devices weigh about 300 pounds and record both sights and sounds-- like mobile security cameras with better clarity and microphones. These are also in development and testing phases, and -- just as with drones-- privacy activists are warning us that yet more of our human rights will be eroded. For one thing, both drones and "guard-bots" will likely be targeted by vandals, thieves, thrill-seekers, and activists and already they're talking about these devices having "self-protective security." Not just recording people who might attempt to take them out, but maybe things like taser-capability. Developers are also excited about giving these devices some limited A.I. (artificial intelligence) in order to assess situations and maneuver during unexpected events and confrontations.

And-- according to my future dreams, it'll be full steam ahead on this aspect of things, so expect bots and drones to become very common in the future-- AND to become a problem!

I've talked about the extreme weather and electrical service disruptions already, but in addition, one of the major concerns I kept running into in these dreams was -- a feeling of being potentially harassed by remote or limited A.I. bots everywhere in cities and suburbs. You saw them in the air the most often (probably because they were just more visible overhead) delivering things, or watching for "security" By this time, the United States, and indeed the entire civilized world was in prolonged crisis and obvious decline (more on this in future dream theme posts). America the Free had become America the Police State. People bitched. People rebelled. People even protested sometimes-- but it all came to nothing. When you were in populations centers, your privacy expectations ended.

I would most often walk or bike, but we used cars sometimes too. In the dreams, I did NOT live in the city or 'burbs, but went to these centers semi-regularly for various reasons. I dreaded dealing with these things, though they never bothered me personally in any way until the very end of the future dream sequence-- they just made me nervous. Some of the rolling ground bots or flying drones had remote control devices on them where live humans were watching and controlling the device at a considerable distance. Some of them were "smart" and looked for "breaks in the normal pattern" and then would close in to investigate. Fines for damaging a bot or drone were astronomical by this time, carrying jail time (or labor camp time-- 'classic' jail was too expensive) so few messed with them. For most people, it paid to be a little paranoid all the time. For the truly paranoid, life was a total nightmare.

Many of them were supposed to be 'helpful' -- doing security, deliveries, carrying or pushing/pulling heavier objects, even entertaining-- but there were some very strange crimes where people with money (or stolen devices) utilized the bots or drones to carry out remote assaults and/or stalking. Also, they took jobs away from real people, and in a time of scarcity and greatly growing poverty, the bots and drones were... resented by many. Despite this, for the most part for a very long time, not too many people protested -- other than your lunatic fringe types (hello! *waves*). For the most part, it was a quiet revolution of our lives. Just like cars and so many other modern things have become so common we fail to notice them, so too did these drones and bots.

As the timeline progressed, the police state aspect of the robots became ever more prevalent. The civilian use began to drop due to before-mentioned shortages in fuel and reliable electricity to re-charge the machines. Of course populous localities, state, and federal authorities found ways to make sure they had more access to these things and so bots and drones remained an ever-present threat for quite a while longer even as they began to disappear from private and commercial use. Attacks against the devices grew ever more frequent and eventually, most companies who used them were either going under or decided they were too expensive to maintain and replace.

Again, for most of this period, I was living quietly out in the rural areas mostly and so side-stepped most issues involving these things until the tail end of the scenario. Let's just say the life I'm living now segues into that pretty handily. I knew what to expect and so wasn't overly concerned for most of the time. Yet I also watched and waited for the time coming when things would get more serious for me personally.

Further along still, the bots and drones became more rare, but more sophisticated and dangerous. Only a small number of elite military agencies had access and used them for very specific purposes. When things got really interesting (more on that eventually) they attempted to collect information on and aided capture of certain people. I ended up at some point during this period on the move and homeless. I was connected in my own way though to others with similar issues. That was when dealing with the occasional robot became a real pain. Sort of adventurous in a sci-fi way by today's standards, but it was sticky going there for a while.

Seeing the very recent news reports on all these more automated, mobile and semi-autonomous robotic devices just brought it all home again. I started having dreams about these things in the 70s. NOW I see they're about to be a part of our lives. Does that then mean that the rest of the timeline will also come to pass? I don't know. I have my doubts AND my faiths about it. I suppose we'll see, won't we?

Mar. 31st, 2014


The Black Death WAS Airborne Illness (Part 3 add-on)

Some of you know I've been following a fringe researcher who has proposed that the weirdness surrounding the Black Death in the 14th and 15th centuries may be part of some alien/other-dimensional conspiracy to reduce human populations (and introduce new genes-- in this case, Type A blood was a significant factor allowing a greater chance of survival and shifting European populations forever after.) These events include reports of flying machines spraying areas aerially and sightings of black-draped figures spraying something out of long rods or staffs right before outbreaks. At the time, these events were linked to demonic figures.

For years, though, we've all be told that the "Black Death" was actually Bubonic Plague, which is spread via flea bites from rats (whose population exploded after cats were killed en masse because they were seen as instruments of the devil and witches-- this was during the inquisition, remember.)

Yet the written history of the times has all these reports saying differently. As is typical of OUR times, respecting historical reports that just don't jive with our view of the past, despite the fact these reports were widespread in many different areas whose populations were ignorant of similar reports around Europe, was not really possible. The accounts of figures in black and flying machines spraying areas have been viewed as hallucinations or cultural anomalies.... but mostly  these reports, like nearly all things that don't "fit" our prevailing worldview, were simply ignored outright. No one knew what to do with the idea that such a thing could be true-- so they refused to deal with it.

Again-- I summed up those alternative viewpoints here where I reported on William Bramley's idea on this:

Part 1: (Part 2 was about Bramley's other ideas, most of which are not related to the specific Black Death part-- which is my concern for this post.)

Personally, I don't find too much to agree with Bramley on aside from the intriguing notion of possible alien-induced disease outbreak. His notion that aliens are behind wars, for example, don't impress me, for reasons I've already stated. But this one thing he proposes niggles my brain, and it seems this was true for Linda Moultan Howe as well, who brought up and discussed these ideas with Bramley in her interview.

NOW comes some interesting news that actually makes the "purposely spread contagion" theory more probable:

Some important points:

"At least 75 million people—including more than half of Britain’s population—are believed to have died during the 14th and 15th centuries from the plague known as the Black Death. For years, the fatal disease's spread was widely blamed on infected rats' fleas. But now, thanks to a trove of 25 skeletons unearthed by work on a new London railway line last year, scientists now believe the disease was instead likely airborne."

From the original report:

"According to scientists working at Public Health England in Porton Down, for any plague to spread at such a pace it must have got into the lungs of victims who were malnourished and then been spread by coughs and sneezes. It was therefore a pneumonic plague rather than a bubonic plague. Infection was spread human to human, rather than by rat fleas that bit a sick person and then bit another victim. "As an explanation [rat fleas] for the Black Death in its own right, it simply isn't good enough. It cannot spread fast enough from one household to the next to cause the huge number of cases that we saw during the Black Death epidemics," said Dr Tim Brooks from Porton Down."

Curiouser and curiouser!

Mar. 18th, 2014


Vibrating "Higher"? And More Hyper-Reality Dreams

I'm definitely feeling like something is in the air. I've quite recovered my eating and sleeping now and feel much more evenly keeled-- yet there is no doubt that I'm feeling psychically 'charged' as of late. It feels like I'm vibrating at a slightly higher resonance, if that makes sense...

I'm getting strange dreams, 1 or 2 a night, that often seem VERY detailed and clear and pertaining to esoteric subjects.

An example from last night and this morning:

~ I had a very realistic scene (that was definitely a dream) where Gerick got out of bed and walked around to the foot of the bed where he started explaining to me how the aliens put gadgets behind his eyes. (Mine took my right eyeball OUT to do their thing, he was saying in the dream there was another way.) He then pulled a large needle, like a sewing needle only 6 inches long and held it up next to his cheek, where he explained that the aliens could reach behind his eyes via the sinus cavity. They could enter below the upper cheekbone. There is a hollow there that with some expertise can be exploited to get to behind the eyes without the muss and fuss of taking eyes out altogether. The aliens were proud of this new technique and were using it much more these days since there were far fewer complications that way. He told me I should learn to look for a tiny scar in that exact spot on suspected younger abductees, because I might get some confirmation of this information.

Then Gerick went around the bed and crawled back in next to me. I needed to blow my nose and he pulled some tissues from a box and handed them to me.

Whereupon I awoke from the dream. Gerick does not have a box of tissue, nor did I have 'extras' on my side of the bed. Further, in the dream, the room was slightly different enough that I'm sure it was a dream. However, I felt connected or plugged into another reality to some extent, at least mentally, and so maybe that was a short 'teaching dream."

Soon after, Gerick got up and got ready for work and took off. I fell back asleep and about an hour later awoke after yet another dream.

~ THIS one was one I call "hyper-real" because the details were so incredible it was more clear than being awake. Very rare and amazing. It was also one of my FUTURE dreams involving a robo-plane or drone. The design on this air vehicle was more curved and less angular than I'm used to with planes, but it was super clear. I wish I could draw worth a darn because I would draw it. In the dream, the drone-plane was slowing in mid-air, then turning around by flipping over its own back in a loop-de-loop maneuver. I could see it up above me, white like enamel, against the clouds and blue sky, as it did this.

I awoke and my whole body was BUZZING. I could hear an ongoing low tone in my left ear (the good one without tinnitus-- unlike the right, which always has the familiar soft high tingly bells chinging away forever.) I woke up feeling well, but very connected to the universe.

Feb. 27th, 2014


Abdication of Responsibility, Alien Abduction Edition

My friend Mike got back from the UFO Congress where he gave a presentation on owls and alien abductees. During that presentation, he mentioned my At Spiral's End blog (which I gave him permission to do) and I think at least a few people made note of that, because in the last few days I've suddenly been getting several new commenters to that blog.

I do write speculation and conclusion articles on that website, obviously! But the main thrust of it I try to make my own directly-remembered experiences. I wish more abductees did the same, rather than circling the same pet conspiracy/new age theories. Don't get me wrong, I think there is a real need to take direct memories and try to understand what's going on and what it means. I just get impatient with people jumping to conclusions from things they've read without actually taking the time to look up who's saying what and why and stop being so eager to assign blame and praise!

I have to reel myself in a little and remember when I was the same way, either overly paranoid or overly worshipful. As abductees, our chains get yanked an awful lot and it can lead to some weird mental spaces.


You know what it is that's bugging me? I think part of my reflex irritation is at those who ascribe either malevolence or benevolence to powers outside humanity, and then take away our blame or credit for it. Whether its some "we don't need to be good to our world and stop consuming so much because the aliens will save us" OR "OMG! the evil aliens are making us go to war against each other!!!" I just get so exasperated!

Our culture today of ease and plenty has a serious down side-- mainly, it does little to inspire maturity and prudent thinking. People are so EAGER to point fingers towards either villains or victors who will doom us or save us. No in-between is even allowed for most. Aliens have to be all good or all bad, we humans are either the obedient and rightful followers of our saviors, or the manipulated patsies of demonic forces!

But here's the thing-- even IF the aliens were space brothers, they're fucking up their salvation of us, BIGTIME. And even IF the aliens are demonic, their job is WAY too easy, because we're already pretty fucked. In the day to day, WE decide to do the right thing or the wrong thing, not Jesus or Satan. Not God. US. We choose how to live and some of us are doing the best we can, but-- really? Most are just doing what's easiest, not what's right and we know it. Trying to blame (or credit) other beings for our own good or bad behavior just chaps my ass.

For most people, they like to look to religion or politics to allow them to point to others outside themselves who are to blame or praise. For abductees and the UFO community-- its aliens of various stripes who get shunted into black and white categories. And I know this juvenile finger pointing should be expected in this culture at this point in history, but I STILL FIND IT VERY ANNOYING!

Thank you, just had to get that off my chest.

Feb. 24th, 2014


Owl Screen Memory Revisited

Recently, my friend Mike C. presented a talk on Owls, Synchronicity and UFOs for a conference and he mentioned one of my experiences that included a screen memory.

For those looking for more on that, here's my original blog post on that very memory:

If you hit my tags, "greys", "caught!", and several others, you can find my actual experiences, not just speculation and commentary.

This is still in progress, I have several incidents to report from 1991 through 1996 before I'm caught up to present day.

Thanks for stopping by, hope this offers food for thought at the very least. Feel free to comment, you don't have to be signed in to do so. I do screen all anonymous comments, but have posted every one so far.

Feb. 20th, 2014


A Review of My Tentative Beliefs On Alien Agendas So Far

I'm taking a little aside to just go ahead and define my best guess at this point for what I believe the aliens' agenda is and what they may be up to in the future.

I've already discussed this at some length in the past-- and if you haven't read those entries yet, doing so now can catch you up on where I'm at so far. You WILL need to read these articles, if you haven't already, in order to grasp what my position is now on this issue of alien agendas and the future.

John Mack interview about abductions:

Regarding the belief that aliens are harvesting human emotional energy:

What disclosure would mean for abductees:

Abductees and their odd but powerful "sense of mission":

Aliens themselves say their agenda is to create hybrids to live here:

Black Death & aliens-- did they "help" it along? pt 1:

Black Death & aliens, pt. 2:

Of course I have yet to share all my memories to explain some of my thoughts and why I'm leaning towards these beliefs in even a tentative way, but I do my best to explain myself in these posts.

I don't think the Greys are psychic energy or emotional vampires. I don't think they're behind our wars or anything like that-- I can see where some people might prefer to blame human evil on outside agencies, but no way. They can get what they want from us without bothering with such things, and their minds don't work that way so I'm not interested in listening to any more crazy notions along those lines. Unless there's some new information (not conjecture) I'm pretty sick of explaining why I don't believe that. Its not worth my time to entertain such crap any further for the foreseeable future.

However, I DO believe they have an agenda that they're following. Its not to SAVE us in any way that people think of -- like we'll get out of facing the consequences of our own collective stupidity in how we've mistreated the planet (and one another for that matter.) They're not coming down to give us free energy devices. That would only spell our doom that much more quickly because we'd keep breeding out of the planet's carrying capacity-- so no.

Based on what's been actually reported by multitudes of people, and on what I've personally witnessed, we know they're mixing genes to create hybrids (which is easier than saying "transgenic") of humans and grey aliens. We know they take human ovum and sperm, we've seen the aliens' artificial womb tanks with hybrid fetuses in them, and we've seen the hybrids as infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and adults. (Even the same hybrid growing up over the course of years, so there's no mistaking it.) They ARE making them-- but for what use?

As I've reported before, the aliens themselves sometimes say that they are preparing for a time when the hybrids live down here on Earth. Given how crowded it is already, where would they go?

Again, I've pretty much already said it, but in case you missed it-- I think the most likely scenario is that they're going to take advantage of some massive culling of the population. Speculation among abductees has run high for decades on what that terrible disaster could be... we've been shown many dreadful things by the aliens, often warnings about global weather systems and geophysical upheavals. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone seeing a massive disease outbreak in their future scenarios with the aliens. Nuclear war, asteroid impacts, all sorts of possibilities have been shown by the aliens (which is weird-- do they know or don't they?) but never a pandemic. I'm a little suspicious that the aliens show only really big, dramatic stuff and never something as quiet and deadly as mere germs.

To my way of thinking, given the reports on the Black Death, and that many abductees (including myself) have oddly compromised immune systems, I think we have to consider the notion that perhaps they'll use the least destructive (to the planet) means of greatly reducing population: a new plague of some type. We're ripe for something new to come along as it is-- and given our transportation systems, it would spread everywhere quickly.

My guess is one reason so many abductees have had issues with their immune systems has to do with some experimentation on the part of the aliens. Or perhaps inoculating us against the disease that will be unleashed later has caused side effects for some of us because the pathogen they've developed is so new and destructive.

Because the aliens make it clear they want to keep some humans around for future breeding and perhaps to fill other functions (like assisting the hybrids in all manner of ways) I honestly don't think the Greys mean to kill ALL humans and replace them with the hybrids straight away. If my guess is correct, they didn't the last time either--- Neanderthals and modern humans overlapped (and bred with one another) for around 5,000- 10,000 years before, yes, disease finally killed off the last of the Neanderthals (or at least that is what modern testing is finding more and more likely to be true.)

IF (and, granted, its a big if) the Greys are responsible for making US as replacements for the Neanderthals, then I can see why they wouldn't be satisfied to end with us. We're still not the final form as far as they're concerned. We are still too flawed (not enough like them?) They are pursuing a very long-range agenda of some sort and it seems this may be it.

There is also the possibility that another race did part of the work, or came in at some point, and the Greys are late to the party and just now taking a turn-- there's a lot more that needs to be known about our collective past. Its seems sometimes we were left to our own devices, allowed to run "wild", and other times domesticated, enslaved, and made to follow aliens as gods (or a single God with follower angels or whatever.) It would explain religion very neatly, wouldn't it?

I don't know for sure the ins and outs of such things, the past has been greatly obscured. However, my own personal sneaking suspicion is that maybe we'll be facing a pandemic in the future, and then only after that-- after the population is reduced by half or more, that the aliens will dare to show themselves openly and take over. Because I DO think they plan to take over, they and their hybrids will be in charge according to everything I've ever come across. They want us to welcome them and assist them willingly, and in my own experiences, I've seen signs they're trying to indoctrinate abductees to look up to them (and by many reports, many abductees do). But if not, they can and will force the issue, I'm sure.

I don't think they believe such actions to be wrong. They think the end justifies the means. And humanity, as we stand now, are too caught up in thinking ourselves special to even comprehend the concept of a technologically superior species making us, or at least "improving" us and doing as they like because humans as we are now are not up to par. Fair or not, if its not up to us, what we think we deserve just doesn't matter.

Why all the warnings about the weather going crazy and everything if they're just going to unleash a pandemic? Perhaps they know that times will be rough down here before they come. Maybe they even think that killing a portion of the population via disease is kinder than letting people suffer starvation from a planet's weather run so amok that we can no longer feed ourselves. Who can say? I think they're trying to warn the abductees at least to prepare for things to get rough before they come openly, and it seems many of us are doing just that, including myself and Gerick.

It may not happen during my life. I've been told different repeatedly, but I just don't know what to think on that. Maybe it'll never happen-- but I have a hard time believing they'd make all those hybrids and then quietly leave again. Doesn't seem too likely. I don't even know that wondering about it as I am now can make much of a difference, either way, except that I loathe surprises and would rather feel prepared in some way for whatever is to come-- if it comes at all.

And of course I could be wrong... this is just my best guess at this time. If this changes in any real way at any time, I shall be sure to post again about that mental shift.

Feb. 19th, 2014


Commentary On the 'Species Replacement Hypothesis'

I've been keeping tabs upon and speculating about what the aliens want and how they may possibly affect my personal future as well as humanity's collective future for nearly 3 decades now. That's a long time to collect information, ponder it, and compare notes as to potential possibilities. Now I've said that I prefer not to believe, but to maintain, upon most subjects a semi-permanent state of suspended belief-- preferring to neither believe nor disbelieve.

However-! I would be lying if I didn't admit that over time I'm seeing where some possibilities seem far more likely to be true over others. These "near-beliefs" come about due to my own partially remembered experiences combined with what others have been told, or have found out for themselves AND by looking at some intriguing clues from our mostly buried history.

For example, here's an interview done in March of 2013 (yes, I've been sitting on it that long before bringing it up-- that's how much I'd like to not deal with this) where a man named William Bramley discusses one of my own tentative conclusions:

You'll have to open a window to the article and then go back and forth between that and my own commentary, because there is just too much there to quote here. Below is my commentary only to the material.

Question & Answer 1: Humans have been in contact with non-human intelligences for a very long time, if you look at our history. They were called Gods, Angels, Demons, Faeries, and all sorts of things. However, due to our higher level of knowledge and wider perspective today, it might be more accurate to call them aliens, extra-terrestrials, or ultra-dimensionals. ABSOLUTELY.

Q & A 2: I agree that the aliens (whatever they may be and wherever they are from) DO treat humans as their property. Not all-- some are visiting and just doing scientific analysis, but those kinds don't interact with humans much. The Greys, however, and their allies have actually stated outright to abductees a number of times that we belong to them and that they feel they have the right to do whatever they want to us. We are not equals to them and they will NEVER go to the White House or any other capital to negotiate a treaty because that would mean that what we think matters. It really doesn't. There's no doubt to my mind on this count. As far as they're concerned, our bodies belong to them. Our souls are just-- intriguing to have contact with (to some of them) but not that important as to their mission.

However, I take issue with the whole 'the aliens are controlling us by setting us against one another' thing. Because-- NO. They don't give a shit about our politics. Never. Not even slightly. I have yet to see one reliable report by an abductee where there was any discussion of such a thing. Also-? I've said this before, and I shouldn't have to say it because its so obvious to anyone who has done any real research: the Greys (who ARE in charge or working for those who are [insectoids]) do not operate the way we do with lies and secrets in the same way because they are a telepathic society. In addition, they are a stratified society where one is born into whatever their role is-- there is NO moving up or down in status with manipulations and schemes because that's not how things work for them. Those who suggest such a thing are either totally ignorant of reports of Grey society and/or they are avoiding dealing with the fact that humans are the ones who behave this way and we're entirely capable of great evil (or of allowing great evil to take over our lives with little protest) without any outside 'help.'

The aliens DO NOT CARE about our dramas and politics and governments and social movements. WE care and sometimes project our own desires and meanings into what we try to make out of the alien mindset. But taking an objective moment aside to look at things as they are and the argument for secret alien intervention in our day-to-day politics makes NO sense. They can do what they want, when they want, but for now they choose not to intervene. Believe you me, IF they were in charge, the geopolitics of the world would NOT have issues like global climate change and resource limits and over-population, because the aliens have been bitching about how badly we treat our planet (THEIR planet, as far as they're concerned) and aghast at how completely stupid we are to do things in a way that could annihilate our own species en masse. If they were secretly in charge down here, those massive big issues would be handled far differently, so its obvious they're hands off for now.

Those who suggest the aliens are making us fight amongst ourselves in order to keep us from-- what!? In order to control us to do-- what!? It makes no sense. They're WAITING for something, or else are on a schedule -- and when its time for them to show up and do whatever, surely they will do that. They may try to pretend to be religious figures in order to get our cooperation, but for now they're not bothering to control us as a whole. They could. But for some reason right now they're not exercising their full potential upon us at this time. Most of us abductees expect that to change at some point.

Q & A 3: There may be some merit to the author's claims in the third topic. Maybe they don't want us to learn enough to overcome them. Yeah, I buy that. However, once more I see the ego getting in the way of understanding more here-- we're centuries at least from being civilized to the point of getting our own shit together enough to even be a threat or a rival. We're so power-hungry and egocentric as a species that we're too dangerous to be allowed some things-- like the right to leave this planet to befoul another one... I mean, seriously, how would we treat knowledge of energy-? Use it to make a profit and weapons to control other humans and intimidate them into doing things OUR way? That's our pattern so far most of the time. I mean, really, you don't need aliens to be the "Big Bad" here.

Q & A 4: I refer you to my answer to #2. They're NOT controlling things here right now. They're on the periphery, preparing for something, hiding in the shadows-- not making us fight amongst ourselves in order to... um... yeah, see, that line of reasoning just keeps falling apart. Its hilarious to me how people try to turn aliens into either spiritual space brothers here to save us or demonic forces set upon destroying us. Can't they fall somewhere in-between? As selfish dicks who are just doing what's easiest for THEM to get ahead, SAME AS US!? We have this deep need to either love them or hate them because we don't like not choosing a side. Sadly, its just not that simple. Believe me, I wish it was.

Q % A 5: OooOOoh! This is where things get interesting in the interview!

Bramley posits that the aliens aren't doing things openly (at least not yet) because it works for them not to. He suggests they want to avoid challenges from us humans for starters for as long as possible. (AGREED!) Also, he thinks they're gearing up for some future plans as well. He brings up the giant pink elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowlege: the reports from abductees of a human-alien hybrid program. Obviously they're creating these hybrids for a reason! Let's ask ourselves what that reason could be, hum?

Now I'll quote him:

"Based upon some of the Ancient Astronaut evidence, the Great Flood legend, and the UFO evidence connected to the Black Death, my guess was that the ETs' solution would be another annihilation of humans, perhaps next time completely.  Such annihilation might be in connection with their creation of a new version of Homo sapiens that is more compatible with the ETs to replace us, just as custodial ETs had reportedly done in pre-history to create the current version of homo sapiens back in the day when they needed slaves.  It would be a repetition of the scenario of "out with the old, and in with the new" to fit their changing needs over time."

All of this I think bears looking into, and I admit I tend to agree with this much of his proposed scenario. But then he goes into wild conspiracy theory, suggesting that aliens are the ones behind all our stupid decisions (like GMOs and chemicals poisoning us, political and religious fraud, etc.) when its obvious that mere human greed, short-sighted subservience to convenience, and egocentric bullshit explains it better! The aliens don't want radiation and chemicals on the planet they want their hybrids to inhabit one day, now do they!? NO. So they don't like that shit one bit. AND they've said so in several abduction reports, so this guy needs to do more research!

Then he says, "The speculative scenario that I have just described is also based, in part, on reports that many abductees are being told by their ET captors that a great catastrophe is coming, and some UFO abductees are being trained, oddly enough, in crowd control. That does not bode well."

Yes. Exactly.

I haven't been one of the 'crowd control' people myself, but I know some who have been. I have memories of being trained for all sorts of things for when this great unveiling comes about though. My understanding of it is that they expect people to freak out when they show up (and they may have excellent reason to...) The aliens also expect our governments to resist and create problems for at least a while, likely by capturing the aliens' assets on Earth (that would be us abdutees) and maybe trying to use us for some sort of negotiation or threat or something? But the aliens see that coming and are preparing for it-- and have been for at least 20 years.

I've been contemplating possible scenarios, and I think I have an inkling of what may happen. IF anything... and I'm going to share that tomorrow.

Feb. 10th, 2014

horrible news

Proof of Aliens In Our Past?

Some very exciting news-- IF it can be confirmed as true, so keep your eyes and ears peeled everyone!

I've been investigating alternate views of history for a long time. There are some odd bits of evidence that just doesn't match the view we've been taught in school. Whether true or not, I enjoy just thinking about and imagining possibilities for the sheer fun of it-- but also because conventional views of history don't make sense in certain places.

For example, why did human civilization spring almost whole cloth out of fertile areas in the desert? It doesn't make sense. Yet in our oldest written mythologies, there are tales that explain this mystery. According to the ancients themselves (including the Hebrews) there were beings that came from "the heavens" or outer space, who came here and mixed their genes with the primitive humans (Neanderthals, essentially, according to the timeline) and thus made modern humans. They did this in ceramic test tubes, but then the alien women gestated them in their own wombs and gave birth to them. Once they had a breeding population-- humans had their own babies and the aliens had what they wanted: cheap slave labor.

According to the stories (from the Middle East, India, South America, and even China/Nepal) these aliens mined the earth for certain minerals they needed-- including gold. They had flying vehicles and machines, but it was just easier to have human slaves do it, apparently. And there were rivalries and politics that set various "gods/angels/aliens" against one another. Also, there were traitors (Prometheus, Lucifer) who revealed to the humans that they were not gods, but just beings who were fooling the humans into worshiping them out of laziness, greed, and to get off on the whole power thing. (Which makes sense why, if winners write the histories, that such beings were "cast down" and called evil. They were evil, but only as revolutionaries who took pity on humanity.)

At some point, they left. The stories don't really explain why very well. However, the stories ALL say that these gods will return someday.

You may ask yourself-- what did these being look like? Excellent question. Interestingly enough, they did not look like Greys, or Reptilians, or Nordics -- rather, they looked very much like bony-faced humans, over 6 feet 6 inches tall, with large pointy heads. These elongated heads were proof of their alien (or divine) ancestry, and so human high-priests who served under them wore elaborate head gear to emulate the gods: from left to right-- Mayan (Mexico), Minoan (near Greece)

mayahat minoanhat This is where the idea that tall hats were for witches, wizards, and princesses originally came from. Its all a holdover from a time when only those with connection to aliens (gods) were allowed such hats to show how much they were like the gods themselves.

neferhat egypthatThere's a long history of it all over the world, from Egypt to Persia to Babylon to Peru to Japan to China to--- well, trust me, this is a world-wide weirdly common thing...

Soon, all those of "royal" blood as well as high priests, were using head-binding techniques on their own infants and children to make them have head shapes resembling those of the beings they worshiped. It was a way to mark out the high-borns from the commoners. By the time of Jesus' birth, these beings were almost wholly absent, and had been for a couple of thousand years, with perhaps a few fly-bys now and again-- but they no longer worked out in the open, preferring more covert contacts.

Still, several peoples around the world retained either the high hats or the head-binding as a left-over of the old days of the gods living near us or with us:
headjapanFrom Japan there was head-binding. You look at this statue and you think its from the New World, but its the Far East.

flatheadCultures throughout the New World (especially the west) practiced this. Here you see one of the devices used to create the head shape. It was very painful and the infants were often given things to quiet them. Of course, Europeans coming upon this were appalled, yet the same thing was done all over Asia and the Middle East for many thousands of years. There are techniques for wrapping around the skull and squeezing-- which makes a shape like the skull below. There are still a few tribes in Southeast Asia and Africa who do this, so a modern version looks like the woman below.

headbinding   skullbind

The tales are tantalizing, and would explain many things. Unfortunately, most of the elongated skulls ever found have been obvious examples of head-binding. The one possible exception would be the skulls found in the desert peninsula of Paracus, Peru. They were found in 1928 and well taken care of afterwards. Unlike all the tribal head-binding skulls found throughout the world, usually in areas of pyramids and other complex stonework.

"The Paracas skulls, however, are different. The cranial volume is up to 25% larger and up to 60% heavier than conventional human skulls, meaning they could not have been intentionally deformed through head binding/flattening. They also contain one parietal plate, rather than two. The fact that the skull's features are not the result of cranial deformation means that the cause of the elongation is a mystery, and has been for decades."

paracaskullThe truly large-headed skull in question, very well preserved...

elongated-skull-artistic<-- Artist's rendition of skull during life. Is this who all those people have been trying to emulate all these many thousands of years? How powerful of a legacy do you leave when scores of people are willing to TORTURE their INFANTS to look like you?

Despite the evidence that's come in, I'm sure few scientists will even be willing to LOOK at it-- given how it flies in the face of their dogma that since aliens CAN'T be here, any evidence just doesn't count. Its a weird type of religion as I've said before.

Taking this seriously would also mean that as a society, we'd have to worry about that whole "the gods promised to return" thing someday.

As someone who has dealt with other types of aliens, I have never heard of anyone reporting alien visitations from elongated headed human-looking types EVER. I sometimes wonder if the rush of the other aliens is that they want to get what they can before our masters return to the planet (and the inhabitants) that they consider to be their property!

Feb. 3rd, 2014


Elaine Douglass Onward & Ever Upward


I first came to know Elaine several years ago after I came across the magazine project she was so passionately working on at the time: JAR or Journal of Abduction Research. Like many who have come to accept the reality of alien intrusion into their lives, I am always looking for new information, and so when I saw the 2 free issues of JAR, I checked them out. I came away impressed because they weren't hedging about the reality of abductions, they were just diving into different issues regarding the experience and taking it from there. No one seems to be doing that much these days, but there is still plenty to discuss, so I was happy to see someone start a project like JAR.

When I contacted Elaine, it was originally to offer my services as an editor. I've been working as an editor part-time for various projects for many years now (although my own personal writing can use an eccentric style that I wouldn't normally use in professional publishing!) and there was a call for editors on their site. After we began to communicate, however, it quickly became clear that Elaine was much more interested in my own experiences, since I was upfront that I was, in fact, an abductee.

And so for a good part of a year, I worked on a couple of articles for her that were later published in JAR. I chose the most recent well-remembered experience (with "Ethan") and then another very puzzling one to share (about the robed female greys who gave a demo to a roomful of human women showing how they could turn invisible.) During that year we spent countless hours on the phone and came to know one another very well, and we shared our views of the phenomenon we call alien abduction.

One thing not all experiencers seem ready to face are the darker aspects of this entire class of paranormality. Too many are too eager to whitewash every bit of this and turn it into a spiritual New Age peace and love thing. But to reach that conclusion, one must ignore a gigantic amount of information that includes sexual assault, continuous kidnapping, psychological trauma, and the stripping of human will and dignity, completely obliterating any sense of sanity and security. You can't just gloss over that! However, many try, because to face these facts is to admit to our utter vulnerability to something far more powerful than ourselves.

Without a doubt, Elaine was an advocate for abductees, and she insisted on looking at the dark and scary things that made other people blanch and turn away. She kept shining a spotlight on those dark places, almost metaphorically shaking people to LOOK! LOOK! And this could make people uncomfortable of course, even angry. But Elaine was tenacious, and would not be censored.

[Though I'm well aware of the negative side of alien abduction, as indicated by my many posts on the subject, I have also experienced wonder and had the amazing opportunity to be up close to an entirely different form of intelligent life. I've personally felt that the greys and hybrids, at least most of them, are sincerely trying not to cause harm. They're clumsy about it, because their psychology is SO different, but I don't subscribe entirely negative motives to them. And then there are the human aliens and they SEEM so much kinder and more gentle, but they still steal our bodies in the night and our memories when they return us. I don't see the alien agenda as entirely a black and white issue. Its SO complicated!]

Elaine also took the cases she heard involving a human factor seriously. Whether some quasi-government ultra-secret group or groups, or some alien manifestation that just appeared to be an official human agency-- she paid attention to these very disturbing reports. I could tell her feelings regarding our government and military were complicated and often contradictory, but knowing her background, that made sense to me.

As you can imagine, when we compared notes on these things, it could make for some pretty intense conversations!

Yet I always listened. She generally had access to many more sources of information than I did, and so I was very willing to hear her out. In return, she gave me the gift of listening very carefully to my own memories and taking them very seriously. I couldn't help but admire her advocacy for those of us who are taken, and her passion in going after the truth.

I launched my own paranormal blog (which I'm happy to say Elaine read and appreciated) after that year and began to tell more and more of my own story. Elaine Douglass was one of my cheerleaders, and we stayed in touch and on good terms even after I no longer wrote for JAR. Not too long ago, when a stalker harassed my husband and myself over a personal dispute with another abductee that occurred over 19 years ago, Elaine was an unwavering source of support. Familiar with the interpersonal melodramas that can often erupt in the UFO abduction 'community', she offered us some perspective when we needed it most.

People who make waves and force us to pay attention to things we don't like are not always popular, but those people are needed. Without those passionate protesters in our numbers, too many vital things are dismissed prematurely and to the detriment of many. Up until the last few months of her life, Elaine was still active in the paranormal world, researching, advocating, sharing information, and figuring out new and important pieces of the many convoluted puzzles that make up the multifaceted features of these related Fortean events and encounters. Without her, the rest of us aren't going to do as well, of that I have no doubt.

I didn't always agree with her, but reaching agreement isn't the point when you're trying to find the truth. Widening your perspective and hearing out those who might catch something you miss is much more important. Too often during disagreements people forget that important lesson.

Regardless, on a personal level, I really liked Elaine. She was intensely curious, had penetrating insight into often difficult subjects, and was absolutely relentless in her pursuit of the truth. I respected her and appreciated what she brought to me as a friend, not just as a researcher.

I will miss her greatly.

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